October 16th, 2023
Extra Life 2023 

We don't just love making games, we also love playing them. We look forward to Extra Life every year, but 2023 is extra special special: Codename Entertainment will be participating in our TENTH year of fundraising for BC Children's Hospital!

Welcome Back, Extra Life!

Since 2008, Extra Life has raised over $130 Million USD for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The money raised is donated as unrestricted funds for hospitals to use as needed. And how does Codename Entertainment help raise that money? By doing what our community loves to do already: playing games together!

If you would like to learn more about Extra Life, check out their FAQ. The local member hospital that Codename Entertainment supports is BC Children's Hospital and the funds we raise are donated to BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

2023 Schedule

Starting Friday, October 20th at 9am Pacific, Codename Entertainment is excited to once again put on a 24-hour Extra Life Twitch Stream! We have a lot of content planned this year -- just check out our schedule below:
  • 8:30AM — Founders Q&A
  • 9:30AM — Tactile Storytelling: Making D&D Props
  • 10:30AM — Goblins for Dinner
  • 12:30PM — Gardening With Elisa
  • 1:30PM — Battleball!
  • 4:15PM — Queen By Midnight
  • 6:00PM — Artomancy: Special Edition
  • 7:00PM — Idle Champions Karaoke
  • 8:00PM — Dad Jokes Don't Laugh Challenge
  • 9:00PM — Multiplayer Beat Saber
  • 10:30PM — Mario Party
  • 11:30PM — CNE vs Machine
  • 12:30AM — Fearwarned
  • 2:30AM — Jackbox Games
  • 4:30AM — Artomancy: Special Edition
  • 8:00AM — Mars in the Morning
  • 9:00AM — Thank-You and Goodnight!
Check out the Codename Entertainment Extra Life Page for information on how to donate!

How to Help

Along with supporting the 24-hour marathon on our Twitch Stream, we're offering these amazing in game incentives!

Bush Whacker 2

You can donate in Bush Whacker 2 by purchasing any of the three different Extra Life package deals! Net proceeds from all purchase of those packs between October 16-22nd will be donated to Extra Life! Each pack contains premium Bush Buck currency and Extra Life Elixirs which restore 100% of your max energy. Plus, pick up a laser sword in the other two packs: The Extra Life Game pack, and the Extra Life Bus pack! Find more details in-game!

Idle Champions

Dungeons & Dragons Boom Boom and Todd Stachwick

Idle Champions players can support Extra Life by purchasing Boom Boom the Tavernkeep Familiar between between October 16th and 22nd! All net proceeds from the first week of Boom Boom sales will be donated to Extra Life.

For more information about Boom Boom the Tavernkeep Familiar, check out the Boom Boom the Tavernkeep Familiar Blog!