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January 28th
Idle Champion Spotlight: Vi 
Posted in Idle Champions.

“It’s about time we fixed things instead of blowing them all to hell.”

The D&D multiverse is filled with those who devote their lives to being heroes in a variety of ways. Our next Champion helps others help themselves by providing some resources, a bit of advice, and a lot of sass. Vi is a brilliant artificer who's happy to fix whatever, or whoever, she can! She joins the Idle Champions roster during Grand Revel 5!

I. Vi

Dungeons & Dragons Vi

    Artificer, entrepreneur, and planeswalker, the gnome Vi hails from the world of Eberron. Seeking to atone for her part in creating devastating weapons for the Last War, she established the Fixers, a business dedicated to fixing problems others deem unfixable. Born with an aberrant dragonmark that allows her to travel from one plane of existence to another, she's brought her genius, warm heart, and love for a stiff drink to many worlds. The Fixers are headquartered in Sigil, the City of Doors, but Vi has established offices throughout the multiverse.

Vi is a Support, Speed and Gold Find Champion who wants to surround herself with good people, while encouraging those morally gray folks to use their resources for good causes. When you want to add her to your formation you can swap her with Arkhan in slot 12.

II. Vi's Stats

Race: Gnome Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Artificer Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 500
Affiliation: Acquisitions Incorporated

STR: 8 DEX: 12 CON: 16
INT: 18 WIS: 13 CHA: 12

Role: Support, Speed, Gold Find
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra, Strahd
Slot: 12 (Arkhan)

Dungeons & Dragons Vi Key Art

III. Vi's Design

As the Principal Rules Designer for Dungeons & Dragons, Jeremy Crawford has helped craft much of the D&D content fans know and love, and as the Dungeon Master for Acquisitions Incorporated he's led the liveplay games in moments that range from hilarious to touching. So it's no surprise that he has used his plethora of knowledge and experience to draw upon when creating characters filled with warmth, intelligence, and sass! He's played Vi in a variety of livestreamed games, and she's appeared offering information in Eberron: Rising From The Last War.

As a Support, Speed and Gold Find Champion, Vi wants to encourage Neutral Champions to use their resources for good causes. So she tries to set A Good Example by having those morally gray folks be adjacent to lots of Good Champions, which will help the Neutral ones do more damage. Her Pistol is always at the ready, but she can also use her blunderbuss to Catch and Release enemies to turn them into harmless glowing crystal spheres that don't attack but drop lots more gold. If there are only a few enemies left, Vi will gain some Sass and decide I'm Too Old For This #*&!, impatiently waiting for her friends to finish the final creatures off. The more Sass she has, the faster monsters will spawn, and the sooner they can all get going!

While trying to be A Good Example, one of Vi's Specializations can help boost the example she is setting for others. A Nudge In The Right Direction increases the effect of her damage boost. If she wants to help encourage both Neutral and Evil Champions she'll Bless Their Hearts, while Her Debt To Repay will offer the bonus to Warforged Champions. The other Specialization shifts Vi's focus, either deciding That Doesn't Belong Here so she uses her Catch and Release blunderbuss much more frequently, or getting frustrated that things are going too slowly and increasing her Sass exclaiming For #*&% Sake!

In a flourish of brilliant artificer engineering, Vi's Ultimate Attack is an Arcane Cannon in the shape of a massive metal Cockatrice named Crispy! When activated it blasts the closest enemy, but there's a second activation that will cause the Cockatrice to fly into the middle of a swarm of enemies and deal damage in a devastating yet satisfying explosion!

IV. Vi's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Pistol — Vi attacks the closest enemy with a ranged attack.

Formation Abilities

  • A Good Example — Neutral (on the Good/Evil axis) Champions' damage is increased by 100% for each good Champion adjacent to them, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Catch and Release — Instead of a base attack with her pistol, there is a 10% chance Vi takes out her comically oversized blunderbuss and fires it at a random non-invulnerable normal-health enemy. This instantaneously transforms the enemy into a small glowing crystal sphere "enemy" that has normal monster health, does not move, and deals no damage. This enemy is worth additional +1000% gold when defeated. The sphere counts towards quest progress when killed. If there is no legal target, like when only a boss remains, Vi just fires her pistols as normal.
  • I'm Too Old For This #*&! — Vi gains 25 Sass. If there are only 5 or fewer enemies on screen, Vi waits impatiently instead of attacking with her base attack, and the delay between monsters spawning in a wave is reduced depending on her Sass amount for the duration of her base attack cooldown.
  • Specialization 1

