September 2nd, 2016
Discover the Beauty in the Spine of the World 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Hi Whackers!

Sanctuary Village has been kind to you, but it's time to continue on with your adventure. (Don't worry, you can always visit your love.) Pack up your pet and mount and get ready to brave the spiny, treacherous mountains that mark the edge of the world! Do you have the gusto to survive the snowy cliffs?

Introducing the Spine of the World!

This content update includes:
  • Five brand-new icy areas to explore!
  • Level cap increase to 370!
  • New Trinkets!
  • And tons of other fun stuff to discover!
Plus, if you donated $25 or to Justin's Extra Life campaign back in November 2015, you can have fun finding your in-game NPC! Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this awesome cause! And stay tuned for more information about our 2016 Extra Life donation drive.

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