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March 31st, 2015
Heroic Tiers and Gear Upgrades 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

Heroic Difficulty Tiers

  • Heroic missions now have sequential tiers of difficulty.
  • Each higher tier gives 1 more Paragon token.
  • Heroic missions now drop Epic Power Fragments which can be used to level up your Epic Gear in the Blacksmith.
  • Loot drops will be adjusted for the higher tiers to reflect the difficulty with more Rare gear, Gem and possibly Epic gear drops.
  • Missions have limits for power fragment drops so you spread out your efforts.

Epic Equipment Tier Up

  • Using the Epic Power Fragments dropped from Heroic missions, you can tier up your Epic gear.
  • Each upgrade will boost all the stats on your gear by 20%.
  • The stat boost is applied to the piece of gear, so you can still reforge as much as you like.
  • The cost for each tier upgrade will go up substantially to reflect the value of the improved power.

Equipment Level Up

  • Upgrade the level of your Equipment with Upgrade Kits at the Blacksmith.
  • Uncommon and Rare kits can be crafted from scrap in the Crafting tab.
  • Epic upgrade kits will be available from the Hall of Trials.
  • Equipment can only be leveled up to the level of your character.
  • Leveling up equipment will increase its effectiveness and boost the stats, to increase the longevity of your gear so you don't have to replace it outright every time you level up.

Other Changes

  • Hall of Trials store now has a Resources tab where you can buy the Epic Upgrade kit.
  • Combined the Armor and Magic Resistance potions into a single Defense buff.
  • Added tokens to purchase a Refresh of the Paragon Brotherhood tasks.
  • XP Buff and Luck Buff have been added to the store.

To complement the release of the Heroic Tiers, we're having a sale for level 30 characters!
There are 2 packs available which you can buy 5 times per character!
Included in the packs are:
  • Slotting Rods,
  • an Endurance Gem,
  • Stamina Potions,
  • Multiplayer Potions,
  • a Large Speed potion,
  • a Large Class Attack potion and
  • Reforge Crystals!
Available until tomorrow (Wed April 1st) at Noon PDT!

Post your comments on the changes here!
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