March 11th, 2015
EBA St. Patrick's Event 
Tags: event, eba.

The Leprechaun Monkey has returned to the Egg Breaker Islands to start the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! He needs to fill all of his pots of gold, and he’s willing to trade a few ribbons and a trophy for your help.

Collect Rainbow Tokens by playing any stage in any monkey in order to unlock the Leprechaun Monkey, then use the special "Luck of the Irish" buffs to build up huge Multipliers to win piles of gold in his stages to help him fill his ever growing pots!

In addition, trade Rainbow Tokens for 24 prizes to increase event progression and help earn those ribbons! Plus earn enough tokens to get the Clover Hammer, which adds a chance of more Stars!

As well, 2014's hats are available in the Event Store for Monkey Bucks if you don't have them already! Pick up the Lucky Top Hat which adds 5 more Buff charges per Buff and 10% more Stars or the Clover Cap which adds 10% more Hammers and 10% more Multipliers. Also available is 2013's Leprechaun Staff hammer which adds an increased chance to win gold.

Try your best to win gold and get 100% in the event before it ends on Wednesday March 25th 2015 at Noon PDT!