    • Bless Their Hearts — Evil Champions also benefit from A Good Example's damage increase, based on the number of Good Champions around them.
    • Her Debt to Repay — Warforged Champions also receive A Good Example's damage increase. Both Good and Warforged Champions are counted when buffing adjacent Neutral (on the Good/Evil Axis) and Warforged Champions.
    • A Nudge In The Right Direction — Increase the effect of
      A Good Example by 100%.

    Specialization 2

    • That Doesn't Belong Here — Vi's chance of using her special Catch and Release attack is increased by 100%.
    • For #*&% Sake! — Vi's Sass is increased by 100%.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Arcane Cannon — This is a two-step ultimate. The first time the ultimate button is hit, a metal Cockatrice appears next to Vi and starts dealing ultimate damage to the closest enemy every second for 30 seconds. The second time the ultimate button is hit, the Cockatrice flies to the middle of a swarm of enemies and explodes, dealing 1000% ultimate damage to all enemies in an area attack. If the button isn't hit in the 30 second timer, the area attack is lost and the Cockatrice disappears.

    V. Vi's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Global DPS
    Slot 2: A Good Example
    Slot 3: Catch and Release
    Slot 4: I'm Too Old For This #*&!
    Slot 5: Ultimate Attack
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    It's exciting to have this new planeswalking artificer join her Acquisitions Incorporated friends in our Idle Champions roster, and we're sure she'll help fix all the problems and challenges you will find! Tell us all about how much you are enjoying having Vi in your formations Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

January 26th
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 3 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The Champions head deeper into Hither to face off against the hags and find our lost friends...

This week's update to the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign brings two new adventures and adventure variants, as well as the second tier of blessings for the campaign! Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, Thieves of the Coven and Hither of the Feywild, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Prince of a Thousand Enemies

Head further into Hither, as you hunt down the first of the Hourglass Coven.
Reach area 350.
  • Variant: Uncommon Allies — Head further into Hither, without using humans, dwarves, or elves.
  • No Human, Dwarf, or Elf Champions can be used.
  • Complete area 400.


Learn the lay of the land in Downfall, as you maneuver your way through their courtly ways.
Complete area 400.
  • Variant: First Third Out — Learn the lay of the land in Downfall without a third of your Champions.
  • Only bench seats 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 may be used.
  • Two Will-o'-Wisp join the formation.
  • Complete area 450.

Witchlight Tier 2 Blessings

With the release of Part 3 of the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, the second tier of blessings have also been added to the game:
  • Into the Wild — Local: Increase the damage of Druids, Rangers, and Barbarians by 100%.
  • Swing Fast — Local: Base attack cooldowns of Melee Champions reduced by 0.1 sec.
  • All By Myself — Local: Increase the damage of all Champions without an affiliation by 100%
  • Familiar Stakes — Global: Global damage +20% (additive) for each Familiar unlocked.


The Ricochet, the Crocodile Hatchling Familiar Pack includes Ricochet, the Crocodile Hatchling Familiar, 2 Epic Potions of Speed, 2 Epic Potions of Giant's Strength, and 2 Epic Potions of Clairvoyance.

Champions of Renown Year 4 All-Star Pack This pack unlocks the following event Champions if you haven't already unlocked them in-game: Orkira, Talin, Baeloth, Hew Maan, & Ellywick. This pack includes the exclusive Vahm-Pyre Skin for Hew Maan, as well as 16 Hew Maan Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Orkira Gold Chests with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Talin Gold Chests with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, 16 Baeloth Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards, and 16 Ellywick Gold Chests, with two guaranteed Shiny Equipment cards.

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Feywild on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

January 14th
BW2: Celebrate Nate's Birthday Event! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Birthday Nate!

It’s that time of year again! Help celebrate Nate Dragon’s birthday by decorating the Commons for him....because no one else will.

