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Expansive world to explore and help all sorts of cool people. You're their hero.
Hundreds and hundreds of custom items to decorate your character and house with
Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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May 4th
BW2: May 5th, 2023 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Pasture Zone! (May 5th, 2023)

- Added Barn Battle community quest to make Pasture zone unlock quests available

- Added quest line to unlock Pasture zone

- Added new Pasture zone:
- Can decorate and visit, similar to House, Course, and Island
- Has Barn which can be outfitted with Training Pens
- Can assign pets and mounts to Training Pens to have them earn XP automatically
- Read the blog for details:

- Added 4 new tiers to the Pet Whisperer achievement category

- Added a Mount Whisperer achievement category with 5 tiers

- Added 1 new tier to the pet hatching achievements category

- Added the Prairie ranch style to the Contractor merchant (Requires Pasture unlocked)

- Added a filter/search bar to the ranch store

- Ranch store remembers what category you were in last the next time you open it

- Added categories tab to ranch inventory

- Added Pet, Mount, Food and Drink, Lights, and Mini Golf ranch categories to ranch inventory/store

- Removed Crates and Barrels ranch category

- Changed Misc Indoor ranch category graphic from lamp to stove

- Changed which categories some ranch items belong to

- Permitted more ranch items on the mini golf course

- Ranch categories are now sorted alphabetically

- Allowed the following ranch items on the mini golf course: Love Mailbox, Easter Mailbox, Spring Mailbox, Lucky Mailbox

- Renamed the second Tulip Planter ranch item to "Tulip Tow Planter"

- Renamed the second Tulips ranch item to "Tulip Vase"

- Added surfaces to the following ranch items: Rocking Chair, White Rocking Chair, Easter Bench

- Changed max description of VIP Energy Pack from 10 to 1, as the Perpetual Motion VIP power won't add any if you already have one

- Corrected a typo in "The Flungeon One" achievement description

- Reduced number formatting of your Gold on the Purchase Ranch Expansion popup

- Reran Doc Tan's Delorean limited-time quest (April 21 - 24)

- Reran Endangered Species mini event with 3 new pets (April 28 - May 2)
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