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January 27th, 2015
New Features: Rank Up In Style 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

Get ready to compete: leaderboards are now in game! Check them out by clicking the Rankings button in the top-right corner of the game (near the mail and settings buttons).

You’ll have the chance to see where you rank and play hard all week to claim the top spot. Then every Monday at 12:00 AM PST, if you’re in the top 10, you’ll get an awesome banner to equip in your Back clothing slot. The banner is yours to flaunt in multiplayer runs and fishing expeditions until the next time the banners are awarded (the next Monday). The number one spot receives a banner with extra flair.

The 7 categories of ranking which will receive banners are:
  • Battle rating
  • Paragon level
  • Single player mission aggregate score
  • Single player heroic mission aggregate score
  • Multiplayer mission aggregate score
  • Arena rank
  • Experience accumulated (the game will now track the experience you receive from doing missions in order to give you a rank but it will not be used to instant level you when new content is released)
Ties in rankings will be broken by character age (characters created earlier will be higher in rank.) This may change in the future.

The rankings will accumulate for a season and then reset to give everyone a fair shake at top prize. There will be more information as we get closer to the first seasonal reset on Monday March 30th 2015.

And while you are chasing ranks you can now look awesome doing it. With 5 full sets of clothing to buy individually or in a pack, because who doesn’t want to look like a Pirate, a snazzy Tuxedo, a Fire Elemental, a Goblin or a Skeleton? Plus a whole bunch of pieces to customize your look, from wings to sunglasses or a real wizard hat.

As well, now you can buy gems in multiple quantities from the Store making it easier to craft the higher levels. And you’re going to want that because gems have received some serious buffing!

And we’ve been hard at work ironing a bunch of bugs. Check out the patch notes for all the details.


What is the Arena leaderboard ranking based on?
The Arena leaderboard is based on your single-player arena ranking. Fight in the arena to increase it!

What is the Battle Rating I’m being ranked on?
The Battle Rating rankings are based on that highest Battle Rating you've ever attained, regardless of what it currently is.

Will the experience I earn on the XP leaderboard go towards future levels?
No, experience gained after you reach max level is counted on the leaderboards solely for ranking purposes. When the level cap is raised, everyone will start out at the same point.

Talk about all the changes on the forum!
January 17th, 2015
Video Games are F*ing Awesome 
Posted in Codename News.

At the most recent TEDxVictoria, I (Eric) had a chance to share why I love video games. My talk was formed from a random collection of ideas that had been rattling around in my head from some time. While I found it quite a process to distill these ideas into a talk, I found the results to be quite rewarding. Ultimately, this is the talk that I wish I could have heard when I was 12 years old.

January 16th, 2015
Shards of Titan: Brotherhood Bounty System 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

Hi Everyone!

With everybody patiently waiting for the new Jungle content to be completed we thought you could use some new missions to tide you over!

The Brotherhood has found some very shady characters and they want you to take them out. With 3 new mission levels you can do just that...while earning more paragon tokens! Playable solo as single player or with friends as multiplayer, you get to track down some new evil villains in a rowdy Tavern, a spider infested Forest, and a blazing hot Desert.

Click on the "Bounties" tab in the Paragon Brotherhood to see the day's available bounties. Bounties award Paragon Tokens when successfully completed. You can do as many bounties as your stamina and multiplayer limits allow, but your first one each day will award double the Paragon Tokens.

This update also includes some significant performance tweaks to our game engine. For now we're restricting these tweaks to the tutorial forest, the first forest mission zone, the forest multiplayer mission, and some of the new bounty missions, but if they work out we'll be implementing them in all zones and missions in a future patch.

Tell us what you think of the update here!
January 14th, 2015
Shards of Titan Upcoming Content Sneak Peek 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

First off, we’re glad to see everyone is enjoying playing the game. It’s awesome to know you love Shards of Titan as much as we do!

I’m sure you are all very curious about what we’ve been working on. Rest assured new content is underway! We have a lot features in the works, but our primary focus is currently on the next major campaign area, the Jungle Shard.

While it is too early to give a scheduled release date we would like to share some progress on the upcoming content. The Jungle will include at least 7 new major mission areas. That means over 30 new single player missions! There will also be new multiplayer areas to explore with your friends, and the level cap will be raised!

Also in the works is a guild revamp, an addition to the Brotherhood system, and some more goodies.

Thank you guys for your patience while we work on getting all this out to you!

Check out some screenshots from the new shard below!

You can almost believe you are in a real jungle, wandering around under a canopy of these trees.

What’s a jungle mission without a rogue Panther or two (or more) to kill? These cats definitely have claws.

And here's a sample of the area you will be fighting in.

Talk about these changes here!
January 6th, 2015
Shards of Titan Gingerbread House 

Over the holiday season, my daughter and I (Eric) made a gingerbread house version of the Shards of Titan Town Hall. We looked at all of the stages of the Town Hall and we thought it would be best to tackle the level 5 version. Still, it was a lot of work! In total, we spent about 4 days planning, baking, assembling and decorating the Town Hall.

What Should It Look Like?

First thing was get a reference screenshot of the level 5 Town Hall from the game. We thought about maybe doing the final stage of the Town Hall, but we weren't sure how to go about making the round tower. And we figured that the level 5 stage was ambitious enough!

Planning the Gingerbread House

Once we had a reference image, we mocked up the final gingerbread house in a light cardboard. We did the Town Hall in 25mm scale. Not only did this allow us lots of room to make a great looking gingerbread house, but it also meant that it works with my D&D figures. You can see two test figures in this picture.

So Many Pieces!

Next I made a template for every piece of gingerbread that we would need. Normally, I wouldn't make doubles of pieces that are the same size. However, this is the most complicated gingerbread house that I have made and making a individual template for every single piece of gingerbread that we needed seemed like the best approach. Having already done this once for the scale model, my daughter was now tired of cutting out templates and so I was left on my own to complete this step.

Lots of Tasty Gingerbread

At this point, all of the gingerbread has been made, cut to size, scored (for the wall sections) and baked. In total, we used 28 cups of flour to make all of the gingerbread for the Town Hall. We had quadrupled the recipe from our old "Joy of Cooking" cook book. Sadly, we quickly saw that we wouldn't have enough gingerbread and so we made another quadruple amount of gingerbread.

The Team

Here is the team hard at work putting the building together. My youngest son helped a little. However, my daughter worked with me the whole time.

Ready for Decoration...

It took lots of royal icing to glue everything together. However, is really sturdy.

Candy, Candy and More Candy!

We used crushed purple hard candies as shard crystals. It turns out that our local candy store was closed for the holidays, so we had to go all over town to find hard purple candies. I would have never thought that they would be so hard to find!

Decoration In Process

We had most of the town hall decorated by this point. I wasn't sure how we would come up with something for the windows, but we ended up cutting Airhead candies to the right size.

All Done and Ready to Eat!

Here it is this morning... at the office and ready to eat!

The Main Entrance

The view for visitors to the Town Hall.

Visitor at the Main Door

A shady visitor wishes to visit.

Wishing Well

Here is the well (Smarties) where you can make a wish (or perhaps fish too!).

Shard Quarry

What town would be complete without a shard quarry? Candy rocks and little bits of shard crystals with a few guards. A miner is ready to start digging.

Stealing from the Town Hall!

While there are lots of guards at the front of the Town Hall, two thieves (who happen to be identical twins) are sneaking out of the back.

Remains After Destruction

Folks have eaten and this is all that is left now.