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May 14th, 2021
Idle Champion Spotlight: Mehen 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This father is here to do the right thing, though he doesn’t have to be happy while doing it!

Verthisathurgiesh Mehen is a dragonborn fighter, adoptive father of Havilar and Farideh, and a character from the Brimstone Angels D&D Novel series written by Erin M. Evans. He’ll be bringing his commanding presence to the Champion ranks next week during The Great Modron March!

I. Mehen

Dungeons & Dragons Verthisathurgiesh Mehen

    Mehen is a tall, powerful dragonborn with dull-ocher scales and a blunt attitude. With strong opinions on the right course of action, he is just as comfortable yelling orders on the battlefield as he is fiercely protecting his daughters. Despite a life thrown into turmoil after being exiled from his clan and attempting to raise twin tieflings, Mehen remains resilient in his sense of self and his abilities with a falchion.

Mehen is both Grumpy and Gruff and uses those qualities to buff and bolster his allies, especially if those party members include Farideh and Havilar. When you want to add him to your formation, you can swap him with Nayeli (Slot 3).

II. Mehen’s Stats

Race: Dragonborn Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Fighter Gender: Male
Age: 48 Affiliation: Brimstone Angels

STR: 19 DEX: 8 CON: 15
INT: 13 WIS: 12 CHA: 14

Role: Support & Gold Find
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Strahd von Zarovich, Zariel
Slot: 3 (Nayeli)

New Affiliation: Brimstone Angels - Mehen is the final member of the Brimstone Angels affiliation, which includes himself, as well as his twin daughters: Farideh & Havilar.
Dungeons & Dragons Mehen

III. Mehen's Design

We continue to be blessed to work with Erin M. Evans, and are excited to bring another one of her brilliant characters to life in our game! Mehen’s experience in the Lance Defenders as well as his work as a mercenary and monster hunter make him a formidable warrior, and his power becomes even more bolstered when fighting alongside his daughters. Brimstone Angels stick together and buff Mehen, while Exiled helps all three find the gold they need to continue their adventures.

Mehen prefers to be towards the back of any formation where he can think tactically about the battle and issue precise orders. Gruff gives buffs to Champions in front of him, while We’ve Trained For This increases the amount of gold he’ll collect the further back he’s placed.

IV. Mehen's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Double Strike — Mehen leaps out and attacks a random enemy with his Falchion, swinging down at first and then up with the second swing, scoring a hit each time.

Formation Abilities

  • Grumpy — Mehen buffs Champions in his column and all columns in front of him based on the number of Grumpy stacks he has. He gains stacks based on the column he is in and loses stacks when himself, Farideh, or Havilar take or receive certain actions. The buff is significantly higher when he is close to 50 stacks (it falls off sharply on either side), and stacks cap at 100.
    • The column position determines the rate at which stacks are added: Front column +1 stack/second, Back column +5 stacks/second, Middle columns are prorated between 1-5 based on the column.
    • Stacks are removed based on the actions of Mehen, Farideh, or Havilar: if any of them attack -10% stacks (once per attack), if any of them take damage -10% stacks (4 seconds of shared cooldown), or if any of them get a kill with a base attack -5% stacks (triggers for each kill).
    • Work to adjust where Mehen, Farideh and Havilar are in your formation to find the best spot to gain stacks as quickly as you’re losing them!
    • This ability is buffed by upgrades, equipment, and feats. Buffs will apply to the post-stack value.
  • Gruff — Mehen increases the effect of his Grumpy buff on Champions based on how many columns ahead of him they are. It is doubled for each column. This ability is buffed by upgrades, equipment, and feats. Buffs to this ability apply to the post-stack value.
  • Exiled — Kills by Farideh, Havilar, or Mehen grant 200% more gold. Buffed by upgrades, equipment, and feats.
  • Brimstone Angels — Increase the effect of Grumpy by 400% if Farideh is in the formation, and a further 400% if Havilar is in the formation. Buffs apply to the pre-stack value, and stack multiplicatively.


  • Cheer Up Pops — Increases the rate at which Grumpy stacks are added by 1 and increases the effect of Grumpy by 400%.
  • We've Trained for This — Increase the effect of Exiled based on how far from the front of the formation Mehen is placed. Effect is increased by 20% for each column, stacking multiplicatively.

Ultimate Ability

  • Lightning Breath — Mehen leaps forward and breaths a cone of lightning that damages all enemies on the screen. If he damages more than 5 enemies then his Grumpy stacks are set to 50 and he gains and loses stacks at a reduced rate for 30 seconds.

V. Mehen’s Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Global DPS
Slot 3: Grumpy
Slot 4: Gruff
Slot 5: Exiled
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

It’s good to have Havilar and Farideh reunited with their father, and we are excited to see Mehen helping his fellow Champions as grumpy dad! If you want to find out more about Mehen, or the tiefling twins he raised, consider checking out the Brimstone Angels series by Erin M. Evans. You can also listen to Brimstone Angels Go Go Go from our Bardic Inspiration Soundtrack!

