May 20th, 2015
Bachelorette Event in EBA 

Greetings Breakers!

Mr. Monkey recently revealed he is a fan of the Bachelorette, so the monkeys of the islands are throwing a mini-event to celebrate the current season!

For the duration of the event, special challenge eggs will temporarily replace all normal challenge eggs, and the eggs will appear at a higher than usual rate. Players can earn 12 event prizes of various Bachelorette themed items from cashing in Event Tokens. Plus, for the toughest of tough challenges, there are 3 awesome prizes! You can get a Veil which adds a chance your last Egg broken was free and 10% less Nothings, a Rose Hammer which adds less Nothings, and a Champagne Bucket to place in any trophy room!

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The event will run until Tuesday May 26th at Noon PDT!

To kick off the event, we're having a 24-hour Hammer sale! For only $5, get 2200 Non-Expiring Hammers! And you can buy it up to 5 times! This sale runs until Thursday May 21 at Noon PDT!

Also, over the weekend, keep your eye out for two hats on sale!