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October 30th, 2015
Deja Vu Bonuses in EBA 

Earn awesome bonuses by resetting monkeys!

You can now earn Deja Vu Tokens by resetting monkeys. Spend these tokens on awesome bonuses!

How this works:

Play your favourite Monkey over again for more score and bonuses! Here is the breakdown:
  • Reset any completed monkey by clicking the reset button at the bottom of the stage select screen
  • This will bring up a confirmation dialog that shows how many Deja Vu Tokens will be earned and what will be lost from the monkey. Note: your score and the trophy room for a monkey will not be lost. The following items will be reset:
    • All Prizes for the selected monkey.
    • All Gold and Area Tokens.
    • Extra banana hammers for the selected monkey earned by completing stages.
    • All stars.
    • All multipliers.
    • All Monkey hammers above the value of hammers a reset leaves you with earned from a banana feed.
  • The number of Deja Vu tokens you earn will be based on your score since your last reset. The higher score you have the more tokens you get!
  • Since no score is lost, you can increase your current score in the rankings by having another chance to multiply all the prizes.
  • Spend your Deja Vu Tokens on Deja Vu Bonuses in the Deja Vu Bonuses Dialog at the top of the monkey islands screen. They can be spent on the following awesome bonuses:
    • More Star Wins.
    • More Multipliers Wins.
    • More Prize Wins.
    • More Hammer Wins.
    • More Area Token Wins Wins.
    • More Gold Eggs.
    • More Silver Eggs.
    • More Buff Eggs.
    • More Hammers per Banana.
  • The more resets you do, the more you can improve your Deja Vu bonuses.
  • These Deja Vu Bonuses will apply to ALL monkeys!

So get started with Deja Vu today and maximize those monkey scores!

Special Weekend Bonus: Until November 2nd at Noon PST all Deja Vu Tokens earned from resetting monkeys will be doubled!