First and foremost, whenever Nate is involved, safety becomes a priority. Find Safety Coins in the bushes and bring them to the stations in the Commons to stock up on protective gear. Turn in 10 coins at each station 50 times for an achievement. You can see the number of turn-ins you've completed at a station when you turn in a set of coins. The Kevlar Pad station is there on the first day of the event, and the Fire Extinguisher and Band Aid stations will unlock as the event goes on.

Then it seems Nate needs decorations and activities to set up in the Commons. Go out daily and find things for his party. Have fun trying out the activity stations as many times as you want!

If you're trying to get Tiny Little Arms or Just Like Nate achievements, or if you just want to have a little fun, you need to be wearing all pieces of the Dragon gear or the Nate outfit (available from the vendor's Bush Bucks store if it's your first time playing this event) while completing the 4 party Stations: Dynamite Activity, Campfire Activity, Digging Activity and the Training Whacking Activity.

If you've built the Town Hall, you can expect an fiery visitor to the party as well!

New for 2022:

New year, new gift from Nate's uncle! He seems apologetic enough, so maybe this one won't be cursed...

And introducing the 100% reward for this year: Holiday Flower Boxes! Collect each one and expand your garden displays! Here's one with flowers in Nate's bombastic style:

Event Achievements - POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!

There are a total EIGHTEEN possible Achievements to earn in the Nate’s Birthday 2022 event:

Achievements Returning in 2022:

Safety First - You completed a turn-in at each of the Safety Stations.
Safety Inspector - You completed 50 turn-ins at each of the Safety Stations.
Without a Hitch - You helped Nate with all of his Birthday quests!
Neverending Supply - You completed all 4 of the Birthday event daily quests 3 times.
Firefighter - You put out a fire and saved a building in the Commons! [Requires the Town Hall built]
Dragon Slayer - You scared off a dragon and saved the Commons!
Surprise Explosions! - You helped organize a surprise party for Nate.
A Heroic Gift - Help Natalie make Nate look like a hero for his birthday.
Cursed Cubes! - You removed the cube curse!

Added/Changed for 2022:

Nate-tional Treasure - You bought all the 2022 Nate's Birthday event items!

We have 10 achievements from previous year's events, which may be earned by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present during the initial year:

Birthday Spoils - You bought all the 2021 Nate's Birthday event items!
Birthday Blowout - You bought all the 2020 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate-Nacs - You bought all the 2019 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Treasures - You bought all the 2018 Nate's Birthday event items!
Birthday Souvenirs - You bought all the 2017 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Finer Things - You bought all the 2016 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Stash - You bought all the 2015 Nate's Birthday event items!
Tiny Little Arms - You bungled each activity station while dressed like a Dragon
Nate's Inventory - You bought all the 2014 Nate's Birthday event items!
Just Like Nate! - You bungled each activity station while dressed like Nate.

*The mini-golf piece is not included in the Nate-tional Treasure achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

Mount Packs:

New fierce mounts are available from Jan 14th to 17th! Why not a Wyvern mount?

The Pseudowyvern mount comes free with your first purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more, and the Charred Pseudowyvern and Ghastly Pseudowyvern are in packs containing 100 Bush Bucks, 10 Pristine Feed Vouchers, and a VIP Voucher!

Pet Packs:

It's dangerous to go alone, so you should have a friend! Check our newest sidekicks for you to consider:

2022 Pet Packs --> COMING SOON!!

This event runs until Friday January 28th, 2022 @ Noon PST (8pm UTC).

Post your thoughts and feedback here! 
January 7th
Idle Champion Spotlight: Rust on the Harbour 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Many are excited by the thrilling life of a pirate on the high sea. But all the swashbuckling skills in the world cannot help when you are afraid of water!

Rust on the Harbour is the sweetest, nicest sellsword to ever be shot out of a cannon! He joins fellow Oxventure Guild members Corazón and Prudence in the Idle Champions roster during Midwinter 5.

I. Rust

Dungeons & Dragons Rust

    Rust on the Harbour is a former pirate who gave up a life at sea because it was far too wet. His deadly skills are in contrast to his sweet nature and short attention span, and he enjoys seeing others succeed even if they are supposed to be antagonists. Now trying life as an adventurer on land, he'll lend his roguish skills to anyone who can give him that which his heart desires most: one gold piece.

