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Bushes never die. They just keep respawning. Why won't they just go away?
Events. Tons and tons of events for you to do. Collect all the rewards before time runs out!
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April 9th
BW2: April 9th, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Easter Event 2021 Update (April 9th, 2021)

- Updated Easter Event
- Added new customization and ranch items
- Added new ribbons and 100% reward
- Added new hat that Hyatt crafts
- Added continuation of Landen’s Bunnegg quest
- Added new event mounts in Bush Bucks sale and mount packs, available the first weekend of the event
- Added 3 new pets available the second weekend of the event

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!
April 2nd
BW2: Endangered Species Mini Event! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Endangered Species - Third Encounter

Habitats are changing, and it's endangering many different animal species. Carson Tiva has found that three different endangered species can currently be found in Bushwhackia, as they search for new places to live.

They are:

The Bawean Deer - A critically endangered deer, or 'hog deer', hunted for its antlers and pelt.

The Eskimo Curlew - A critically endangered shorebird that may already be extinct.

The Black Rhino - A critically endangered hook-lipped rhino poached for its prized horns.

Like you did during Carson's last visit, apply your bush whacking skills to help them collect Conservation Data on these unique animals for the limited time they're here. To gather data, you just have to give them a whack with your sword or other whacking implement. With said data, Carson Tiva can use it to try and help what's left of these unique animals.

Which species you encounter in the fields will be random, so if you fall behind in finding one of the three animals, you can start one of Carson Tiva's pursuit quests. You can do one pursuit quest every 20 hours.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded! Carson Tiva will trade you for this data in their store, plus you'll earn a unique plaque for your contributions! Like event ribbons, this plaque will increase your maximum energy based on your performance.

Collect data, complete the achievements, and earn rewards!

In addition to a new set of species, Bush Buck Bundle, and energy boosting plaque, you can earn a new Sleeping Elephant ranch item reward!

Go to the event area of the Commons to get started, and gather as much data as you can before noon on Tuesday April 6th, PDT!

April 2nd
BW2: April 2nd, 2021 Release Notes 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Early April Updates (April 2nd, 2021)

- Added Science-Gro premium item and Pack, which doubles crop yields when harvested, including Plant Splicer research contribution! Happens automatically on applicable crops. (Available noon March 31st to April 2nd)

- Plant Splicer dialog now shows research time and grow time when you mouse over a crop’s icon.

- Can now research Super Blueberry, Mutated Berry, and Mutated Pepper crops at the plant splicer table.

- Re-ran the Flight of the Bushes mini event from April Fools 2014 with a new Blinky completion reward. Previous rewards available at the paranoid guy in the event area. (Available April 1st)

- Endangered Species mini-event part 3 with 3 new pets and completion reward. (Available April 2nd to 6th)

- Worked on the next major area content update!

- Fixed various reported typos and quest descriptions. Keep the reports coming!
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