Every Codename Entertainment staff member is passionate about making games, gaming, and pretty much all game related activities. We're always looking for more exceptional people to add to our crew, so check out the Careers page to see what positions we're hiring for now.
Eric Jordan
Eric is a life long gamer who is thrilled to be the CEO of CNE. Previously, he co-founded PureEdge Solutions (acquired by IBM in 2005), was an Executive-In-Residence at UVic and then the President of the Premier's Technology Council.

Eric has served on many boards and is currently serving with the boards of DigiBC, and IGDA Victoria. Additionally, he chairs the Video Game Industry Round Table with VIATEC.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Justin Stocks
Justin finished his B.Sc in Computer Science in 2009 where he focused on Software Engineering and AI. Justin has a background in game programming, web programming, and database systems. Justin has a passion for game design.

At Codename, Justin wears many hats including Game Designer, Project Manager, Backend Game Programmer, Systems Designer, and Community Support.
Currently Playing: Mini Motorways
David Whittaker
David finished his M.Sc. in Computer Science in 2009 where he focused on real-time hardware accelerated graphics, educational games, and game programming for teaching computer science.

At Codename, David wears many hats including Game Designer, Project Manager, Frontend/Backend Game Programmer, Server/Database Admin, Systems Designer, and Business Manager.
Currently Playing: Fortnite
Elisa Behn
People Ops Manager
Elisa's love of games has followed her across the globe - playing D&D while studying at the University of Ottawa where she graduated with a B.Comm in 2006; playing board games during breaks when working at Walt Disney World; and playing cards while travelling around Europe during her year abroad. Now that she's back on Vancouver Island, she's eager to provide support to those who create the games she loves, as Codename's People Operations Manager.
Currently Playing: Disney Villainous
Dave Dexter
Operations Director
Dexter graduated with an MA in philosophy in 2013 and an MBA in 2019 and his career has spanned account and project management, finance and consulting. But long before any of that, he was a dewy-eyed young person who played games way too much if you asked anyone but him. One day, Dexter snuck into the CNE offices and, in exchange for his first name, they let him stay to manage the business-y things like finance, accounting, logistics and facilities. It was a good trade.
Currently Playing: World of Warcraft
Jay MacDonald
Office Coordinator
Jay joined Codename mid-2020 as a livestream moderator and was later brought in to work on operations and accounting. When not lurking in our Twitch chat Jay can be found playing games with friends or picking up another new hobby.
Currently Playing: Genshin Impact
Mark Bavis
Senior Developer
When Mark joined Codename in 2010 as a Co-op student, he had a lead role in the flash development of Bush Whacker. He has since been the lead developer on Mystic Guardians, Bush Whacker 2, Shards of Titan, the mobile version of Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. He is currently working on secret projects.
Currently Playing: Dad Simulator 2021
Chris Dupuis
Executive Producer
Chris has a long history in board game design, working on such games as Heroscape, Risk Legacy, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, and other Dungeons & Dragons games. He is a former Wizard of the Coast who fled to Canada to live out his dreams of eating poutine every day. After a few days, he decided that was a bad plan, but the team at Codename Entertainment is pretty cool so he's going to stay awhile.
Currently Playing: Star Trek Online
Erin Evans
Content Designer
Erin M. Evans is a fantasy writer best known for the Brimstone Angels Saga. After watching three of her characters come to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, she was delighted to join the team as a content designer. She also is one of the hosts of Champions of Lore. It's been said her laugh heals 1d4+5 damage.
Currently Playing: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Sascha Jordan
Data Entry Technician
Sascha was raised on Dungeons and Dragons and local gaming conventions. They discovered their love for MMORPGS at the tender age of 9, and have played them ever since. They even met their spouse in one! Sascha started working at Codename in 2020, and has been enjoying watching our community grow through the Twitch channel. When they aren't working or gaming, they make art, do freeform roleplay, and collect adorable cat and/or bat-themed items.
Currently Playing: Final Fantsy XIV
Jarret Kobler
Jarret started getting into programming in early high school. His passion games and programming would only grow over the years. He currently works Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and has worked on many of the champions that have been released since he joined CNE in 2020.
Currently Playing: WoW Classic
Pete Lee
Game Sys. Designer
Pete Lee is a game designer with a wide variety of games in his back catalog, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, and numerous board games. Pete is currently focused on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.
Currently Playing: Spider-Man
Nathaniel Loman
Quality Assurance
Nathaniel is self-taught in 3D design and printing to satisfy his craving for movie and game memorabilia. He joined Codename in 2022 as a QA Technical Analyst to give back to the gaming community which has brought him so much joy.
Currently Playing: Elden Ring
Stefan Lynka
Junior Developer
Stefan made his first Table-Top RPG when he was 9. And it was terrible. Since then he's been making games that (he hopes) are just a bit better. After finishing his B.Sc in Computer Science, he joined Codename, where he works on Idle Champions, finally combining his love of D&D and video games. When he's not developing games at work... well he's developing games at home!
Currently Playing: Hearthstone
Peter Minter
Lead Developer
The first developer to join Codename in 2009, Peter has worked on the server systems of almost every project we have ever done. He is now the Lead Developer on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