Rust is a Support and Gold Find Champion whose excitement to find coin helps the rest of the formation increase their gold find. When you want to add him to your formation you can swap him with Jamilah (Slot 11).

II. Rust's Stats

Race: Tabaxi Alignment: Neutral
Class: Rogue Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 23
Affiliation: Oxventurers Guild

STR: 12 DEX: 18 CON: 15
INT: 11 WIS: 12 CHA: 14

Role: Support, Gold Find
Eligible for Patrons: Vajra, Zariel
Slot: 11 (Jamilah)

Dungeons & Dragons Rust Key Art

III. Rust's Design

We are fortunate to get to work with a huge variety of liveplay D&D series, but it's a rare treat to be able to include the Dungeon Master as one of the Content Creators who bring a Champion to our game. So we're very happy that our third Champion from the Oxventure crew from Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra comes from DM Johnny Chiodini! They created Rust as their character for a Saltmarsh campaign, and brought the supportive tabaxi in as an NPC for Oxventure to enjoy. Along with their impressive DM skills, Johnny has made content for Eurogamer, GameSpot, and Dicebreaker, and currently creates videos about tabletop and video games for their Patreon.

Rust does his best to help his allies be more deadly on the battlefield, but his main focus is cashing in on all the coin he can collect! He's always on the hunt for One Gold Piece, which he will happily grab from the field when dropped by a defeated enemy. As long as he holds a precious coin in his claws, he buffs the damage bonus to Highest Bidder and the gold find bonus for Rust For Hire. Plus the more Oxventurers Guild Champions there are in the formation, the more likely he'll find a shiny gold piece while saying Hello, Friends!

All of Rust's Specializations focus on his beloved One Gold Piece. If it's Especially Shiny he simply increases his bonuses to gold find and Champion damage. But if there are many Oxventurers Guild Champions nearby he can base his buff on his Close Friends. This deadly tabaxi can shoot enemies with his pistols or stab them with his rapier, but he might drop his shiny gold piece when he leaps into melee combat. So his Rust Reloaded Specialization means he will only attack with his pistols, keeping that coin safer from being dropped. But sometimes Rust needs to do something epic, even if there's a chance he'll lose his gold piece, and that's when he'll load himself into a cannon to be launched across the battlefield in his Ultimate Attack, Cannonball!

IV. Rust's Abilities

Basic Attack

Rust has two different attacks that he rotates through. He attacks once with Bang Bang, then drops his pistols and will attack with his Rapier three times before retrieving the pistols and starting over.
  • Bang Bang — Rust shoots a random enemy with his pistols, once from each pistol. Rust can not lose his shiny gold piece when he attacks with his pistols.
  • Stabby Stabby — Rust leaps out and stabs a random enemy with his Rapier once. He might lose his shiny gold piece while doing this.

Formation Abilities

  • One Gold Piece — Rust has a 2% chance to gain a shiny gold piece from any kill. While holding this gold piece, the effects of his Rust For Hire and Highest Bidder abilities are increased by 200% each. Rust has a 3% chance to accidentally lose the gold piece each time he attacks with his Rapier.
  • Rust For Hire — Rust increases your gold find by 100%.
  • Highest Bidder — Rust increases the damage of all Champions by 100% for each order of magnitude of your Gold Find percentage.
    • For example, if your gold find is 2.1e15%, then this bonus is multiplied by 15.
  • Hello, Friends! — Rust's chance for One Gold Piece to find a shiny gold piece from any kill is increased by 100% for each other Oxventurers Guild Champion in the formation, stacking additively and then applying multiplicatively.


  • Especially Shiny — Increase the ability bonus of One Gold Piece by 100%.
  • Close Friends — The ability bonus of One Gold Piece is increased by 100% for each other Oxventurers Guild Champion within 2 slots, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Rust Reloaded — Rust now only attacks with his Pistols and can only lose his One Gold Piece during his ultimate attack.

