July 10th, 2014
Pets, Pets, PETS!! Generation 3 and a Sale! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

The much anticipated Generation 3 pets have arrived!

Misty has finally gotten a new batch of pets for you to hatch when you accept a "Find an Egg" quest. She will also have all the Generation 3 eggs available to purchase for Bush Bucks during the "Find an Egg" quest.

Other changes to Misty and Hank for Generation 3:
  • Misty will no longer let players abandon Gen 2 pet eggs that they are hatching (they're now too rare). Only current gen pet eggs can be abandoned during hatching. Please note that if you're in the middle of hatching a pet, then that egg will still hatch into whatever pet it would have been before.

  • Generation 2 pet eggs can now be found in Quester's Satchels (with the same limitations as the Generation 1 eggs, which will still be available in satchels as well). Generation 2 pet eggs are now more expensive to buy with DNA in the PAGAS store.

  • Hank now sells a random assortment of Generation 3 pets (instead of Generation 2) for Bush Bucks.

PAGAS changes for Generation 3:
  • Generation 3 pet eggs are now available to buy with DNA in the PAGAS store, however you cannot buy any of them until you have at least five (5) Generation 3 pets.

  • The Pet Progress dialog now includes Generation 3 pets. 10 new pets (and potentially a new pet progress reward) that all players can unlock!

And now, without further ado, the information you've all been waiting for:

Generation 3 Pets:


- Odds to win Fruit, Power or Gems, +20%


- Odds to win Fruit, Mana or Gems, +20%


- Odds to win Power, Mana or Gold, +20%


- Odds to win Fruit, Power or Mana, +20%


- Odds to win Puzzle Pieces or Quest Items, +10%


- Odds to win Gems, Mana or Gold, +20%


- Odds to win Gold, Gems or Fruit, +20%


- Odds to win Nothing, -25%


- Odds to win Nothing, -25%


- Odds to win Power, Gems or Mana, +20%

2014 Summer Pet Sale!
For those players who were not with us in December, here's how the sale works:
  • Over the next seven days we will rotate through 20 pets from a variety of sources, including Gen 1 & 2, Various Holidays, PAGAS, Hank and the AI vendor,
  • Each pet will be available for a limited time and will only appear once in the sale (so if you see a pet you want, make sure you grab it!),
  • As each pet is made available, we'll post a reminder on Facebook, Twitter and in Chat (during normal business hours), so you'll know when the pets will swap in/out,
  • All pets are available for Bush Bucks.

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