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Colouring Sheets
Baby Kirin
Said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler
Rainbow Serpent
Spotting one is luckier than a pot of gold
Baby Unisus
A little winged unicorn
A tiny baby dragon
Snow Cat
Cuddles up to cold things instead of warm things
Muted Comic
A visualization of Nick's ongoing muting struggles
Extra Life Paranormies
The promotional image for the Phasmophobia show for CNE's Extra Life stream, featuring BW2 devs Georgia and Nick!
Hound of Hades
Best hope it serves you as well as its underworld master
Ghost Kitty
It's used up all nine lives
Rover Raccoon
Finds the best paw-washing puddles
Cougar Cub Scout
Has big paws to fill
Draft Horse
Drafted into the Jr. Whackers
Husky Pup
Still rides in the dog sled
Nick Muted
Was he muted? He was.
Cerberus Pup
Easier to keep track of than three separate puppies
Lion Cat
Hear their little roar
Jersey Devil
A cannonball fired directly upon it has no effect, in case you were wondering
A sketch of Georgia, the BW2 artist!
Swimmer Otter
Takes swimming to the next level
The fox spirit is an especially prolific shapeshifter
A sketch of Nick, one of the BW2 developers
Flower Fawn
Still a vegetarian, but camouflage
Flower Dragon
Snapdragon, Camas Dragon, Peony Dragon, your pick
Chimera Cub
Three creatures growing up together. They're very close.
A creature made up to impress people at a dinner party
Bunny and Chick
They are inseparable
Irish Terrier
One of the oldest terrier breeds
Muckie Monster
Nessie's rival
Eats your heart out, so you don't have to
A winged unicorn
Winged Bunny
Can jump forever
Eastern Dragon
A short long dragon
Lava Dragon
Careful not to burn your bottom sitting on this mount!
Nate Dragon
The ever BOMBastic, Nate Dragon (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 6)
Cozy Polar Cub
Needs some help staying warm (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 5)
Flying Reindeer
This reindeer knows how to fly! (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 4)
Fairy Ferret
Beware the flower weasel. (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 3)
Winged Tiger
Cha chi hu. (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 2)
Autumn Griffin
Griffin, Griffen, Gryphon, what have you. (Bush Whacker Weekly Stream 1)