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June 5th
Idle Champions: Dragondown 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

North of Neverwinter is the city of Luskan - a den of scum and villainy from all across the Sword Coast. It is not place for Champion, but Jarlaxle and the Bregan D'aerthe need your help! The Dragondown celebrations are in full swing, but you'll need to defend the city from the teeth and claws of a fearsome bronze dragon!

Dragondown 7 has arrived! It introduces Duke Ravengard, the Human Fighter from Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus! This Support Champion is ready to bolster your formations and carve a path through adventures! It also reintroduces Ezmerelda d'Avenir, the Human Fighter/Wizard, from the mists of Curse of Strahd. You can learn more about Ravengard and the rework to Ezmerelda below. Also, you can choose three of eight previous Champions to unlock over the course of Dragondown 7!

Table of Contents

Duke Ravengard

    Ulder Ravengard is the leader of the Flaming Fist and the Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate. His primary concerns are the stability and prosperity of Baldur’s Gate, and he's been a voice of reason and common sense among the ruling council. In recent years, he has been a target of fiendish plots in unsuccessful attempts to take over the city.

Duke Ravengard is a Support Champion who bolsters those who also use Melee base attacks. The more melee attacks, the stronger his buffs become! His buffs are further increased in an area when any Melee Champion scores a critical hit. Once unlocked, he will bring his sword to your battle from Seat 8 opposite Delina.

Learn more about Duke Ravengard in our Champion Spotlight!


Dungeons & Dragons Ezmerelda d'Avenir

    A prolific vampire hunter from the land of Barovia. Ezmerelda has joined the Champions to try and rid this new realm from evil. She brings a wealth of knowledge from Barovia to assist the Champions.

Ezmerelda is a Support Champion who teaches other Champions how to spot the vulnerable points of their enemies. She increases her debuffs as the Champions defeat more undead, which are her favored foe. Once unlocked she'll be in Seat 1 opposite Bruenor, ready to jump into the formation and start training!

Learn more about the changes coming to Ezmerelda in our Champion Spotlight!

Flex Champions

Flex Slots allow players to unlock additional Champions and earn chests during events, choosing from a pool of retired Champions associated with the event. This pool of retired Champions includes the Champions from previous years of the event as well as some Champions whose events have been retired. This event's Flex Slot pool includes:

  • Korth (Seat 2)
  • Merilwen (Seat 2)
  • BBEG (Seat 3)
  • Binwin (Seat 3)

  • Dungeon Master (Seat 6)
  • Shaka (Seat 9)
  • Nova (Seat 11)
  • Selise (Seat 12)

Event Theme: Wyrm Slayers

Throughout the event, we release new Packs for the featured & flex Champions everyone is unlocking & gearing up. Starting with Dragondown, the skins included in these packs will now share a theme!

For this first themed DLC event, we are drawing on the event itself for the theme! Dragondown is celebrated in-world with bonfires and rituals to "tame" or "drive down" dragons. As such, our theme for Dragondown 7 is Wyrm Slayers! These are Champions decked out in dragon-themed outfits (leaning into red dragon/dracolich looks)

Dungeons & Dragons Wyrm Slayers

Starting today you can find the Duke Ravengard Wyrm Slayer Theme Pack and the Ezmerelda Wyrm Slayer Theme Pack in the in-game store. More Wyrm Slayers are coming on June 12th and June 19th.

We also have a Wyrm Slayer Celebration lined up to launch on Thursday, June 13th! From the 13th to the 20th, players will be able to log in and collect a free daily chest full of goodies - and if you claim four out of the seven daily chests, you'll also unlock Warduke and collect his Wyrm Slayer Skin for free!

Dungeons & Dragons Wyrm Slayers

To learn more about Events 2.0 check out our Blog Post!

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