February 28th, 2017
Legendary Crafting Update 

In today's 0.100 patch, we've added Crafting and Legendary Items to the game.

Crafting is a way to get specific gear for your Crusaders without having to get lucky while opening a chest. With the proper recipe and materials, you will be able to craft even the most epic gear. It's easier said than done, though, as gathering the materials and unlocking the recipe for the piece of gear you want isn't a walk in the park.

Gathering Material

Crafting Material is obtained by disenchanting duplicate gear. Previously, disenchanted gear turned into Enchantment Points for your Crusaders, which passively increased their DPS. Now, however, you will no longer get EP for duplicate gear. Instead, you'll gain a random amount of crafting material based on the rarity of the disenchanted item.

So how do you get EP for your Crusaders? Missions! Missions that award EP have been buffed considerably in terms of award and frequency so that you can still boost the EP of your favorite Crusaders to the same degree -- possibly even more so.

Crafting material drops are not retroactive, so regardless of how much duplicate equipment you've found in the past, you'll keep the EP you earned from it and will still start your crafting stockpile from scratch just like everybody else.

Crafting Recipes

All players start with the recipes for the Common and Uncommon gear for the initial 20 Crusaders. Crafting gear outside of that limited set require that you unlock additional recipes. How do you do that? Missions! New missions will now appear en-masse to help you learn new recipes. Each successful mission will unlock one or more rare or epic recipes. A special type of recipe mission will unlock all the common and uncommon recipes for a single event Crusader, giving you a way to deck out your newly recruited event Crusaders in basic gear, even outside of the event itself. Note that recipes for event Crusaders cannot be found during the event they unlock in or within 2 weeks of an event ending. For the purposes of recipes, the Crusaders in the 21+ slots are treated like event Crusaders.

As with crafting material, recipes has not been awarded retroactively. Everyone is starting on even footing when it comes to finding the rarest of recipes.

Legendary Gear

Legendary Gear is the ultimate equipment. In addition to a massively enhanced base bonus, twice as big as the epic equivalent, each piece of Legendary Gear comes with a whole new unique Legendary Effect that could completely switch up your formation. What's more, that effect can be leveled up indefinitely as long as you've got the crafting material to do so.

Getting Legendary Gear

There are a couple of things you'll need before you can get a piece of Legendary Gear. The first is the Epic version of the item you want. Crafting will make it easier to get specific Epic loot, but in general Jeweled Chests are your primary source for Epic items.

Upgrading Epic to Legendary gear.

The second thing you'll need is a Legendary Catalyst. Legendary Catalysts are new random drops from Jeweled Chests. They can also be obtained via rare Missions. They are consumed when you craft Legendary items. The number of Legendary Catalysts you need depend on how much Legendary Gear you're crafting at once. The first piece of gear will only take one Legendary Catalyst, but each piece of gear after that will take 66% more Catalysts, rounded to the nearest whole number. Every week after your first Legendary craft, the number of Catalysts required will decrease by 80%, to a minimum of one. You will need to reload the game to get the updated Catalyst cost. Basically this is a long-winded way of saying if you want to craft more than one Legendary Item per week, it's going to cost you extra Catalysts.

But that's it! If you've got the Epic item you want to upgrade and the required number of Catalysts, you can simply click a button to upgrade your piece of Epic gear to a piece of Legendary gear, increasing its bonus and gaining access to its Legendary Effect.

Upgrading Legendary Gear

The power spike doesn't stop there. Once you have a piece of Legendary Gear you can upgrade its Legendary Effect by spending Crafting Material. You can choose to use Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic material, based on whatever you have lying around. The amount of material it takes increases with each level. It's worth it, however, as the Legendary Effect doubles with each Legendary Level.

Upgrading Legendary gear.

Oh, About Golden Epics...

For those of you with Golden Epics, don't dismay. You won't lose the Golden benefit when you upgrade to Legendary tier. All Golden Epics can be turned into Golden Legendaries for the same cost as upgrading a normal Epic to a Legendary. In addition, if you don't have a Golden Epic and craft a Legendary in its slot, a future flash sale may offer you the Golden Legendary directly.

We're exited to see what you guys come up with now that Legendary Effects are unlockable. There are dozens of new potential formations to explore, and even the most underappreciated Crusader may have a new lease of life once they have a few Legendary items at their disposal. Happy Crusading!