March 1st, 2018
COTLI: Hermit's Premature Party 2018 

St. Patrick isn't the only saint on display in this year's Hermit's Premature Party event! Saint Patrokia, the Orc Nun, can be recruited as this year's new tier 3 event Crusader, after which her blessings will aid your party in conquering the four additional tier 3 objectives newly available. If you're not there yet, there are still four Crusaders from previous years to recruit, and six other objectives to challenge you. Good luck!

Hermit's Premature Party 2018 event runs until Tuesday, March 13th at Noon PDT. For more information, check out the How to Play /FAQ in-game!

New Tier 3 Crusader: Saint Patrokia

Saint Patrokia is a nun-like Orcish support Crusader who blesses nearby Crusaders and is empowered by other supernatural companions.

Crusaders Return

If you haven't collected them already, you can unlock our Tier One Crusaders Larry the Leprechaun and Kyle the Party Bro by completing the respective Tier One objectives. Then, you can collect the Tier Two Crusaders, Snickette the Sneaky and Squiggles the Clown, by completing the first two Tier Two objectives!

Five New Tier 3 Objectives!

  • Recruit Saint Patrokia | Saint Patrokia takes up the central slot in the formation. She debuffs ("Beneath Me") your party's DPS by 50% (multiplicative) for each non Supernatural/Orc Crusader in the formation. Reach area 500.

  • Quiet Devotion | Every 10 seconds, the DPS of your highest DPS Crusader is reduced by 100% for 30 seconds (a "Be Quiet!" debuff). Reach area 600.

  • Orc-sitting | Two drunken Orc Peasants, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, take up slots in the formation. Every 10 seconds they randomly apply a "Selfless" debuff to adjacent Crusaders who offers to help make sure they're going to get home alright. The debuff lasts for 20 seconds and disables the DPS of the affected Crusader. The Orcs move around the formation every 100 areas. Reach area 650.

  • Saintly Glory | Each monster killed grants a random Crusader one stack of "Glory," which increases their DPS by 20% (stacking additively). When a Crusader reaches 5 stacks, their Glory stack is replaced by an "Overcome by Glory" debuff, which disabled their DPS and Formation Abilities; during this time they cannot gain more Glory stacks. Glory stacks do not expire, but "Overcome by Glory" expires after 15 seconds, at which point they can earn more Glory. Reach area 700.

  • The Orcish Pantheon | An Orc god takes up the central slot in the formation and increases the damage of Orc Crusaders by 400%. Only Orc and Supernatural Crusaders may be used. Reach area 750.

Help! Where’s the Loot?

Equipment for event Crusaders can be found in St. Patrick's Silver and Jeweled Chests, which you can earn from objectives and the free play or buy in the shop. Each non-recruitment objective will drop a chest for its given tier of Crusaders, and free play will drop all-tier chests. Gear for the Tier 2 and 3 Crusaders will only appear in all-tier chests once you've unlocked the respective Crusader. You can select the tier of chest you buy in the shop.

You'll have until Tuesday, March 13th at Noon PDT to complete the St. Patrick's event!
October 26th, 2016
Crusaders of the Lost Idols Player Interview 

This is the third of our player interviews where we celebrate your fandom for Crusaders of the Lost Idols. This week we speak to Roku from California.

Introduce yourself to your fellow Crusaders!

Call me Roku. I live California.

When did you start playing Crusaders of the Lost Idols and on what platform?

I started playing it on Steam soon after the Steam release. I saw it in the clicker category and thought it looked interesting. It was!

Which is your favourite campaign, event, and Crusader?

My favorite campaign is Ready Player 2 due to all the game references. The Merci event is probably my favorite seasonal because of how ridiculous and silly it is. Finally, my favorite Crusader is the Hermit. He may be crazy but in a good way. I don't think he's washed-up at all!

Roku's favourite campaign: Ready Player Two.

What got you hooked on Crusaders of the Lost Idols?

It has a lot more strategy involved than other clickers. Player skill can go a long way, so it holds my attention more. Each new upgrade and Crusader often has me altering my formations to improve them as much as possible.

"It has a lot more strategy involved than other clickers."

What other games do you play?

Right now I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV, Persona 5, and Katamari Forever.

Roku is also playing Katamari Forever.

What is your all-time favourite game? (other than Crusaders, of course).

There are far, far too many to choose from. I don't even know where to begin.

"Invest in idol gain Talents such as Efficient Crusading"

What tips do you have for new Crusaders players?

It pays off to read what each Crusader upgrade does and think them over, especially Event Crusaders who tend to have at least one ability that seems much more complicated than the abilities of the starting Crusaders. Invest in idol gain skills such as Efficient Crusading when you can. They really pay off!

What advanced tips do you have for Crusaders players?

Everyone has their favorite Crusaders, but don't rest on your laurels too much. New Event Crusaders or even new gear or weekend buffs change the status quo all the time. A Crusader you might have found weak before may suddenly become a must-have. It pays to think things through whenever you get someone or something new. Even Crusaders and gear that might seem useless at first might have a hidden usefulness if you think outside the box.
October 6th, 2016
Power Up! Player Tips 

Do you need some playing tips for Crusaders of the Lost Idols? Who better to ask than your fellow players. We've collated a whole bunch of suggestions from players just like you who have found what works best for them to beat the campaigns and events.

"Do nothing but Free Plays, until have have loads of Idols. Purchase Upgrade Them All, and Spend It All, as soon as you can. Maximize your Crusader Levels BEFORE you reset, and do so with a mobile device for 25% more Idols. When you get to 300, and if you need to, 'respec' your Talents and work towards maximizing Efficient Crusading; (Keeping the two Talents I've already mentioned), and then do so again, at 600, and put Idols into Deep Idol Scavenger. It might also help to work towards the DPS Talents, to get you to 300, and 600."

Pádraig Ó T

"After you get higher rates of idols, use Smash10101 talent calculator to make the wisest talent purchases to get stronger."

Gary D

"Save time warps for events. No matter how tempting it is, save it for the event. You want those sweet events chests, and you're going to need to do a lot of Free Play to get them."

Brooke B

"Reset your free plays when you hit your soft wall. i.e. When you are no longer able to easily level-up your Crusaders and monsters are no longer being insta-killed. Grinding is the enemy if your goal is to get more idols. NEVER blacklist a Crusader. As new Crusaders are released and added to your roster, you'll suddenly find yourself using Crusaders that you have never used before. RoboTurkey and Robbie Raccoon are two Crusaders that I thought I would never use however I have found they are at the core of most of my formations now.

Amanda K

"Don't use Larry, the Leprechaun in any missions with the center taken over! Use Detective instead!"

Yuri C.

"Boost your best damage-dealer with every Buff you have. For me: Werewolf + (Jim, Sasha, Larry, RoboTurkey, Artaxes, Montana and Brogon)."


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