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Monkeys. So many monkeys to choose from. All dressed up in awesome ways.
Monthly themed events such as Xmas, Halloween, Easter, and many more!
Dress your monkey with stylish hats! Stack them up real high and get super bonuses.
Test your mettle with Challenges. Finish them before the time's up for special prizes.
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November 13th, 2015
Cook up Thanksgiving for the EBA Monkeys 

Hi Breakers!

It's time to give thanks for all things. And what says "Thank you for being in my life" better than a nice meal? The Pilgrim Monkey is on hand to ensure that the bounty of the fall is harvested, to prepare an epic feast for all the monkeys to enjoy. Help him prepare the Thanksgiving meal by decorating the table and filling it with delicious food stuffs.

Collect wild turkeys to earn trophy room decorations, complete the Challenge Egg challenges for sweet delights, or check out the available Extras in the Pilgrim Monkey's store!

General Event details:

- Collect 18 different types of supplies to prepare for a feast, in ever increasing amounts.

- You'll need to find…
…4 preparation items to advance from the Bronze stage to the Silver stage,

…4 preparation items to advance from the Silver stage to the Gold stage,

…12 preparation items at the Gold stage, as well as having won all 12 prizes to earn the Thanksgiving Event Trophy!

How the Event works:

You get to use the Multiplier buff! Here's how it works:
  • The daily multiplier buff increases each time you feed the Pilgrim Monkey his Thanksgiving Event Tokens, up to a buff of 8x:
    • Feed the monkey once, increase the buff to 2x,
    • Feed the monkey twice, increase the buff to 4x,
    • Feed the monkey three times, the buff increases to 8x - additional feedings past this will not increase the multiplier any further, it will remain capped at 8x
    • If you merely activate the monkey, but do not feed him, the buff will not increase. You must feed the Pilgrim Monkey for the buff to increase.
  • The permanent Base x2 buff only applies to preparation item wins.
    • The graphic for the buff itself will not change, by placing your cursor over the buff icon on the right side of the breaking screen, you can see your buff has leveled up to.
    • All normal buffs are available.
  • The base multiplier will reset every day at Midnight PST.

Let's break down the Pilgrim Monkey's special event stage:

From the Pilgrim Monkey's Special Event Screen, you can:
  • Track how much time is left until the event ends,
  • Visually watch the feast table become crowded with tasty goodness!
  • See your progress towards your current preparation items,
  • See the current cost of the items which you are working towards,
  • Keep count of your Wild Turkey Achievement progression!
  • Easily track your progress towards preparation completed, Prizes collected (Click the Prize button to see which ones you've earned/are missing), Progression Ribbons and the Thanksgiving Trophy!

Rewards and Extras!:

3 successive ribbons for progression, which permanently add additional +5, +10 or +15 hammers respectively.

Trophy: Can be displayed in a Trophy Room.
Ribbon and Trophy (if earned) are awarded after the event finishes on November 27, 2015. The highest ribbon earned will be awarded.

Wild Turkey Achievement:

As you break eggs, wild turkeys appear and wander around the screen. Gently tap the turkey before it's gone! The turkey will try to escape, but one painless tap and magically you have a fragrant, perfectly cooked turkey! At the 1st, 50th and 250th turkey found, you will unlock special decorations for your trophy room. Turkeys will continue to appear after you have earned the last achievement, but you can continue to hit them.

Available in the Pilgrim Monkey's Store:

Consumables Tab:

Thanksgiving Crate Costs 250 Thanksgiving Tokens
- Contains a random selection of hammers, multipliers and star pieces
- Must be used by 11:59:59 PM PST on 2015-11-28!
(We encourage you to use them by the end of the day on November 27th, just in case!)

Extras Tab:

Available for Event Tokens:

From 2014: Pumpkin Pie Hat: 10% more Event Tokens
From 2013: Drumstick Hammer: Slightly more stars

New for 2015: Turkey Neck Hammer: Less Nothings!

Available for Monkey Bucks:

2013 Pilgrim Hat: Increases Holiday/Event Token wins and Star wins by 10%
2013 Turkey Hat: Increases Holiday/Event Token wins and Multiplayer wins by 10%
2014 Chef's Hat: Chance your last Egg Broken was free and 10% more Gold!
2014 Football Helmet: Small chance of a bonus Hammer win and 10% more Event Tokens!

The Thanksgiving Event will run until Friday November 27th @ Noon PST.

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