Codename employs co-op students from local universities. Our co-op students learn about and take part in many different facets of game development, including coffee-fetching, foot-stool-being, and unreal-tournament-fodder.

You can find more information about applying to join us as a co-op student on the Jobs page.
Robert Waltham
Our first co-op! Robert worked on Egg Drop Arcade, the iPhone version of Egg Drop.
Mark Bavis
Mark did most of the Bush Whacker 1 flash coding during his co-op terms. We liked it so much that we never let him leave.
Nicholas Rempel
Nicholas worked with Gregory on a couple of game projects that ultimately did not see the light of day.
Gregory Schier
Gregory worked with Nicholas on a couple of game projects that ultimately did not see the light of day.
Jeremy Mohr
Jeremy worked on a variety of Bush Whacker 2 content updates.
Michael Pattie
Michael worked on a number of Bush Whacker 2 zones and adventures, including the first few Nate Adventures.
Dylan Gedig
Dylan did some fine work on Bush Whacker 2 content. He came back for a second time to help us out with an Cursaders as well.
Nick Pettyjohn
Nick did such a good job that we got him to come back and do a fourth(!) term with us. Now he's stuck with us. Forever.
Kevin Dahl
Kevin placed each and every piece of coral in BW2's underwater content. He came back twice more and now he's stuck with us permanently.
Andrew Stewart
Andrew worked on the Volcano content in Bush Whacker 2.
Ben Cracknell
Ben worked on much Shards of Titan, including the Hall of Trials!
Jacob Smith
Jacob is a monster in Unreal Tournament. Oh, and he's also did a lot of work on Shards of Titan content.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew helped out a lot with Shards of Titan content and Crusaders of the Lost Idols for Mobile.
Harrison Walters
Harrison worked on Crusaders of the Lost Idols for mobile.