November 3rd, 2017
New Weekend Buff! Awaken the Undead! 

The Undead are rising! Can you keep up? Perhaps this weekend's buffs will help out!

The following Crusaders will get a buff this weekend starting from today until Noon PT on Monday, November 6th.
  • The Bush Whacker - Critical Click Damage +6%
  • Henry, the Scaredy-Ghoul - Nervous ability +200%
  • Khouri, the Witch Doctor - Koffee Potion ability +200%
  • Fright-o-Tron 4000 - Remote Detonation ability +200%
  • King Reginald IV - Royal Grail ability +200%

Check out these limited-time Awakened Chests that contain equipment for just the five Crusaders above!

(Only for previously-unlocked Crusaders)