October 6th, 2016
Power Up! Player Tips 

Do you need some playing tips for Crusaders of the Lost Idols? Who better to ask than your fellow players. We've collated a whole bunch of suggestions from players just like you who have found what works best for them to beat the campaigns and events.

"Do nothing but Free Plays, until have have loads of Idols. Purchase Upgrade Them All, and Spend It All, as soon as you can. Maximize your Crusader Levels BEFORE you reset, and do so with a mobile device for 25% more Idols. When you get to 300, and if you need to, 'respec' your Talents and work towards maximizing Efficient Crusading; (Keeping the two Talents I've already mentioned), and then do so again, at 600, and put Idols into Deep Idol Scavenger. It might also help to work towards the DPS Talents, to get you to 300, and 600."

Pádraig Ó T

"After you get higher rates of idols, use Smash10101 talent calculator to make the wisest talent purchases to get stronger."

Gary D

"Save time warps for events. No matter how tempting it is, save it for the event. You want those sweet events chests, and you're going to need to do a lot of Free Play to get them."

Brooke B

"Reset your free plays when you hit your soft wall. i.e. When you are no longer able to easily level-up your Crusaders and monsters are no longer being insta-killed. Grinding is the enemy if your goal is to get more idols. NEVER blacklist a Crusader. As new Crusaders are released and added to your roster, you'll suddenly find yourself using Crusaders that you have never used before. RoboTurkey and Robbie Raccoon are two Crusaders that I thought I would never use however I have found they are at the core of most of my formations now.

Amanda K

"Don't use Larry, the Leprechaun in any missions with the center taken over! Use Detective instead!"

Yuri C.

"Boost your best damage-dealer with every Buff you have. For me: Werewolf + (Jim, Sasha, Larry, RoboTurkey, Artaxes, Montana and Brogon)."


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