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April 26th
Idle Champions: The Grand Tour, Part 9b 
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After traveling to the Tomb of the Nine Gods to retrieve the Eye of Vecna, and then to Avernus to claim the Hand of Vecna, we learned we needed the Sword of Kas to destroy both artifacts – but only after they have been attuned to a willing creature. So we traveled to the dread domain of Tovag to find Kas and his fabled sword, and fought against the dark powers to break him free. It's time to return to Candlekeep with the Hand and Eye of Vecna, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy these dangerous artifacts!

Note: You will need to have completed the previous two Grand Tour Adventures, The Sanctum of the Sword and Get Back in the Castle, in order to access these new Adventures.


Return to Candlekeep with Kas as everything unravels!
  • Variant: Pin and Skewer - Return to Candlekeep with Champions that have the most impressive stats!
    • You may only use Champions that have an ability score total of 85 or more.
    • Complete area 625

Vecna Out!

It's just you and Vecna - and a citadel's worth of baddies!
  • Variant: Bully for Vecna - It's just you and Vecna - and a few Bullywugs!
  • Requirement: You must have Blooshi unlocked. She can be found in the Wild Beyond the Witchlight adventure "The Fairy Rings of Thither," Variant 2.
    • Blooshi joins the formation. (Slot 2) She can't be removed or swapped out.
    • You may only use Champions that have a magical base attack.
    • A Bullywug joins the formation. Every 50 areas the bullywug leaps to a new formation slot. The Bullywug does not knock Blooshi out of the formation.
    • Any Champion the Bullywug leaps on is knocked out for the rest of the adventure.
    • Champions can't be removed from the formation once they have been added.
    • Fire breath potions can't be used during the adventure and click damage has no effect after area 100.
    • Rewards Blooshi Feat and 3 Gold Blooshi chests
    • Complete area 625

More details and information can be found in the game!
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