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October 19th
Idle Champions Presents Season 2: Synopsis 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The second season of our liveplay Dungeons & Dragons show Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat has begun! Did you miss the most recent episode and need a link to the video to watch the full D&D game? Are you new to the series and want to quickly read a summary so you can be all caught up for the next livestream? Do you just need a refresher of the plot? Then this blog is here to help you!

Below you will find written summaries of each episode, as well as a link to the full game on YouTube. This blog will be updated after every show, which airs live on our Twitch channel Mondays from 4-7pm Pacific. BE WARNED that there are plenty of spoilers to be found here!

YouTube Playlists

All of our D&D streams are available to watch live on Twitch as they air, but also as full videos available on the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms YouTube channel.

Party One Episode Summaries

Party One features Dungeon Master B Dave Walters and players Erin M Evans, Mark Meer, Tanya DePass, and Todd Kenreck, and Jason Charles Miller.

Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat, The Underground Trial B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Mark Meer Tanya DePass Jason Charles Miller

Summary of Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat - Episode 1: Lake of Shadow: October 18th 2021

Faerûn is in danger as Tiamat, the Mother of Evil Dragons, has escaped her prison in Avernus and returned to the world. The Cult of the Dragon successfully ensconced the Dragon Queen in the Well of Dragons, but the arduous process of her escape means that she is struggling to restore her full power. In response, some of the greatest heroes of Faerûn have stepped up to save the world and send Tiamat back to the Nine Hells!

One group of Champions arrives at a hidden cave on an espionage mission. Five figures, along with their animal companions cautiously enter; Havilar the tiefling fighter and her Nessian hellhound Zoonie, Avren the half-elf warlock, Baeloth the drow sorcerer, Selise the human paladin and her dire wolf Fenris, and Brig the human bard. They've been tasked with delving under Mount Tiamat and the Well of Dragons in order to reach an old duergar forge that connects to the volcano's slumbering lava flow. They hope to detonate a bag of holding filled with 500 pounds of explosive smokepower in the forge, causing the mountain to erupt on the cultists and Tiamat herself. Avren attempts to take possession of the precious yet dangerous bag of holding, but Brig uses his excellent sleight of hand skills to take it from him on the sly while the warlock chats with Baeloth about the possibility of making a deal with Tiamat. The rest of the group warn against the idea and the Champions push forward on their mission.

As they descend through the rocky path, the group comes across an underground lake with a strange, inky sheen that ripples despite the lack of breeze. Avren senses necromantic energy that is dangerous to touch, Selise can detect a variety of evil entities both in the water and around the cave, and everyone can see six human bodies floating on the surface. After a discussion about the nature of evil and the risks of examining the bodies, Baeloth pulls out his magic carpet so he can safely fly Selise, Brig, and himself above the water. Avren and Havilar stay on the ground and follow on foot around the shoreline. Despite attempting to avoid the lake, six wraiths rise out of the water and demand Havilar be turned over for the rest to pass safely. Defiantly, the Champions fight back, though it's a rough battle as the wraiths sap the life out of those they attack. Anyone who ends up in the water finds their will to survive being smothered. Havilar and Zoonie take the brunt of the damage, but eventually, the team is victorious!

The bodies are searched and along with a map of the area, the Champions find an elixir of health, a wand of web, and some powerful arrows. As a moment is taken to heal, a voice rings out in the cave calling for Baeloth! A Myconid named Puff appears, dragging a stone mortar and pestle from Baba Yaga to be delivered to the drow sorcerer. Puff warns the group that there is some dangerous weather up ahead as an Eldritch Storm has blown in, and says they must report back to the Black Pits. Havilar sends Zoonie to follow Puff back to safety as the poor hellhound is very injured from the battle. Meanwhile, the rest of the Champions worry over how to get around the deadly storm without waiting for it to pass by and chance losing precious time. When there's a break in the tempest, the group manages to dash through to safety.

The next cavern is filled with twisted tree roots, fungus, and a variety of worms and beetles under a tree of unbelievable size. As the Champions take a moment to look around, they are discovered by two adult white dragon twins named Oisioth and Iophiog, guards on patrol for Tiamat. Avren starts spinning lies to the wyrms, filling the air with flattery over their magnificence and deceiving them into believing the group is just passing through, no threat to Tiamat. Brig pulls out his guitar and immediately composes a song called "Echoes of Your Greatness" which enamors both creatures while inflating their egos. The twins start to fight with each other over who should get top billing on the song, and in the confusion the Champions attempt to rush past the battle into the next room. A stray breath weapon and a tail slam endanger the group, but Selise's paladin abilities help bolster her allies and keep them safe as they rush forward!

As the team manages to move to safety, they pass by a portion of the horde the two white dragons brought with them, prompting a few Champions to snatch up some treasure. The next cavern is filled with phosphorescent fungi that shimmer yellow and green across every surface. The forest of mushrooms, toadstools, and puffballs block the far side of the cave from view, and the group remembers that the map they picked up off the dead bodies had a notation of this room to "Stay Focused!!!"

As the Champions ponder what to do next, we'll have to wait until the next episode to see what happens!

