January 17th, 2014
New Event Relase: It's a Birthday Party...for Nate!? 
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Nate Dragon's Birthday is apparently coming up. He's throwing himself a party in the Commons, and since nobody else will, *you* have to help him set it up. Help everyone's 'favourite' adventurer throw the party of his life by completing quests and daily activities - all while keeping The Commons safe from our bumbling Nate.

Some of Nate’s family are also on their way to visit, and even his girlfriend (if you helped him pick one during last year's Valentines event, another friend if you didn't) will be there!

Get started now, and don't forget to check back every day for new ways to help plan the party!

Nate's birthday prep starts today, and runs until January 31st, 2014 - Noon PST                       

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January 17th, 2014
Patch Notes: Changes released January 17, 2014 
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General Changes
ADDED: Larger gold & energy drop amounts (not just +5!)

- Issue which allows players to finally purchase the last ranch area
- Friend Requests in the Castle area no longer show as a whale icon
- Fixed Agent Coulson youtube link
- Fixed all reported typos
- Players who have reached lvl 200 no longer show as being level “20” on the friend bar - Capped odds adjustment at 100%

Rune Updates:
- Rune list no longer resets while in alchemy dialogs
- Runes list is now sorted by first listed effect
Pet Updates:
- The ability to cancel pet hatching
- Fixed when your character teleports between fields, pets teleport as well

FIXED: An issue with the snowman; if players were awarded it last year and converted it into a pet, then did the same this year, the snowman from last year disappeared. Go talk to Hank to get the other snowman back!

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January 8th, 2014
New Content Released: Introducing the Castle! 
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Skin parched? Lips and tongue dried out from the sweltering heat of the Crystal Mines?
Find relief in the cool stone of the newly released Castle, and see what the crazy Princess needs you to do next. At least this princess IS in this Castle?

The Castle area is now available to players who have completed the Crystal Mines and includes:
  • Four new areas to adventure though,
  • New quests to complete
  • new trinkets to collect
  • The Level cap is now increased to 200!

Happy Whacking!

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