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May 26th
BW2: May 26th, 2023 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

More Store Items and Gen 4 Horses (May 26th, 2023)

- Three new horses to tame with Clint: Amber Champagne Horse, Bay Roan Horse, Buttermilk Buckskin Horse

- Horse armors to buy for the Amber Champagne Horse, Bay Roan Horse, and Buttermilk Buckskin Horse at Ye Cloud King's Cumulonimbus Menagerie Cloudland store

- Fixed the graphic for the Epic Summer Cape, Epic Autumn Cape, Epic Winter Cape not showing the back

- Better organized the order of the Tailer merchant's store items

- Increased the requirement for the "Flower Power" achievement from 20 to 22, to include the two new flowers add in this year's Spring Garden event

- Fixed the new Blue Rose and Pink Daffodil flowers being unable to be placed in pots for the Spring Garden event

- Added [!!!] icons for the Freshwater Crab and Flying Piranha quest spawns in the Cera Altepetl Boundary for Freshwater Crab Critter Capture and Piranha Critter Capture quests

- Can no longer start the Catching A Cactus quest line when working on a quest hub other than the Cenote Site in the Salt Desert

- Updated the graphic for and changed the name of the Sandstone Sundial to Stone Sundial ranch item

- Changed the name of the Sundial ranch item to Sandstone Sundial

- Added 6 new achievement tiers, 2 more for each of the Amicus wandering merchant achievements in the shopping achievement category. They are: Gilded Gold Purse, Mr. McDuck, So Many Shinies, Gem-my More!, Premo Purchases, Big Buck Buyer

- Added a whole whack of new store items to the following stores…

General Store:
- Fancy Fork
- Gilded Telescope
- Green Quiver
- Wing Shield

VIP Store:
- Arcane Scroll
- Gilded Fountain Pen
- Purple Battle Banner
- Red Star Banner
- Silver Wing Shield
- Blue Rune Blade
- Wand
- Golden Morning Star
- Platinum Fork
- Feather Parasol
- Star Wand Companion
- Flappy Book Companion

Flux Store:
- Drill Wand
- Status Screen

Alchemy Shop:
- Display Potions
- Purple Glass Cauldron
- Green Glass Cauldron
- Orange Glass Cauldron

- Stocked Display Case
- Green Star Banner
- Fountain Pen
- Golden Pickaxe
- Fabulous Feather Parasol
- Gold Fork

Amicus Island Token Store:
- Patchy Panther Plush
- Wolf Puppy Stuffy
- Potted Hibiscus Flowers
- Chalkboard
- Blue Barrel
- Big Donut
- Pink Umbrella

- Dancing Shoes
- Heavy Armor Stand
- Ratty Indigo Cape
- Plain White Tee

- Costume Makeup Kit

- Wall Clippers
- Spider Plant Vase
- Potted Shrub
- Potted Pine Bush
- Potted Pine
- Withered Flower Pot

Furniture Salesman:
- Star Banner Post
- Shovel
- Pitchfork
- Stable Gate
- Red Bucket
- Ladder
- Water Trough
- Timber Archway
- Neglected Display Case
- Inn Key Board

Pet Saleswoman:
- Hay Trough
- Hay Barrel
- Plant Barrel

- Catapult Model
- Chainsaw
- Steam Light

Pawn Stars:
- Magic Wand
- Fountain Pen
- Battle Axe
- Ancient Ice Sword
- Wood Bow
- Star-ish Wand
- Morning Star
- Fork
- Rusty Broadsword

Mad Hatter:
- Black Bear Hat

- Boom Gate
- Toll Booth

Burglary Boutique:
- Crystal Fireball
- Ruby Chunk
- Alien Flower
- Morphing Wall Butterfly
- Chocolate Razor Donut
- Large Loaded Display Case
- Wonder Wand
- Pixel Pickaxe
- Ultra Bopper
- Pitchfork Companion
- Ruby Gem Companion
- Tea Cup Companion
May 12th
BW2: May 12th, 2023 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Spring Garden Event (May 12th, 2023)

- Updated Spring Garden Event
- Added new customization and ranch items
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added 6 tiers of VIP event rewards
- Added !!! icons to the rock and tree spawns for the bee quests
- Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
- Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event
- Added Blue Rose and Pink Daffodil growable garden decorations
- Added new garden items: Stone Path, White Bench, Log Bench, Wood Bench, and Long Wire Fence
- Added 3 more bee pets to choose from at the end of Joel’s bee helping quest chain: the Golden Tail Bee, Green Sweat Bee, and Purple Orchid Bee

- Fixed gifting VIP memberships being unavailable after the 50% off deal in 2021

- Moved Snow Block and Witch Hat ranch items from the Plants category to Misc Outdoor

- Moved Sports Bed and Pet Bed ranch items from Plants category to Beds

- Fixed the Pasture unlock quest chain being incorrectly unavailable for some players
May 4th
BW2: May 5th, 2023 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Pasture Zone! (May 5th, 2023)

- Added Barn Battle community quest to make Pasture zone unlock quests available

- Added quest line to unlock Pasture zone

- Added new Pasture zone:
- Can decorate and visit, similar to House, Course, and Island
- Has Barn which can be outfitted with Training Pens
- Can assign pets and mounts to Training Pens to have them earn XP automatically
- Read the blog for details:

- Added 4 new tiers to the Pet Whisperer achievement category

- Added a Mount Whisperer achievement category with 5 tiers

- Added 1 new tier to the pet hatching achievements category

- Added the Prairie ranch style to the Contractor merchant (Requires Pasture unlocked)

- Added a filter/search bar to the ranch store

- Ranch store remembers what category you were in last the next time you open it

- Added categories tab to ranch inventory

- Added Pet, Mount, Food and Drink, Lights, and Mini Golf ranch categories to ranch inventory/store

- Removed Crates and Barrels ranch category

- Changed Misc Indoor ranch category graphic from lamp to stove

- Changed which categories some ranch items belong to

- Permitted more ranch items on the mini golf course

- Ranch categories are now sorted alphabetically

- Allowed the following ranch items on the mini golf course: Love Mailbox, Easter Mailbox, Spring Mailbox, Lucky Mailbox

- Renamed the second Tulip Planter ranch item to "Tulip Tow Planter"

- Renamed the second Tulips ranch item to "Tulip Vase"

- Added surfaces to the following ranch items: Rocking Chair, White Rocking Chair, Easter Bench

- Changed max description of VIP Energy Pack from 10 to 1, as the Perpetual Motion VIP power won't add any if you already have one

- Corrected a typo in "The Flungeon One" achievement description

- Reduced number formatting of your Gold on the Purchase Ranch Expansion popup

- Reran Doc Tan's Delorean limited-time quest (April 21 - 24)

- Reran Endangered Species mini event with 3 new pets (April 28 - May 2)
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