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July 3rd
Idle Champions: Founders' Day 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Celebrations are in full swing in Waterdeep to commemorate the day the city was founded! The Champions have come to the Field of Triumph to join the festivities - but not all is well. Amongst the illusionary shows and magic-powered parades lurk servants of Archduke Zariel! Gather your formations and stop her evil plans before she harvests innocent souls for the Blood War!

Founders' Day 7 has arrived and introduces TWO new Champions! The first is Aeon, the Goliath Bard/Artificer from the creative mind B. Dave Walters. This Support/Debuff Champion is ready to bring her artificer skills to your formations and carve a path with her steel defender, Deuce. Next is Umberto Thornheart, the Human Druid, from the imaginative mind of Gail Simone. This Tanking/Support/Debuff Champion is ready to find clues, unleash some bees, and release the bear on your enemies. You can learn more about Aeon and Umberto Thornheart below. Also, you can choose three of eight previous Champions to unlock over the course of Founders' Day 7!

Also, starting with Founders' Day 7 we are introducing Event Augments to Events 2.0, with two augments that will help boost what you can get out of this event. Learn more about Event Augments later in this blog.

Table of Contents


Dungeons & Dragons Aeon created by B Dave Walters

    Aeon, a Goliath of exceptional intellect and charm, masterfully intertwines her skills as an Artillerist Artificer and Bard of the College of Whispers. Operating under the guise of a master tinkerer, she is, in truth, a cunning spy and manipulative puppet master.
Aeon is a Support and Debuff Champion who infiltrates the inner circle of one Patron each week to become eligible for all their adventures. She was created by B. Dave Walters, who the Idle Champions community already knows as the DM for many of our Idle Champions Presents livestreams and the creator behind Freely! He is also a published writer for comic books, graphic novels, and screenplays as well as a lead developer on many major TTRPGs. We're thrilled to bring another one of his characters into our formations!

Learn more about Aeon in our Champion Spotlight!

Umberto Thornheart

Dungeons & Dragons Umberto Created by Gail Somone

    Umberto Thornheart is the orphaned child of two infamous thieves, and saw his parents executed for their crimes. Rather than live on the streets, he was taken in by the very detective who arrested his parents, and eventually became a detective himself, hoping to protect the innocent and (perhaps) reform the guilty.

Umberto Thornheart is a Tanking, Support, and Debuff Champion who employs his detective prowess to aid his allies. He fights enemies with bees from his Swarmstaff and transforms into a formidable brown bear when situations are dire. His ongoing investigations progressively enhance his abilities, making him an invaluable asset in long adventures. Once unlocked, you can find this Human Druid sharing Seat 7 with Minsc.

Learn more about Umberto Thornheart in our Champion Spotlight!

Flex Champions

Flex Slots allow players to unlock additional Champions and earn chests during events, choosing from a pool of retired Champions associated with the event. This collection of retired Champions includes the Champions from previous years of the event as well as some Champions whose events have been retired. This event's Flex Slot pool includes:

  • Deekin (Seat 1)
  • Nahara (Seat 3)
  • Xander (Seat 5)
  • Sgt. Knox (Seat 6)

  • Freely (Seat 7)
  • Vin Ursa (Seat 7)
  • Walnut (Seat 8)
  • Strongheart (Seat 11)

Event Theme: Spies and Detectives

Throughout the event, we release new Packs for the featured & flex Champions everyone is unlocking & gearing up. Continuing with Founders' Day, the skins included in these packs will share a new theme!

For this event we are drawing on our two newest Champions, Aeon and Umberto, for the theme. One is a spy and one is a detective, and they're sharing their skills with this month's Flex Champions. Each Champion has been assigned either the role of Spy or Detective and our art team have decked them out in the appropriate gear to get their new job done!

Dungeons & Dragons Spies & Detectives

Starting today you can find the Detective Umberto Thornheart Theme Pack and the Spymaster Aeon Theme Pack in the in-game store. More Spies and Detectives are coming on July 10th and 17th.

Event Augments

Starting with Founders' Day 7 you can find a number of automatically unlocked augments to help boost what you can get out of each event. These augments will change each month, but some will return from time to time.

Boon Enhancements
Description: The power of most event boon buffs is increased by up to eight times.

Buff Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Global DPS
100% > 200%
300% > 900%
500% > 2500%
900% > 7200%
Gold Find
100% > 200%
200% > 600%
300% > 1500%
400% > 3200%
50% > 100%
100% > 300%
200% > 1000%
300% > 2400%
Click Damage
60s > 120s
150s > 450s
300s > 1500s
600s > 4800s
Game Speed
1.25 (no change)
1.75 (no change)
2.25 (no change)
2.75 (no change)

Empowered Rewards
Description: Tier 2 and higher event variants award Corrupted Gems in addition to their normal rewards

You can check out which Augments are active at any time by mousing over the Event Banner.

Augments Mouseover

We hope you enjoy these Event Augments and look forward to what future augment possibilities could be!

To learn more about Events 2.0 check out our Blog Post!

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