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Expansive world to explore and help all sorts of cool people. You're their hero.
Hundreds and hundreds of custom items to decorate your character and house with
Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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January 13th
BW2: January 13th, 2023 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Nate’s Birthday Event 2023 Update (January 13th, 2023)

- Updated Nate’s Birthday Event
- Added new customization and ranch items
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added year 5 sequel to Cursed Cubes challenging quest
- Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
- Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event
- Fixed Nate's greatest grandfather's ghost not fading away once you finish his quest

- Fixed not being able to use the Molten Serpent Stone on your Michin Serpent

- Fixed finding feed vouchers in bushes

- The Upper and Lower Evergreen Forest zones will no longer overwrite your Return location after completing them, so you can complete the Hermit's daily quests without losing your main whacking location.

- Fixed quest items from Nate's Curse Breaker quest dropping outside of Brawl Island

- Added Dynamite, Crate of Dynamite, Landmine, and Bandaid Box ranch items to the ranch store after they're unlocked
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