What do you think about Mehen? If you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

May 12th, 2021
Idle Champions: Variants Update (May 2021) 
Posted in Idle Champions.

    "We thought we were done with Barovia, but the mists have followed us!"

You may have thought you were done with Barovia, but Strahd and his minions have arrived in an attempt to thwart your adventurers! Rudolph Van Richten is accompanying you to try and help, but beyond listening and learning he doesn’t do much else.

Our latest Idle Champions update introduces ten new variants for the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast, Tomb of Annihilation, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaigns. You will need to have completed the original adventures in order to unlock these variants.

Along with these new variants, we are also releasing Mists of Ravenloft, a Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition adventure for characters of 1st level! This tabletop version of Mists of Ravenloft is designed to be used as an introductory adventure for characters playing the Curse of Strahd campaign. Check out the PDF on our Encounters Page!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

  • Twilight Grove: The Misty Grove
  • Enter the Twilight Grove surrounded by the mists of Ravenloft.
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions, taking up a slot in the formation.
    • The mists of Ravenloft have invaded the Twilight Grove, infusing the entire area with an unnatural charm.
    • Champion damage is reduced by 99%
    • Only Champions with DEX of 16 or higher can be used.
    • Reach area 400.

  • Into the Unknown: A Nightmare Occasion
  • Help a pair of farmers deal with a deluge of uninvited Barovian guests.
    • Rudolph van Richten and his ally Ireena Kolyana accompany the Champions, taking up slots in the formation..
    • Every area, Barovian Wedding Guests arrive, but these enemies don't count toward quest progress, nor do they drop any gold. They are intent on recapturing Ireena for their master.
    • Reach area 400.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Tomb of Annihilation Variants

Tomb of Annihilation Variants

  • The Immortal Warrior: Drop of Time
  • You've saved the world, but Strahd is patient. Eternity is just a drop of time after all.
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Enemies heal 10% of their HP every 2 seconds.
    • Only Champions who are 75 years old or older can be used.
    • Reach area 325.

  • The Wyrmheart Mine: Mongrelfolk Incursion
  • Help a dwarf reclaim a mine while dealing with Mongrelfolk!
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Mongrelfolk from Barovia have infiltrated the mine in an attempt to turn the dragon to the side of Strahd, and appear in each area!
    • Bosses deal 100% additional damage.
    • Only Champions with CHA of 15 or higher can be used.
    • Reach area 325.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

  • An Illithid Undertaking: Misty Undermountain
  • Head deeper into Undermountain, as the mists of Ravenolft encroach!
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • The mists of Ravenloft have invaded Undermountain, infusing the entire area with an unnatural charm.
    • Only Human, Halflings, Elves, and Dwarves can be used.
    • Champions that are damaged by Mind Flayer enemies are stunned for 5 seconds.
    • Reach area 350.

  • Deja Vu: Ireena von Zarovich
  • Defeat the nightmare version of Ireena that Strahd has staged within Alterdeep!
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Strahd has infiltrated Alterdeep and seeded a monster from our own nightmares!
    • In each area of Alterdeep, a 5HP armored boss arrives. This vampire version of Ireena Kolyana is out for blood! Whenever a Champion attacks Ireena von Zarovich, they gain a blood drain debuff, losing 5% of their max HP every second.
    • Blood drain debuffs are removed when you change areas or destroy Ireena.
    • Reach area 350.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Variants

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

  • Into the Fire: The Devil Arrives
  • Head into the wastelands and face Strahd head-on.
    • Only Champions with DEX 14 or higher can be used.
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Strahd arrives on horseback in each boss area. He is invulnerable until the area boss is defeated. Strahd must be defeated to advance.
    • Only Champions with INT of 14 or higher can be used.
    • Reach area 350.

  • Dreamscape: Zombie Dreams
  • Head into Lulu's memories to confront the waves of Strahd's Zombies!
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Strahd Zombies appear in each area between 26-50. They do not count towards quest progress, nor do they drop gold. Each time you re-encounter an area, the number of Strahd Zombies increases by 2!
    • Reach area 375.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

  • Moose Tracks: CONtagious Cold
  • Enter Ten-Towns and defeat a squad of twig blights from Ravenloft!
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • Frozen Twig Blights appear in each area and attempt to stop the Champions. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Whenever a Frozen Twig Blight attacks a Champion, the entire formation is stunned for 1 second.
    • Only Champions with CON 14 or higher can be used.
    • Reach area 300.

  • Civilization Variant 2: The Taunting Lord
  • Head to Termalaine and try not to think of the danger to come.
    • Rudolph van Richten accompanies the Champions taking up a slot in the formation.
    • The mists of Ravenloft have invaded Icewind Dale, infusing the entire area with an unnatural charm.
    • Strahd taunts the Champions, foreshadowing their upcoming failure to save Ten-Towns.
    • Vampire Spawn appear in each boss area and deal 300% additional damage.
    • Only Champions with WIS of 12 or higher can be used.
    • This adventure contains unique dialogue
    • Reach area 325.

See the in-game Change Log for more information!