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March 31st
Idle Champions: Spring Extravaganza 2021 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Spring is here and this year our Spring Extravaganza is back! This year's celebration brings a day of streaming, daily rewards, the conclusion of our Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus campaign, a new Evergreen Champion unlock, a new Patron, and the third modron core and ability to field a third party, oh my!

If you're interested in learning more about what's coming with today's update, you've come to the right place...

Table of Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza

Spring Extravaganza

Players who claim rewards on at least four days will be able to earn exclusive rewards!

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

Each daily chest grants you four awesome items, hand-picked by the team here at Codename Entertainment to help you in your adventures.

These rewards are unlocked once you have claimed at least four days worth of rewards during the Spring Extravaganza.

  • Exclusive "Celestial Celeste" Skin
  • 5 Modron Chests
  • 5 Gold Chests

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza Bardic Inspiration New Soundrack

Bardic Inspiration

Today's update includes a New Soundtrack! Bardic Inspiration Vol.1 features eight original songs composed by Jason Charles Miller and Dylan Wilks during the first twenty episodes of Bardic Inspiration, which were recorded at Central Command Studios in Los Angeles over the winter.

All 16 tracks (the eight original tracks and their instrumental versions) are coming to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms! Players have been asking us to expand the soundtrack for Idle Champions for years; starting today, players will be able to select their favorite Bardic Inspiration tracks from Bardic Inspiration Vol.1 to play during their adventures with the new in-game music player. Once the update launches, look for the button with the musical note in the main UI.

Bardic Inspiration is also available as a DLC on Steam! Collect your own Studio-quality MP3 & FLAC files through the Bardic Inspiration Vol. 1 Steam store page!

For more information about Bardic Inspiration Vol 1 including the tracklist, check out our Bardic Inspiration Vol 1 blog post

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza Modron Speed Core

Third Modron Core: Speed

Our third modron core, the Speed Core, and the ability to field a third party are now available!

The Speed Core will be unlocked upon completing Split the Party 2 at no gem cost. Due to technical limitations, the Speed Core will appear in the modron shop for some platforms, this will be patched out shortly!

Everyone will be able to unlock the Speed Core with the Split the Party 2 special adventure!

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza New Patron Zariel

New Patron: Zariel

Another Patron has arrived! Zariel joins Mirt the Moneylender, The Blackstaff, Vajra Safahr, and Count Strahd von Zarovich as the fourth Patron in Idle Champions. Those seeking to serve the Zariel will need to unlock at least 50 Champions (including Core and Evergreen Champions) and complete the Elturel's Last Stand adventure in the Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus campaign. Once these criteria are met, players can spend 5000 Gems and 20 Silver Chests to unlock Zariel as a Patron!

Zariel demands Strength and Charisma from her followers. With Zariel as your Patron, only Champions with an STR score of 10+ AND a CHA score of 13+ can be used.

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza Patron Items

New Patron Items

With a new Patron comes a new Patron Shop where players can collect items using Zariel Patron currency!

The Baby Couatl Familiar, Couatls are benevolent serpentine beings of great intellect and insight, and this young one is happy to help you as your newest patron currency familiar.

The Celestial Bruenor Skin explores the possibility of what if Bruenor took up the Sword of Zariel instead of Reya? Leader of Clan Battlehammer and King of Mithral Hall, Bruenor understands commitment and service to his people. The Sword of Zariel recognizes his noble qualities.

The Hellrider Reya Skin Reya arrived in Elturel to train as a Hellrider at the age of twelve, years later, Reya raised the Sword of Zariel above her head and saved her city. This skin shows off her Hellrider uniform.

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza New Evergreen Champion Reya Mantlemorn

New Evergreen: Reya Mantlemorn

Today's update brings our latest Evergreen Champion, Reya Mantlemorn who can be unlocked by completing Reya Reborn the second variant for the Idyllglen adventure.

Reya powers up Champions adjacent to her with her Searing Radiance. You can power up that ability by increasing Champions who are Lawful and/or Good in the formation. When you want to add Reya to your formation, you can swap her with Asharra (Slot 6).

For more information about our latest Evergreen Champion, check out the Idle Champion Spotlight: Reya Mantlemorn blog post!

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Extravaganza New DLC

New DLC Packs

Three new DLC Packs are now available!

The Celestial Tyril Skin Pack unlocks the Celestial Tyril Skin, 7 Gold Chests, and 20,000 Symbols of Zariel. This pack is available in the Zariel Patron Shop.

The Bubbles the Hollyphant Familiar Pack will unlock the Bubbles the Hollyphant Familiar and two each of epic potions of Speed, Clairvoyance, and Giant's Strength.

The Cinnamon, the Red Panda Familiar Pack will unlock the Cinnamon, the Red Panda Familiar, six each of epic potions of Speed, Clairvoyance, and Giant's Strength, Fire Breath, and a Potion of Polish.

Dungeons & Dragons Summer Spectacular Descent into Avernus, Part 10

Descent into Avernus, Part 10

Now it's time to enact our plan to save Elturel! Some things go right, some things go wrong. One thing goes REALLY wrong and will have drastic repercussions for the future of FaerČ—n and Idle Champions. Check out the full Descent into Avernus, Part 10 blog post for details about the new adventures and variants.

Feedback Wanted!

These changes are scheduled to go live at approximately 12:00PM PDT on Wednesday, March 31st. We very much look forward to your feedback, so please let us know what you think in a Community Q&A or feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, a post on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

Enjoy :)