Fun fact, his parents named him after their dog.
Currently Playing: Rocket League
Nick Pettyjohn
Nick joined Codename as a Co-op student. We liked him so much that we never let him leave. He was the main developer on Crusaders of the Lost Idols, but now focuses full-time on Bush Whacker 2.
Currently Playing: No Man's Sky
Jacob Smith
At a young age, Jacob became lost in worlds like Kanto and Hyrule. Much later in life, Jacob joined Codename as a co-op student, creating content for Shards of Titan. After absorbing a bit more comp-sci lingo, he re-joined the team and currently implements tech for Idle Champions' updates. In his spare time, Jacob invests himself in music. His favourite game series are Earthbound and Shin Megami Tensei.
Currently Playing: Final Fantasy VII Remake
Alex Steffler
Junior Developer
Alex joined Codename in 2021 as an eager developer shortly after completing his B.Sc in Computer Science. He's currently working on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Alex enjoys the competitive aspect of gaming and spends way too many hours pursuing mastery of game mechanics. In his spare time, he livestreams his attempts at going fast in video games.
Currently Playing: Dark Souls
Nick Wilson
Junior Developer
Wilson graduated from the University of Victoria in 2019 and joined Codename in late 2020 to take over development of the Flash version of Crusaders of the Lost Idols. After the sunsetting of Crusaders in early 2022, he moved on to join the Idol Champions team. A tinkerer by nature, he spends altogether too much time building hardware and software to test ideas and solve problems. In his spare time you may also find him playing games.
Currently Playing: Rocket League
Jesse Campbell
Jesse Campbell is a lifelong artist and creative type, who previously had a pact as a Graphic Designer in Vancouver. He always wanted to illustrate in the games industry, and now he's multi-classed as a 2D artist at CNE! (All that grinding and leveling up on the mainland really paid off! That, and no small number of successful saving throws). When Jesse isn't illustrating D&D things, he's writing fantasy/sci-fi horror books, riding horses, or getting new tattoos.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Katherine Crane
Kat's academic art background focused on Illustration, and Comics & Graphic Novels. With their love of games and digital art, they infiltrated Codename in 2015 to add art to Egg Breaker Adventures. After EBA was sunset, they oversaw Crusaders as Lead Artist from 2019, increasing its spooky and queer content by 666% until it was also sunset in 2022. Currently Kat has been welcomed back to the Idle Champions team, which is easily strong enough to evade becoming a sunset hat trick.
Currently Playing: Fallout: New Vegas
Georgia Hewitt
Georgia has been a part of the team since May 2017. She is now the lead artist on Bush Whacker 2, but always helps out with other games when needed. Ever since she was young (and introduced to video games) it has been one of her dreams to work on the art for them!
Currently Playing: Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled!
Adam Kosh
Art Director
Adam's excellent illustrations and animations are seen throughout all of our games. Adam is also responsible for UI layout and design.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Anita Ho
Anita is a visual development artist and freelance illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. After being introduced to D&D in 2017, Anita never imagined that combining her nerdy pastime and her hobby-turned-career would lead to an encounter with CNE. A deal was made and now Anita is working on icons for Idle Champions.

Other than drawing, she enjoys thrifting, playing D&D and vending at local art markets. You can find her work at www.anitartlet.com.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Bronwyn LeBlanc
A couple years after finishing Selkirk College's Digital Arts and New Media program, Bronwyn joined the Idle Champions team in March 2020. Bronwyn is one of the resident monster-makers, but she also helps create champions from time to time as well as many other cool things.
Currently Playing: Ghost of Tsushima
Ivy Lee
Ivy is a teammate fresh from over the sea who loves to learn new things all the time. Now she is learning how to survive in Victoria with a trusted team. Ivy is currently working on D&D monsters, backgrounds and key art for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.
Currently Playing: Disney: Twisted-Wonderland
Luke McKay
Comic Book Artist
Comic artist from Vancouver, BC. Most noted for comic series at Rooster Teeth, Button Mash, D&D Beyond, & Idle Champions. Currently working on background art for Idle Champions. Former nurse at VGH. And long ago was an avid fencer with UBC and snowboarder (now his knees are shot). Currently a playing a Aasimar Paladin in a D&D game and is the DM in another. When playing one shots he likes to play as his favorite NPC from 1st edition: Warduke.
Currently Playing: Knighthood by Midiko
Michelle Papadopoulos
Michelle has been working as an Artist/Animator in games for quite a while now and joined Codename in 2017. She's also a Fantasy Illustrator by night (www.michellepapadopoulos.com). Michelle is currently working on a bunch of D&D monsters for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.
Currently Playing: The Witcher 3
Maddie Plaut
Graphic Designer
Maddie has almost 10 years experience as a graphic designer and life-long experience as a hobby artist. Hailing from the Northeast USA, they're inspired by the beautiful, sprawling vistas of their sea-side hometown as well as beautiful, sprawling video games. When they're not designing for CNE, they do freelance art and design for various web series and YouTubers.
Currently Playing: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Alexis Theroux
Lead Artist
Alexis has been working at Codename since 2011. Her drawings can be found in many of the games, starting with Egg Breaker 2 and continuing through to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. She is currently the Lead Artist on Idle Champions, and monster creator on The Sketching Hour.

