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August 29th, 2014
Change Log: Changes released August 29, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
Added: Dog Days of Summer 2014 Event (Blog here)

General Updates:
- Bug where gold amounts in the store showed up red even when the player had enough (Hotfixed on Monday)
- Bug where the cliff in the latest Kaine adventure was not climbable. (Hotfixed on Monday. Persistent little bugger.)
- Typo in the Gem Hunt quest on Amicus Isle (ever -> even)

General Updates:
- Glitch where "Perpetual Motion" VIP Power would not award the special energy pack if the user unlocked it with a VIP Voucher.(Hotfixed on Monday)
- Glitch where players would get an odd pop-up about quests being reset after they finished growing a pet with Misty.(Hotfixed on Monday)
- Fixed the Fire Sprite in the VIP Store to display the correct bonus amount at max level

General Updates:
- Bug with the Decoder Ring inventory icon (Nate mountain adventure)
- Adjusted the capitalization in several trinket bonus descriptions as well as for XP and Pet XP in the quest rewards dialog (no effect on the actual rewards or bonuses)

August 22nd, 2014
Patch Notes: Changes released August 22, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED: - VIP Membership & Summer Bush Buck Sale (Blog here)

General Updates:
ADDED: - If you try to use at least 10 energy packs at once there will be a confirmation window.
- Glitch where players may have not been able to climb the cliff in the Kaine Jungle adventure after reloading the zone.
- Several typos on the Kaine Jungle adventure.
- A really really really minor graphical glitch in the Jungle Temple.
- The twitter link in the news now links to the correct place.
Pet Updates:
- Vincent (PAGAS guy) now counts released current generation pets towards the requirement of 5 current gen pets hatched in order to purchase current gen eggs.
- Fixed the left walk cycle of the Spider pet.

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August 15th, 2014
Patch Notes: Changes released August 15, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED: Inspector Kaine in "The Mystery of the Missing Heir" (blog here)

General Updates:
ADDED: Optimized quest turn-ins that award level scaled gold amounts.

- Typos in the Summer Carnival Event. A weeks late. But in prep for next year!
- The description of the Natalie Dragon quest "Yellow Paint." It is now more clear about where the Yellow Paint will come from.
- Glitch where the Pet-o-matic or Egg-o-matic could be purchased at times when they wouldn't have any effect.

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August 8th, 2014
Patch Notes: Changes released August 8, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
Nate's Volcano Adventure

General Updates:
- Bugs with the achievements "Scaredy-Nate" and "Nautical Nate" where progress was not showing correctly.
- Typo in Natalie Dragon's text during one of her house building quests.
- All known instances of Gem Trader NPCs giving bad information (saying they would trade 4 agate for a citrine! gasp!).
- The Wooden Shelf ranch item received as a reward from the Weekly email is now sellable.
- Castle Tile custom item from the castle now sorts correctly when placed.

Pet Updates:
- Additional pets which weren't moving around when placed on a player's ranch. (Please continue reporting these, so we can get them all moving!)
- If you cancel hatching an egg while on an egg hatching daily quest, the quest items will now be removed from your inventory right away.

Talk about these changes here!
August 1st, 2014
Patch Notes: Changes released August 1, 2014 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

New Content:
ADDED: Natalie Dragon & Mini Golf Vendor

General Updates:
- Glitch where the Carrot Sword was available to all users
- Typo in the Geodes, Dude! quest in the Incandescent Ascent
- Typo in the dialog of an quest NPC in the Torrid Top
- Typo in an Inn daily (souvenir rocks)
- Typo in "Lava for Laura"
- Crackers and Cheese now have correct icons in Nate Haunted Forest Adventure

Pet Updates:
- Glitches where the Giraffe, Frog, Rocket Rabbit, Gunslinger Duck, Cotton Candy Duck, and Nate Duck pets are stationary when placed on the ranch
- Issue where the Generation 3 Spider pet did not show up properly in the ranch inventory.
- Typo in the Abandoned Egg quest

Event Updates:
- Summer Sports; event quest items will no longer be stuck in inventory
- Patriot Event; a number of typos regarding Hamburgers
- Summer Carnival: Rainbow Top Hat description typo

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