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August 2nd, 2019
Dev Blog: Feats 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Want to learn more about the upcoming Feats system in Idle Champions? Well, you've come to the right place! Read on below to learn how you will be able to use Feats to augment your Champions' power and customize them to your liking!

What are Feats?

Oh, I'm glad you asked! Feats are small, Champion-specific buffs that you can unlock and assign to your Champions. You can have a small number of Feats assigned to each Champion at once, based on how many Feat Slots you've unlocked for the particular Champion. Feats allow you to customize your Champions in ways that make them better for you, and could unlock new formation possibilities.

How do I unlock Feat Slots?

Feat Slots are unlocked when a Champion reaches specific Champion levels. Once a Feat Slot is unlocked, it's unlocked forever and persists through resets. Additional Feat Slots require higher and higher Champion levels. You can see the level you must reach to unlock a new Feat Slot on the Champion Profile dialog. The level requirements are unique to each Champion.

How do I get Feats?

A small set of uncommon-tier Feats are available by default for every Champion. Rare feats can be found in gold chests (for all Champions, not just core and evergreen), or purchased with gems (it varies from Feat to Feat). Some epic Feats may be sold as sweeteners with weekend buff chests or found in other premium packages. Such Feats will also be available for a large sum of gems, starting as soon as the chests or package goes on sale.

How do I assign Feats?

You can assign Feats on the Champion Profile dialog. Select an unlocked Feat to assign it to an available Feat Slot. On the Champion Profile you can also see all the locked Feats for that Champion, and purchase ones which cost gems to unlock.

What kinds of things do Feats buff?

The initial set of Feats can do the following:
  • Buff a Champion's own damage
  • Buff global damage
  • Buff a Champion's hit points
  • Buff a Champion's healing
  • Buff the party's gold find
  • Buff one of Champion's formation abilities
  • Increase the overwhelm point of a Champion
  • Increase an ability score by 1 (STR/CON/DEX/INT/WIS/CHA)
Additional Feats may be added in the future that expand on this list.

What are the odds to get a Feat from a Gold Chest?

The odds to get a Feat from a gold chest are approximately 4% (1 in 25 chests). There is currently no pity timer on Feat drops from gold chests, so it's possible to go more chests than that without finding one. It is not currently possible to earn multiple Feats from a single gold chest.

Can I get Feats from any other chest types?

No. You can currently only get Feats from normal gold chests. Champion specific or weekend chests will not drop Feat cards.

Will new Champions have Feats right away?

Yes, new event and evergreen Champions will have a small set of Feats available as soon as they are released.

Will you add more Feats for existing Champions?

Yes, we plan to add additional Feats for some Champions over time as the opportunity arises.

When is this system going to be released?


Got any more questions about Feats? Tune in to our live stream over at starting at 1:00pm PDT on Thursday, August 8th! Lead Designer Justin Stocks will be joining Host Dylan Wilks to answer all your Feats-based questions!
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