Game Features
Monkeys. So many monkeys to choose from. All dressed up in awesome ways.
Monthly themed events such as Xmas, Halloween, Easter, and many more!
Dress your monkey with stylish hats! Stack them up real high and get super bonuses.
Test your mettle with Challenges. Finish them before the time's up for special prizes.
Recent News
September 18th, 2014
Introducing the Zookeeper Monkey! 

The Egg Breaker islands are home to a variety of eclectic individuals who run amok with delight - it's enough to drive Mr. Monkey MAD! He's been looking for someone to help - who better to instill some order into this chaos other than a Zookeeper!

He brings nine fantastic new stages for you to smash your way through and can be unlocked for 9 Crystal bananas.

Trophy Room, Hammer and 100% Completion Trophy!

The Zookeeper Monkey has a brand new unlock a new Trophy Room (for a mere 5000 Gold earned within his stages), which of course you'll want to unlock so you can display the fantastic completion trophy!

Want to grab the Giraffe Hammer? Start saving all your coins - it'll cost you a cool 1,000,000,000 Gold from the Zookeeper coffers! It will provide you with a small chance for more multipliers.

Looking for a new Hat?*

The Safari Hat (left monkey): Increases your buffs by 7 More Buff Charges Per Buff and grants 10% more Gold Eggs.

The Panda Hat (right Monkey): Grants a small chance of a bonus star, and gives 10% More Gold.

* Hat Packs only available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, and Kongregate at this time.

Go get those monkeys in line and let us know what you think of the Zookeeper Monkey!
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