In her spare time she enjoys running through the forest with her dog Rocket and painting small watercolour illustrations.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Taylor Allen
Customer Service
An avid gamer, homebrewer, and forever DM - Taylor has been awoken from his thousand year slumber to personally answer all your ticketing needs.
Currently Playing: FFXIV
Treavor Bettis
Community Manager
Treavor has been playing video games for as long as he can remember and Dungeons and Dragons for over ten years. Gaming has always been a passion for him in one way or another - and working at a video game company is a dream come true. He turned his passion for D&D into a podcast, Difficulty Class, in 2019 - and through that found a new passion that lead him to (as of 2021) six total podcasts. He also is a writer, but no, nothing that you would have read. Yet.
Currently Playing: Destiny 2
Ryan Hall
Content Creator
Ryan (aka 'Mars') played Idle Champions for so long and so hard that CNE eventually hired him. He's the host of 'Mars' Guiding Hand' and a moderator for our Twitch, Reddit, and Discord communities. Mars has a lifelong passion for D&D, writing stories and hosting games since the age of 10, and is an avid enthusiast of various video games, podcasts, a good cup of tea, the hammered dulcimer, origami, woodburning, and the works of Brandon Sanderson.
Currently Playing: Various RPGs
Martin Sargent
Twitch Moderator
Born and raised in Victoria, Martin graduated from high school at 16 instead of dropping out in order to do things they're more passionate about such as gaming and D&D. They're excited to be part of the Codename Entertainment group and is looking forward to a long and profitable career. When not gaming or playing D&D Martin is reading from their eclectic library or curating playlists spanning 6 decades.
Currently Playing: Dark Souls 3
Shawn Wall
Customer Service
Starting with a rented Sega Genesis from Blockbuster, Shawn grew up with a passion for video games. He has worked a variety of jobs through the years but everything changed with a fateful encounter with Eric in an airport on the way to GenCon. Now Shawn is the main member of the Customer Support team and is frantically replying to your ticket right now.
Currently Playing: Persona 5 Royal
Jordan Beard
Twitch Moderator
Jordan is an avid D&D content creator. She enjoys both playing & DMing for various TTRPGs. She regularly uses these skills & talents to raise money for a number of charity organizations through TTRPG charity weekends. When not playing D&D, Jordan can be found streaming a variety of gaming content, collecting dice, singing/voice acting and spending time with her nerdy black cat, Salem.
Currently Playing: Dead by Daylight
Vee Mus'e
Partner Manager
Vee Mus'e joined Codename with a notable presence in the D&D community. Known as a professional Dungeon Master, player, and mini painter, Vee enjoys working with a variety of people within the TTRPG industry. As our Partner Manager, these connections come in quite handy for Idle Champions. When off the clock, she enjoys watching TV series like Penny Dreadful, creating and learning new things, and can be found on a variety of streams.
Currently Playing: Dungeons & Dragons
Lauren Urban
Content Coordinator
Lauren can usually be found making or supporting content somewhere on the internet. Often it's videos and streams for Idle Champions, sometimes it's playing and running games of Dungeons & Dragons for a variety of shows and podcasts, and as a professional classical musician on oboe and English Horn. When she's not playing a Bard in real life, Lauren lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Luke where they spend their free time playing video games and drinking tea.
Currently Playing: D&D or Halo
Dylan Wilks
Marketing Director
According to his parents, Dylan has been playing too many video games since they mistakenly gave him a Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. Since then his careers have spanned everything from professional photography to videography, founding nonprofits, doing a variety of PR and communications-related freelancing, and working on things like food/music festivals and TEDx events.
Currently Playing: Destiny 2
We also employ co-op students from local universities. You can find the Co-op hall of fame here, and more information about applying to join us as a co-op student can be found on the Careers page.