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September 19th, 2014
New Content: PAGAS daily quests have been added! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Vincent, the local PAGAS Representative has received word from headquarters to begin offering daily missions for you and your equipped pet, and gain some much needed experience.

Haven't unlocked Vincent yet? Check the requirements on how you can do that here.

Check back with Vincent daily, for a random chance of one of six (6) possible dailies, focused around training a well behaved companion. Each daily quest rewards a Quester's Satchel and XP for whatever pet you have equipped at the moment of turn-in. Completing all 6 will unlock an achievement and a new title!

We took the opportunity and made a few improvements to the Quester's Satchel and rewards that you can earn:

  • Satchel icons will have a coloured flare which indicates the rarity of the item contained within it; existing icon for common items, green for 'uncommon', blue for rare and a purple flare for epics (see below).
  • New tier of Satchel Rewards have been added: Epic Quester's Satchels will drop extremely rarely, but have a chance to include a new custom item or larger Bush Buck rewards.

Tell us what you think of the update here!   
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