April 15th, 2014
Here Comes Mr. Monkey-tail, Hopping down the Monkey trail... 
Tags: event.

The Easter Monkey is back in town! He brings with him a special stage, where you can spend won Easter Tokens an Egg Hunt Mini game. Tokens can be won in any monkey stage.

You can play the Egg Hunt in two ways:
- "Challenge Me": Find 30 eggs in 60 seconds. Find all 30 eggs, and you are guaranteed a prize; if you don't find all 30 in one go, you still have a chance to win a prize, the more eggs found, the greater the chance!

- "Egg Finder": Find 20 eggs with unlimited time, and earn a chance to win a prize.

The Easter 2014 event will run until April 29, 2014 at Noon PDT.                       

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April 1st, 2014
I pity the fool...who doesn't play this Mini Event! 

Hi Breakers! We heard your feedback from the Monkey Games, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

The Challenge Mini Event Monkey is back again, and is here spreading the joys of the practical joker - but wait, what's this??

Hey you!! Wait! Where are you going with that egg...!!

This mini event will run until April 8, 2014 until Noon PDT.

Happy Breaking!