Summary of Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat - Episode 2: Fungus Grove : October 25th 2021 COMING SOON!

Chat About The Show

Want to talk with others about the stream, especially as this amazing D&D story unfolds? Join the rest of the fantastic community on our Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
October 8th
Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mt. Tiamat 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Tiamat has escaped from Avernus.

The Cult of the Dragon has succeeded in their efforts to bring the Queen of Evil Dragonkind to the prime material plane, and has consolidated their power to fortify their stronghold at the Well of Dragons.

Champions from across the Forgotten Realms heed the call to band together and face this cataclysmic threat. It is here that the adventure for Idle Champions Presents: The Trial of Mount Tiamat begins...

Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat

We are excited to announce the return of Idle Champions Presents, a TRPG live play special event series starting Monday, October 18th. Each episode of Idle Champions Presents will broadcast live from 4PM until 7PM Pacific Time Mondays on the CNEGames Twitch.

Join Dungeon Master B Dave Walters (Black Dice Society, A Darkened Wish, Into the Mother Lands) as he takes two brave parties of Champions through an epic level campaign across seven episodes, leading them into a direct confrontation against an evil goddess with the fate of the Forgotten Realms hanging in the balance.

Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat, The Underground Trial B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Mark Meer Tanya DePass Jason Charles Miller

The first adventure begins on October 18th at 4PM Pacific at with Episode 1: The Lake of Shadow!

Vote for the Show You Want to See

Just like with our first Idle Champions Presents, Idle Champions players will be able to influence the characters and events of upcoming Idle Champions Presents episodes through in-game daily votes. Starting on Tuesday, October 12 with the in-game daily reset (12PM PT), each vote will go live for 24 hours, with the final vote for the week ending on Monday at 12PM PT.

Daily votes will have both an In-Game Effect and a Livestream Effect. For example, if players vote for one of two Champions to be granted a boon for the next episode of Idle Champions Presents, that Champion would be granted a corresponding boon in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms! We don't want to spoil everything that players will be able to vote for, but here's an idea of what a few of the daily votes might look like:

  • Dice Roll! — Which Champion gains an guaranteed 'critical' roll?
    • Players will get to roll an Idle Champions D6 to collect a number of Electrum Chests and if they roll a 6, they can collect this paragon of honor and justice as a free familiar!
    • Baby Bahamut Familiar
  • Lucky Choice — Which Champion should gains a luck die?
  • Surprise Find — Which Champion should find some additional gear?
  • Wild Card! — Do the Champions meet goblins or kobolds? Who explores the darkness? What fun affliction affects the chosen Champion?
But wait, there's more: there are Weekly Challenges each week that will vary between easy, medium, and difficult challenges to earn additional votes for daily votes. You can save these votes up for as long as you wish, using them all on the final vote in Week 7 if you wish. The choice is up to you!

The first vote begins on Tuesday, October 12 at 12PM PT in-game. You'll want to check in every day if you want the most chances to influence Idle Champions Presents!

Champion Rebalance

In order to account for the way the current meta would impact voting, we’ve made some adjustments to certain Champions. We will update this section as we release more details about Party Two's cast of Champions.

Selise Astorio will receive the following changes:
  • Increase to the duration of her Wall Stance damage reduction buff to 10 seconds
  • Increase the base effect value of Vow of Vengeance from 100% to 200%
  • Update to happen in version 406+ : Last Resort stance also increases the effect of Vow of Vengeance by 200%

Havilar will receive the following changes:
  • We've added a new ability - Sister Sister (Havilar)
    • Increase the effect of Leadership Summit by 200% when Farideh is in the formation.
Farideh will follow her sister with a matching ability:
  • We've added a new ability - Sister Sister (Farideh)
    • Increase the effect of Pact Family by 500% when Havilar is in the formation.

What do I need to know?

Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat begins on Monday, October 18th with the first episode broadcasting from 4PM until 7PM Pacific Time on Daily votes for the first episode will begin the week before, starting on Tuesday, October 12th at 12PM Pacific.

While Season 2 is a completely separate story arc than the first season, if you want to relive the Idle Champions Presents magic, you can watch Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas and Idle Champions Presents: A Fool’s Errand on YouTube.

We can't wait to see how this all comes together! We hope you'll join us in discussion about Idle Champions Presents on Twitter using the #ICPAscendant hashtag and tagging @IdleChampions.

September 15th
Idle Champions: Trials of Mount Tiamat 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Tiamat recently escaped to Faerûn and threatens to destroy the whole of reality. It's time for you and your Champions to take part in an epic battle to distract, disrupt, and destroy the Dragon Queen's forces in a last-ditch effort to banish Tiamat back to Avernus and save the world!

We are excited to challenge you and your Champions to the Trials of Mount Tiamat, our co-operative multiplayer campaign! Team up with four other players, battle the Queen of Chromatic Dragons over seven days, and earn epic loot to level up your gear to new heights. Read on to learn the basics and make sure you check out all the details in the full FAQ in the game!

