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July 10th, 2015
Summer Season and Mount Updates! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

Have we got some exciting changes for you today!

Summer Season at the Theatre!

The Outdoor Theatre is now presenting FOUR all-new plays based on popular summer films! Check them out starting today! Plus, there are a couple new achievements related to this change! But watch them before they're gone! The plays will be viewable until September 30 at 11:59 PM PDT, when the summer season ends!

Going forward, the Summer Season will run from June 1st through September 30th every year!

Mount Updates!

Number 1: now you can rename your mounts! Talk to Clint in the Commons to change the name of your currently equipped mount.

Number 2: A dozen new achievements and five new titles relating to mounts!

Number 3: Mounts will only have EIGHT bonuses including the starting buffs.

What does this mean?

New mounts:
Your mount will have the Speed Bonus, its random 5% starting buff, and once it has 6 other random buffs, the starting buff and those 6 will be the ones that will level up with each new level.

Old Mounts:
For all those mounts you currently have more than 8 buffs on, the lowest magnitude buffs will be randomly removed and their bonuses distributed among the buffs that can level up until the mount only has 8 buffs.

As well, your potential next level up bonuses may change based on your new buffs because next level buffs will only include existing buffs.

Note: Because of this change, using Pristine Feed for a buff that isn't one of your 7 may waste that feed.

PAGAs Rewards for Over 100 Pets!

There a lot of pets in the game, so we've added more rewards to PAGAs for unique pets.

120 Pets: Get Unique DNA x4!!!
140 Pets: The Cloud Bird pet from Cloudland!!!
160 Pets: A Pet Controller Trinket!!!**
180 Pets: Unique DNA x5!!!
200 Pets: Level 40 Pet Treat x 5!!!

**The Pet Controller trinket turns you into your pet when you equip it! Become a Canada Goose riding an Eagle! Or a Robot on an Elephant! Or just your favourite pet ever going around whacking bushes!

Plus we've done a whole host of housekeeping updates here.

Celebrate the season on the forums!
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