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October 7th, 2022
BW2: Return of the Butterfly Garden Gathering! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

A Garden For Butterflies

The butterflies are out there somewhere, and this weekend's visitor is looking to attract them to the event area! This is their fifth visit, so complete their tasks and get another one of their butterfly companions!


There are two new butterflies to collect this year via Rare Flowers! This makes for a total of 7 companion options if you can attract them all to the event area in time.

Plus, if you've missed any of the past runs of this quest, or cannot wait for another butterfly companion, you can spend 150 Bush Bucks to unlock the choice of another, including the other quest rewards! You can only do this till you have 6 of these butterflies.

This quest will run for a day longer than it has in the past, to give folks more time to collect Rare Flowers and unlock more species.

Butterfly Gardening

Head to the event area in the Commons to get started. Attract different species to the event area in two ways:
1 - Help Harrow in the event area with her quests, unlocking at Noon PST (UTC-8) on Saturday and Sunday. There are 2 species to unlock this way.
2 - Collect Rare Flowers! You can do this after completing Harrow's first quest, available on Friday. There are 5 species to unlock this way, which will be much more challenging to get!

At the end of this colourful quest, you'll get to choose a butterfly companion from the different species you attract.

You have until noon on Tuesday October 11th to attract as many as you can, and you'll have until noon on Wednesday October 12th to choose one as a companion. Good luck!

Amass a Fortune with the Lion King Cats

While you're there, don't forget to check out the new Lion King Cat pet! The more there are, the higher the max level bonus is for everyone who has one! It's only available until Wednesday October 12th, so grab one and help everyone get the most powerful pet while you can! Talk to the lion maned visitor in the event area for updates on the bonus.

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