May 29th, 2015
Graduate with the EBA Monkeys! 

Hi Breakers!

Find tokens in any stage of any monkey to unlock the Graduation Monkey! Break eggs in his event stage to help the Graduation Monkey finish his schooling in time to graduate!

Event Details

  • Starting with Grade 1, there are 6 subjects to get an A+ in to move onto the next grade, and 12 grades to learn. Once you've graduated High School (all 12 grades), continue to learn to get your Bachelor's (trophy room item), your Masters (trophy room item) and your PhD (trophy room item)!

  • Use the Graduation Monkey's "Cram Session Buff" in his stage to increase your wins of multipliers and textbooks, then use those multipliers to win even more textbooks! (Remember: Textbooks can only be earned in the Graduation Monkey stage)

  • You'll need to finish all fifteen stages of learning, AND win the 12 prizes in order to win the 100% progression trophy! (trophy room item)

  • There are three "Extras" you can find in the Event store under the "Extras" tab.

    • Diploma Hammer: Small increased chance to win multipliers when equipped
      (Cost: 5000 event tokens)

    • Books Hat: 10% Less Nothings
      Cost: 5000 event tokens)

    • And new for this year:
      Golden Pen Hammer: Adds More Stars when equipped!
      (Cost: 5000 Tokens)

  • We've made some tweaks to it for this year, so let us know what you think!
The event will run until Friday June 12th at Noon PDT.

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