September 30th, 2014
Get a peek at Shards of Titan (And help us Test!) 
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Welcome to Shards of Titan...

...Rescued from a cell in an unknown prison by a mysterious old man and wearing only tattered scraps of clothing, you are swept up into a powerful battle between unwavering forces beyond your control - or are they?

Experience Shards of Titan by smashing bad guys and completing missions as you gate hop across the innumerable shards of a shattered planet. Worry not - you won't be alone. Every adventurer needs trusty companions to have their back (and occasionally draw aggression), and throughout the game you'll encounter several such individuals, each with their own strengths and back stories to explore.

In Shards of Titan you will:
  • Hack, shoot, and burn your way through hordes of horrible monsters!
  • Find tons of sweet, sweet loot to make yourself stronger!
  • Battle in the player vs player Arena, traverse Multiplayer Dungeons with friends, and join Guilds to wage war on epic Bosses that you can't possibly defeat alone!
Sound interesting? Join the Shards of Titan Alpha now to help us squash bugs and get a sneak peek into the upcoming game! You can apply for the alpha on Facebook or Kongregate*.

* Note that if you wish to play on Kongregate, you must apply through the Bush Whacker 2 game page.

During the Shards of Titan Alpha, you can:
  • Choose one of three exciting classes
  • Play through 30+ missions and quests!
  • Explore two unique shards, the Temperate Rainforest and the Desert
  • Rebuild your home town and upgrade buildings for better resources and powers
  • Recruit 4 unique Companions to stand by your side!
  • Battle player vs player daily in the Arena - can you oust the top players?
  • Explore the first of many Multiplayer Dungeons with up to 4 friends
  • Fish, Mine, do Daily Missions, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
As a bonus for helping us out in the Alpha, you can claim some free premium currency every day to help you along!

Got FEEDBACK about the Alpha? Post it here!

Found a nasty, pesky BUG? Report it here!

Note: All characters, progress, shardium, and so on will be removed at the end of the Alpha Test period. Additionally, bugs, errors, and typos are to be expected in any Alpha product.