April 1st, 2015
Egg Hunting Time in EBA 
Tags: event, eba.

The Easter Monkey is back on the islands! He has a special stage, where you can spend Easter Tokens you win on an Egg Hunt Mini game. Tokens can be won in any monkey on any stage.

You can play the Egg Hunt in two ways:.
  • "Challenge Me": Find 30 eggs in 60 seconds. Find all 30 eggs, and you are guaranteed a prize. If you don't find all 30 in one go, you still have a chance to win a prize, the more eggs found, the greater the chance!

  • "Egg Finder": Find 20 eggs with unlimited time, and earn a chance to win a prize.
The cost of tokens to do the Egg Hunt goes up each time, but resets daily.

To kick off the event, we're having an Event Token sale! Pick up a pack with 1000 Easter Tokens to help you do lots of hunts!

The Easter 2015 event will run until Wednesday April 15th at Noon PDT.

Post your Easter tails in the forum!