June 24th, 2015
Patriot Event in EBA 
Tags: event, eba.

Hi Breakers!

It's coming up on Canada Day for us here in Developer HQ and Independence Day for our neighbours across the strait, so the Patriot Monkey is back! He needs your help to throw the most Patriotic North American party ever! It's time help him grab supplies and decorate!

Start playing the Patriot Monkey by earning Patriot Tokens from any of your open Monkeys and then clicking on him to enter his zone. Earn Patriot Gold in his special stages by whacking eggs while the Patriot Buff is on (it increases your chances for gold and multipliers!)

Earn progress for the event and unlock the higher stages by spending that Patriot Gold to decorate your scene:
  • Click the "Decorate Your Scene" window to head out to the party.

  • Click the "$" button at the lower right of the screen to access the decoration store.
  • The first 6 items are the Normal items. Buy any combo of 10 of these to unlock the Silver breaking stage and decorations.
  • The next 6 items are the Silver items. Buy any combo of 20 of these prizes to move onto the Gold stage and decorations.
  • The last set of items are the Gold items. Purchase any 40 to earn the highest ribbon and the event trophy!

We've tweaked the costs of the decorations and the drop rate of the tokens. Let us know what you think!

There are 5 additional Extras you can trade Patriot Tokens for:
From 2013:
Firework Hammer: Small increased chance to win stars.
(Cost: 5000 event tokens)

From 2014:
Burger Hat: 50% more Monkey Break Tokens.
(Cost: 5000 event tokens)

New For 2015:
Canada Hammer: Small increased chance to win Multipliers.
(Cost: 2500 event tokens)

USA Hammer: Small increased chance to win Stars.
(Cost: 2500 event tokens)

Commonwealth Hammer: Boosts Less Nothings.
(Cost: 2500 event tokens)

These items are found in the Patriot Monkey's store on the egg breaking screen, not to be confused with the "Decorate Your Scene" store when you first enter the monkey.

The Patriot event will run until Wednesday July 8th at Noon PDT!

Celebrate your patriot plans on the forums!

To kick off the event, we're having a sale! Pick up 500 Patriot Tokens and 500 Hammers for only $5! And you can buy it up to 5 times! The sale will run until Friday June 26th at Noon PDT.

If you don't want to play the event, you don't have to. The Patriot Tokens just replace Nothing wins. You can enter the Patriot monkey without using tokens and buy Patriot crates full of goodies from his store with any tokens you do collect.