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March 3rd, 2022
COTLI: Sunsetting FAQ 

Recently we announced the sunsetting of Crusaders, and we've been getting some questions related to this announcement. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Q: What does sunsetting mean in this context?
    • A: It means the game will no longer receive new content updates. The game servers will be kept running as long as we are able to.

  • Q: How long is long?
    • A: We've had game servers running from 6 to 12 years (Egg Breaker 1) for games out of production so far, so you've got years to keep playing Crusaders.

  • Q: Why are you sunsetting Crusaders?
    • A: Live service games like Crusaders require a fairly large community to support the development of them. While this community is great, sadly the support to provide the resources that Crusaders needs to continue running in a sustainable manner is no longer there, and so we've made the decision to stop live servicing the game.

  • Q: Is there a hail mary situation for keeping the game alive?
    • A: No, now that we've come to this decision, we won't be reversing it.

  • Q: Will you sell the game base?
    • A: No, we will not be entertaining offers of purchasing the game.

  • Q: Will you make an offline version or allow community mods?
    • A: No, this is not something we'll be offering.

  • Q: What will happen with the Golden Epics?
    • A: All non-DLC Golden Epics will be added to the Challenge Token store and the Flash Sale pool lists up to the one released with the April 8th, 2022 weekend promo. Those will be all the Golden Epics that exist in the game.

  • Q: What about the Desert Bus Crusaders?
    • A: The Desert Bus Crusaders were part of donations made to Desert Bus while their campaign was running. We won't be partnering with Desert Bus for Crusaders in future, so what players have, they have. The Crusaders or their recipes won't be offered through other means.

  • Q: What about the Yogscast/Search for Simon event?
    • A: It will not be re-running, and we will be hiding the related achievements for all players.

  • Q: What about the Tier 5 kill 10,000 monster achievements?
    • A: We will be hiding these achievements for all players as part of the final content updates.

  • Q: Will purchases still be available after the last content update?
    • A: Yes, we'll be keeping purchases enabled. Players will be able to purchase flash sales, the packs, the chests and the dungeon pass if they wish to.

  • Q: What is happening with the weekend buffs?
    • A: The final weekend buff will be the weekend of Friday, April 8th, 2022. We won't be rerunning these or randomly choosing 5 Crusaders to be buffed. We'll be changing the Weekend Warrior talent to something else, now that Crusaders won't be buffed.

  • Q: Will codes given in the weekly Champions of Psychology live stream continue to work in Crusaders and award a Runic Chest?
    • A: The chest codes from Champions of Psychology will only continue to work in Crusaders for the episodes airing before the May 4th, 2022 final content update.