January 27th, 2017
New Weekend Buff: Pregame Warm-up! 

Don't just sit there! The big game is coming up soon! You've got to make sure you're warmed up and ready to kick ass!

The following Crusaders will get a buff this weekend starting from today until 12 pm PST on Monday January 30th.

  • The Bush Whacker - Critical Click Chance +6%
  • The Princess - Ignite, Char, Conflagrate, and Incinerate abilities +200%
  • Dark Gryphon - All Gold Find +200%
  • Prince Sal, the Merman - Base DPS +400%
  • Groklok - Eligible Receivers, Gunslinger, and Defensive Team abilities +200%

Also, check out the limited-time Pregame Jeweled Chests that contain equipment for the five Crusaders above! (Please note: The chest will only contain gear for Groklok if you've unlocked him.)