Ultimate Ability

  • Cannonball! — Rust loads himself into a cannon and fires himself toward the enemies, dealing damage in a large area upon landing. When using his ultimate, Rust has a 40% chance of dropping his shiny gold piece midway through his flight. This chance is reduced by 2.5% for every 4.5 seconds of ultimate cooldown reduction he has, capped at a 75% reduction

V. Rust's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: One Gold Piece
Slot 3: Rust For Hire
Slot 4: Highest Bidder
Slot 5: Ultimate Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

We're excited to have another member of the Oxventure Guild join our Champion roster and help you find all the gold pieces you are looking for! Tell us all about how much you are enjoying having Rust in your formations Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

January 5th
Idle Champions: Jan 5 2022 Adventure Variants 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This week's update brings not only 11 new adventure variants for the 5 active campaigns of Idle Champions, but we're also updating the Patron Shop and adding Tier 6 & 7 Patron Perks! Each adventure variant is Patron-themed, and some of them have the Patrons along to supervise!

Adventure Variants

This week's update brings 11 new adventure variants for our 5 active campaigns! Many of these adventure variants have the patrons joining the party to supervise. Enjoy!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Adventure Variants

  • Seeds of Deceit: The Strahd Squad
  • Protect the Martikov family winery from destruction while fighting back hordes of zombies.
    • There is a 40% chance with each wave that 5 additional Strahd Zombies appear. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Due to Strahd’s influence, Champion healing is reduced by 75%.
    • Complete area 275.

  • Flies on the Wall: A Nod from Strahd
  • Head to the Amber Temple to help Kasimir while repelling Strahd.
    • In each boss area Strahd on Horseback appears. You must defeat this additional boss to advance. When defeated, he runs off the screen.
    • Only champions with INT of 13 or higher can be used..
    • Complete area 325.

  • Lost in the Goblin Halls: Temporal Rift in the Goblin Halls
  • Search through the citadel to find the twilight grove in record time!
    • Time is sped up by 2x.
    • You must complete area 100 within 30 minutes of starting the objective.
    • You must click on 50 distractions before completing the objective.
    • Complete area 100.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure Variants

  • Attack on the Manor: Review by the Blackstaff
  • Investigate a heinous attack just outside your new manor under the watchful eye of the Blackstaff.
    • Vajra joins the formation to advise.
    • Champions with Melee and Ranged attacks deal no damage.
    • Complete area 250.

  • Nimble Escape: Distracted Escape
  • Search Gralhund Villa for the Nimblewright while protecting Mirt.
    • Mirt leads the formation.
    • Champions adjacent to Mirt deal no damage due to his distracting presence.
    • Only good and evil champions may be used.
    • At the start of each area, an Iron Defender with 10 armored HP appears. Other monsters are invulnerable while the Iron Defender is there.
    • Complete area 275.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Variants

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Adventure Variants

  • Questlines: Just The Worst
  • Clear off your quest to do list with the worst of the worst.
    • Good Champions cannot be used.
    • Neutral Champions (on the good/evil axis) deal no damage.
    • Complete area 500.

  • Bel's Forge: Fire and Brimstone
  • Begin to unravel Bel's intentions while fighting fire and fiends!
    • In each non-boss area, one Lesser Fire Elemental appears with each wave. They do not count towards quest progress, nor do they drop gold. The Elemental’s movement is 300% faster. If the Elemental hits with an attack, it explodes (and dies) and all champions lose 20% of their HP.
    • In each boss area a Cultist of Zariel appears. You must defeat this additional boss to advance.
    • Only champions with STR of 10 or higher and CHA of 13 or higher can be used.
    • Complete area 525.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure Variants

  • Deekin's Mission: Fire and Ice
  • Escort the survivors to Bryn Shander with the redeemed Zariel.
    • Redeemed Zariel takes up a slot in the formation.
    • Zariel’s presence has attracted hordes of angry devils due to her redemption. In Non-Boss levels, each wave creates an extra 1-3 random devils. They do not drop gold or count towards quest progress. In Boss levels, create an additional random boss that must also be defeated to advance.
    • Evil champions may not be used.
    • Neutral (on the good/evil axis) champions deal no damage.
    • Complete area 450.

  • Frozen Vengeance: REALLY Frozen Vengeance
  • Return to Sunblight fortress during the coldest day of the year.
    • The cold causes all Champion base attack cooldowns to be doubled, making them attack less often.
    • Only slow Champions with a DEX of 13 or lower can be used.
    • Complete area 475.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Wild Beyond the Witchlight Variants

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventure Variants

  • Thieves of the Coven: Patron Party
  • Dive deeper into the mysteries of the Witchlight Carnival while protecting the patrons.
    • Redeemed Zariel, Mirt, and Vajra escort the party and take up slots in the formation.
    • Complete area 350.

