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Horrible monsters to defeat. Hack, shoot, and burn your way through them. It's fun.
Tons of loot to make your character stronger! Look at that sword. That's a nice sword.
Meet a bunch of companions, each with their own strengths and stories to explore.
Dozens and dozens of missions to complete with a complex, ever expanding storyline.
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May 26th, 2015
Welcome to the Jungle! 
Posted in Shards of Titan.

Hi Shards Fans!

Thank you for your patience! The Jungle Shard is now live!

This update adds:
  • Level cap increase to level 45!

  • 7 new areas! Over 30 new single player missions!

  • 3 new mulitplayers!

  • Tons of new gear!

  • New bosses in the Hall of Trials!

  • Upgraded Warehouse to level 45, which means a higher gold and lumber limit!

  • The Blacksmith will require leveling to Enchant gear to your new character level.

  • The Brotherhood will be locked until you reach the new level cap.

  • Because level 45 offers new skill arrangements, you will need to unlock the Heroic Tiers again once you have access to the missions.

  • Secondary quests are now like the Valentine's Event. Complete quests to earn Jungle Tokens, which you can use to buy cool items from the Jungle Merchant.

Share your thoughts and questions on this update on the forums!

To go along with this introduction, we're having a sale!

Grab an "Epic Welcome to the Jungle" kit, a $55 value for only $25!

Or pick up 5 "Welcome to the Jungle" packs per Character, a $35 value for only $15 each!
They include:
  • 5 Stamina Refill Potions!
  • 12 Rare Equipment Level-Up Kits!
  • 3 Medium XP Potions!
  • 150 Jungle Tokens!
  • A Large Gem Chest!
  • 15 Reforge Locks!
  • And 750 Character Shardium!
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