Softcap Increase

Before we get into the Trials of Mount Tiamat, we're excited to announce that the softcap on all of our Champions has been increased! So if you have yet to complete Descent into Avernus, or you've been stuck at your wall for a spell, your Champions will be able to level up even further, with 470 new upgrades split across 87 Champions!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Logo Clear

What are the Trials of Mount Tiamat?

The Trials of Mount Tiamat is a new asynchronous co-operative multiplayer system that is unlocked once you complete the Descent into Avernus campaign. By playing through the Trials of Mount Tiamat, you can collect Scales of Tiamat, which you can use to upgrade your Epic items into Legendary rarity, imbuing them with new and unique powers!

How do I unlock this feature?

Before you can take part in Trials, you must have battled Tiamat and completed 'Elturel's Last Stand' in the Descent Into Avernus campaign. Then you need to complete the introductory adventure by clicking the Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign button on the campaign map. Once that is done, a new dialog will appear in the game which will let you create and join active Trials of Mount Tiamat campaigns.

How do I create or join a Trials of Mount Tiamat campaign?

On the main Trials of Mount Tiamat dialog screen, you can choose to create or join a campaign. If you're creating the campaign, you pick the campaign difficulty and the currency you will use to start it. Once you have created a campaign, you can select your Trial and nominate your Assault Front Champion. You will also see a campaign code you can give out if you want specific people to join your campaign. Pick a Trial to attempt, nominate your Assault Front Champion in order to "ready-up," and then wait for up to four additional players to join and "ready up" before you start.

If you're joining another campaign, you can view a list of available campaigns started by other players, or input a campaign code to join a specific one. You can filter by the difficulty of the campaign and/or the available Trials. You can only join campaigns that are at most one difficulty higher than the highest difficulty at which you have defeated Tiamat. Once you have joined a campaign you must pick a Trial to attempt and nominate your Assault Front Champion in order to "ready-up".

What are the "Trials" and how do I pick one?

The "Trials" are five unique adventures that take place on, around, or under Mount Tiamat. They focus on distracting, disrupting, and destroying the Dragon Queen's forces so the Assault Front Champions can engage her directly in order to banish her back to Avernus. The monsters and environments you battle in vary from Trial to Trial, and there are rewards for completing each Trial for the first time. Other than that, it doesn't make a difference which Trial you choose on any given week. Only one player can pick each Trial each week and everyone must choose a Trial before the campaign can begin.

What is an "Assault Front Champion" and how do I pick one?

When you join a campaign, you will select one of your roster's Champions to join the Assault Front. The Assault Front is where Champions directly engage Tiamat and attempt to reduce Tiamat's health to zero to force her into the Red Wizard's trap. Choose carefully, as you will be unable to use your chosen Assault Front Champion while the campaign is active! These Assault Front Champions will provide buffs to all players on the campaign based on their roles and their item level, so sending more popular, more powerful Champions to the Assault Front will result in higher buffs to each party.

What happens on my Trial Adventure?

The goal is to reduce Tiamat's health to zero and you do so by increasing your DPS contributions by doing your chosen Trial adventure. You can reset your Trial Adventure multiple times a day, but will always be forced to reset at the end of the day. This is because each day the battle against Tiamat gets harder! You start out on day one with a single, simple restriction on the adventure, such as "Only Champions with STR 10+ can be used." Each day a new restriction is added, making the fight to reach your daily area goal even harder. You will earn Bahamut favor by resetting your Trial Adventure, which can be converted to the permanent favor of your choice after the campaign has ended.

What rewards can I earn from the Trials of Mount Tiamat?

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Scales

Every time you complete a campaign you receive Scales of Tiamat, which can be used to upgrade your epic items into Legendary rarity, imbuing them with new and unique powers! If you manage to bring Tiamat's health to zero and banish her back to Avernus, you will receive a bonus of 50% more Scales. You may also receive one or more Glory of Bahamut chests for defeating Tiamat. The higher the difficulty level of the campaign, the more Scales and Chests you can get!

There are also some one-time rewards you can receive. The first time you defeat Tiamat on each difficulty, your Scales of Tiamat reward will be multiplied by 3. Additionally, the first time you defeat Tiamat after taking part in each Trial, you will receive a special Wyrmspeaker Champion Skin!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Wyrmspeaker Lineup

Collect each of the Wyrmspeaker skins above by defeating Tiamat on each of the Trials!
  • The Mountain Trial for Wyrmspeaker Torogar
  • The Swamp Trial for Wyrmspeaker Makos
  • The Underground Trial for Wyrmspeaker Jarlaxle
  • The Forest Trial for Wyrmspeaker Krull
  • The Plains Trial for Wyrmspeaker Avren!

Dungeons & Dragons Trials of Mount Tiamat Nayeli and Baby Tiamat

Would you like to outfit more Champions in fantastic Wyrmspeaker garb? There are more Wyrmspeaker skins available in the in-game shop, including Wyrmspeaker Nayeli and her adorable Baby Tiamat Familiar! You can find Wyrmspeaker Nayeli in the Trials Founder’s Pack, which will appear in the shop once you have access to the Trials of Mount Tiamat.

We hope you enjoy this epic battle with one of the Forgotten Realms most iconic characters, and cannot wait to hear all the glorious tales of triumph as you team up with your friends on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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