  • Hither of Witchlight: Don’t Blast the Brigands
  • Venture into the Feywild in a fog that blocks ranged attacks.
    • Additional Harengon Brigands appear in each area. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Only Champions with a melee or Magical base attack can be used.
    • Complete area 400.

New Patron Perks and Patron Shop Updates

With this Adventure Variant Update, it's also time to update Patron Perk Tiers and the Patron Shop! In addition to Tier 6 & 7 Patron Perks, each Patron will receive a skin for an Evergreen Champion, a Golden Epic for an Evergreen Champion, and Rare & Epic Feats.

Tier 6 & 7 Patron Perks

  • Mirt the Moneylender:
    • Tier 6 Local — Dig Deep: Increase the damage of all Champions by 1% for each enemy on screen.
    • Tier 6 Global — Price of Inflation: Gold Find +2.5%.
    • Tier 7 Local — Moneylent: Reduce the amount of gold required to level up Champions by 3%
    • Tier 7 Global — Silvery Gates: Time Gate Silver Chest drops have a +2% chance of being doubled.
  • Vajra Safahr:
    • Tier 6 Local — Embassy: Increases the damage of non-human Champions by +50%.
    • Tier 6 Global — The Less Fortunate: Damage of Champions without the "Gold Find" role +10%.
    • Tier 7 Local — Young Guns: Damage of Champions aged 50 or younger +40%
    • Tier 7 Global — Golden Gifts: Gold chest drops have a +2% chance of being doubled.
  • Strahd von Zarovich:
    • Tier 6 Local — Long Lived: Damage of Champions aged 50 or older +50%.
    • Tier 6 Global — Arm's Length: Damage of Champions adjacent to 2 or fewer Champions +10%.
    • Tier 7 Local — And Prosperous: Increases the damage of all Champions by 10% for every Gold Find Champion in the formation (mult)
    • Tier 7 Global — Unlikely Allies: Global Damage +5% for each Good/Evil pair of Champions in the formation.
  • Zariel:
    • Tier 6 Local — Only the Strong: Increase the damage of Champions with a STR score of 12+ by 75%.
    • Tier 6 Global — No Trial Left Undone: Increase the damage done by Champions while on a Trials of Mount Tiamat trial adventure by 50%.
    • Tier 7 Local — Only the Loved: Increase the damage of Champions with a CHA score of 15+ by 75%.
    • Tier 7 Global — Tiamat Unleashed: Increase the Assault Party DPS provided by reaching the daily Trials of Mount Tiamat area goal by 1%.

New Patron Feats

  • Mirt the Moneylender:
    • Rare Feat
      • Celeste — Sturdy Mantle: Crusader's Mantle +40%.
    • Epic Feat
      • Krond — Striker Training: Survival of the Fittest +80%.
  • Vajra Safahr:
    • Rare Feat
      • Nayeli — Strong Willed: Aura of Courage +40%.
    • Epic Feat
      • Calliope — Wound Master: Song of Protection +60%.
  • Strahd von Zarovich:
    • Rare Feat
      • Shandie — Bonus Blast: Explosive Arrows +40%.
    • Epic Feat
      • Makos — Prodigal Leader: Global Damage +50%.
  • Zariel:
    • Rare Feat
      • Ishi — Well Rounded: Monsters are People Too +40%.
    • Epic Feat
      • Krull — Golden Touch: Plague: Pilfer +80%.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions New Golden Epics

New Patron Golden Epics

  • Mirt the Moneylender:
    • Ulkoria Slot 3 — Animated Gargoyle
  • Vajra Safahr:
    • Azaka Slot 1 — Scimitar of the Weretiger
  • Strahd von Zarovich:
    • Dragonbait Slot 3 — Belt of Many Pouches
  • Zariel:
    • Reya Slot 3 — Armor of the Avatar

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions New Patron Skins

New Patron Skins

  • Mirt the Moneylender:
    • Mindflayer Ulkoria
  • Vajra Safahr:
    • Farmer Azaka
  • Strahd von Zarovich:
    • Vampire Dragonbait
  • Zariel:
    • Blood War Reya

See the in-game Change Log for more information!