Game Features
Monkeys. So many monkeys to choose from. All dressed up in awesome ways.
Monthly themed events such as Xmas, Halloween, Easter, and many more!
Dress your monkey with stylish hats! Stack them up real high and get super bonuses.
Test your mettle with Challenges. Finish them before the time's up for special prizes.
Recent News
May 23rd, 2014
Introducing Professor Puzzle Monkey! 

'It's A Puzzle!'
'No it's Event Monkeys!'
'You're BOTH wrong, it's a Puzzle Monkey ABOUT Event Monkeys!'

That's right folks, it's time for a new Puzzle Monkey! Professor Puzzle is fascinated with the Valentine, Easter and St. Patrick Monkeys, and followed them around during their respective events this year. He has prepared a 'photographic report' for you all to piece together, based on his findings.

Happy Breaking!                    

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