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November 20th, 2019
Idle Champions: Grand Tour, Part 10 & Extra Life 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The Champions find themselves in turmoil. The newer Champions are mounting a grumbling mutiny after many adventures of following silently behind the core group. They feel it's time for them to take charge. Perhaps then, we can make some progress!

As it turns out, we have a perfect opportunity for them to show off their leadership skills. We come across a forest town besieged by kobolds, with a mystery surrounding goblins and some enchanted apples. Kobolds, goblins, and a sunken citadel, Oh my! It's time to split the party!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Grand Tour Adventures, Who Lurks in Lurkwood and Orcs are Wild, in order to access these new Adventures.

Begun, Our Extra Life Charity Drive Has...

We're super excited to launch our 2019 Extra Life charity drive! We've added a new DLC pack for Celeste to the store. Codename Entertainment will be donating the net proceeds of all sales of the Healer of Toril Celeste Skin & Feat pack through November 27th to Extra Life! Pick up this awesome skin, get a boost for Celeste's healing ability, AND help sick kids through Extra Life!

Celeste's new Healer of Toril Skin

Don't forget to tune into our 24-hour stream from the studio starting on Friday November 22nd at 9AM at Clive and Alexis will be running live D&D games! Check out the Idle Champions Extra Life page here

New Updates

We've added 3 new Quality of Life updates into the build today:
  • Formation saves will now also save your placed familiars!
  • The character sheets on PC & mobile have been updated with two toggle options, the first one allows you to see upcoming upgrades, so you can have more information when you're at your wall!
  • The second character sheet toggle combines upgrades, allowing you to see your Champions' progress towards their level cap. You'll now know how many more upgrades of each type remain before you reach your level cap!

The Sunless Citadel

The Champions find a mystery that requires them to split the party. We'll see the first half of the adventure from the point of view of the Evergreen Champions. The Sunless Citadel is our first base adventure with restrictions: You can only use Evergreen Champions (The Core 12 + Drizzt, Azaka, and Hitch).
  • Variant: Veteran Brigade — Continuing the restriction from the base adventure, only Evergreen Champions can be used in this variant. Jot, the quasit joins your formation in area 23 onward. Additionally, each boss has 50 points of armored health. These are the veterans, after all.
    Reach Area 325.

Meepo's Quest

The Champions find a mystery that requires them to split the party. We'll see the other half of the adventure from the point of view of the Event Champions. Meepo's Quest also has a restriction for the base adventure: You can only use Event Champions.
  • Variant: She's Harmless! — Continuing the restriction from the base adventure, only Event Champions can be used in this variant. Meepo, the kobold joins your formation in area 21 onward. Additionally, because we all know we're not going to return Meepo's 'pet', Champion damage is reduced by 25% for each 'good' Champion in the formation. . These are the veterans, after all..
    Reach Area 325.

See the in-game Change Log for more information!
January 19th, 2018
Idle Champions: Wayside Inn Weekend 
Posted in Idle Champions.

There are challenging new objectives starting at the Wayside Inn on the Grand Tour campaign! Perhaps these special buffs for Celeste, Jamilah, and Hitch will help!

The following Champions will get a buff this weekend starting from today until Noon PST on Monday, January 22nd.
  • Celeste – Increases the effect of Celeste's Crusader's Mantle ability by 200%

  • Jamilah – Increases the damage of Jamilah by 400%

  • Hitch – Increases the effect of Hitch's Friendly ability by 200%

Check out these limited-time Gold Wayside Chests that contain equipment for just the champions above!

(Note: gear only appears for unlocked Champions. If you do not have Hitch unlocked, his gear will not appear in the chests)
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