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Fight waves of bad guys as your team marches through an endless world.
Help out by completing quests and defeating terrible bosses. The NPCs need you!
Unlock chests to find awesome loot and equip your Crusaders with epic gear.
Arrange your Crusaders in the optimal form- ation to max your gold, DPS or click damage.
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June 2nd, 2021
COTLI: Season 4, The Abyssal Chasm 

We've been down, we've gone up, we've gotten wet and now it's time to get toasty!

Season 4 debuts the Abyssal Chasm theme and some new rewards from the reward tracks! Mind the lava and take a peak at these scorching updates!

Changes for Season 4

We've changed up the following formation this season:

Fun and Games

  • Dungeon Points, Dungeon Coins and Idol Bonus limit Extended - The cap on the Dungeon rewards has been increased from area 15,000 to area 17,500.

  • Changes to the base Dungeon Points and Coins drops - We've adjusted the base points and coins that drop from completing areas on the dungeon objectives, in order to encourage choosing the points or coins buff if you want to stock up on your currencies.

  • Changes to the Dungeon Points and Coins Buffs - The buffs that increase the Points or Coins that you'll get from your current dungeon objective have been increased to 300%.

  • More Awesome Rewards! - Both the free and the Mysterious Benefactor's pass route have had their rewards tweaked again for season 4, including a new Crusader reward and more Rune-related items! See the "Introducing Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu" section for more information on the new Crusader!

  • Updated Dungeon FAQ - The Dungeon FAQ has been updated with questions and answers about how the Dungeon Crusaders and difficulty scaling work.

  • Difficulty Scaling - This season we're trying out the difficulty scaling mechanic, to test your levels of power but keep the time spent on a reset in a manageable range. See the "Dungeon Scaling" section for more information.

  • Season 3 Skins Now Available! - If you missed getting these skins during the previous season, you can now purchase them for Dungeon Coins!

  • Dungeon Scaling

    In addition to the normal difficulty level of the Dungeons, which is the same as the difficulty of the World's Wake campaign, there are two additional difficulty levels for the Dungeon objectives this season.

    Sample Start Objective Screen

    You can see the new Difficulty Level section under the flavour text for the objective. When you've cleared area 10,000 on difficulty 1 and reset the world, then the objective will default to difficulty 2. Clearing area 10,000 on difficulty 2 will unlock difficulty 3. Don't worry: if it's too hard to make progress on a higher difficulty, you can toggle it back to a lower difficulty level.

    By getting past area 10,000 on difficulty level 2, you'll start earning more rewards for your efforts. And if you get high enough you can earn up to 4% bonus idols. By getting past area 7,500 on difficulty level 3, your rewards will start going up, and you can earn up to 4.5% bonus idols if you have the power. The dungeon points and coins drops also increase up to area 17,500 on both higher difficulty levels.

    Don't forget to check what difficulty you're using before you start the objective!

    Introducing Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu

    For reaching level 8 on the free rewards track this season, or from the Dungeon Depot in future seasons, you can welcome your new clever friend Torakichi, the Greedy Tengu. Blending tengu with a myna bird, Torakichi is the Mindy contender you've been waiting for, with his Serial Copycat ability allowing you to copy most abilities of Crusaders in two random formation spots. The chosen formation spots change on every reset of the world.

    When you want to use him, you can find him in seat 4 on the bench.

    Torakichi, The Greedy Tengu - Normal look

    Tags: Support, Animal, Male, Evil, Gold, Demon, Dungeon

    Crusaders in formation spots Torakichi is copying will sport a random speech bubble icon near the top of their sprites.

    Hover the Serial Copycat icon from Torakichi's bench information to see what spots in formation he's marked.

    If Torakichi is in one of the randomly marked spots, then there will only be 1 green arrow leaving him.

    Torakichi, The Greedy Tengu - Traditional Tengu skin

    Effect: The Tradition effect removes the Animal tag and adds the Supernatural tag.

    You can unlock Torakichi's skin from reaching level 18 on the rewards track and having the Mysterious Benefactor's pass purchased, or after season 4 is over by spending Dungeon Coins in the Dungeon Depot.

    You can gear up Torakichi from earning the various rewards on the reward tracks, and from spending Dungeon Coins on his chests in the Dungeon Depot. Torakichi's recipes are also available from the rewards track or the Dungeon Depot as well.

    We hope you enjoy Season 4 of the Dungeons! Good luck!
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