December 19th, 2014
From the Desk of the CEO: 
Posted in Codename News.

Hey all! We have completed our search and found a new Community Manager. If I could ask for a drum roll please... and now could everyone to join me in welcoming our new Community Manager: Erika Kramer! Thanks for the applause. I am sure that Erika really appreciates it.

As you may know, Erika comes to us as someone who has played our games on a daily basis for over four years. You may even already know her, either by her actual name or by her in-game names (Alyniana and Alyn). She is enthusiastic about our games and our community. As we went through this hiring process, we were thrilled to have someone from our community step forward to be considered. A key aspect of the Community Manager is not to manage the community, but to be a superfan who can help us to grow our in a positive way. We know that Erika fits this description and we are excited to watch her make the transition from passionate player to passionate Community Manager.

Erika will be starting with us on January 5, so please take a moment to welcome her to her new role.