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March 1st
Idle Champions: Events 2.0 Preview Blog 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Table of Contents

Events 2.0 Goals

Events were the first system we added to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, kicking things off with our first event, Highharvestide, on September 28, 2017. Ever since then, events have remained largely unchanged – until now!

In the Idle Champions: 2024 State of the Game we stated our high level goals for Events 2.0. Before diving into the Events 2.0 Preview Blog, we want to reiterate our goals:

  1. Give players more choice over which Champions appear in events.
  2. Increase the depth of events with additional goals and rewards.
  3. Give more opportunities to update Champions outside of seasons.
Without further ado, let's talk about Events 2.0!

Note: Screenshots in this blog reflect a work in progress version of the Events 2.0 update. The finalized version may differ in layout or appearance.

Event Changes

Events 2.0 is a significant update to the events system in Idle Champions. Because players will now be able to unlock more Champions, content, and rewards through Events 2.0, we are increasing the duration of events from 12 days to 21 days. Events will typically begin on the first Wednesday of each month and run for three weeks. Content updates for Idle Champions will occur on the Wednesdays outside events.

Along with the Event duration change we are reducing the number of annual events, shifting from 17 annual events down to 12. Long term, we plan to retire the Midwinter, Greengrass, The Running, Midsummer, and Brightswords events. However, as we transition over to the new Event 2.0 schedule, there will be a Greengrass event in April 2024.

Finally, Champions whose events are no longer active will have new homes with other events. Those Champions will be available using Flex Slots during their new events along with other retired Champions from those events.

Featured Champions

Event 2.0 Events will have two Featured Champions. These Champions may be New Champions or Reworked Champions. Most events will have one New Champion and one Reworked Champion, however some may feature two New Champions, and some may feature two Reworked Champions.

All players will have free access to unlock and earn equipment for the same two Featured Champions each event. For our first Event 2.0 Event, Festival of Fools, all players will have access to the Reworked Champion, Dhadius the Scarlet, and the New Champion, The Dark Urge. Champion Spotlights for both of these Champions are coming early next week!

Dismantles will be offered for Reworked Champions for the duration of the event. However, the Dismantle period will end immediately if any Reworked Champion Chests are purchased using Event Tokens.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Events 2.0 Featured Champions The Dark Urge & Dhadius the Scarlet

Flex Slots

In addition to the two Featured Champions for an event, everyone will have access to three Flex Slots. Flex Slots allow players to select additional Champions to unlock and earn equipment for during each Event 2.0 Event, choosing from a pool of retired Champions associated with the event. This pool of retired Champions includes the Champions from previous years of the event as well as some Champions whose events have been retired.

Events begin with one Flex Slot open with an additional Flex Slot opening during the second and third weeks of an Event 2.0 Event. Between the two Featured Champions and the three Flex Slot Champions, players will be able to unlock and earn equipment for at least 60 Champions each year through Events 2.0.

There is also an extra Supporter Slot available during Event 2.0 Events. The Supporter Slot is an additional Flex Slot that can be unlocked as an additional bonus for making an in-game purchase of specially marked event-related DLC during an event.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Events 2.0 Flex & Supporter Slots

Event Tiers & Rewards

Events 2.0 allows players to Tier Up events for individual Champions once all three of their event variants have been completed. This grants access to the next Event Tier and three additional event variants, which have increased difficulty and additional rewards.

There are currently four Event Tiers in total, increasing the number of Gold Champion Chests available from events for each Champion from three to 12. Completing Event Tiers also unlocks Event Buffs for associated Champions, which last for 60 days from the start of the event they unlock in. Some Event Tiers may also reward unique Feats and special consumable items. Not all Champions will initially launch with these additional rewards, however Featured Champions will always have them.

Event Tiers do not reset between events, so you can continue to progress through a Champion's Tiers during future events. Additionally, Event Buffs unlocked through Event Tiers will become active once again if you choose the Champion in a flex slot in a future event.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Events 2.0 Prestige Event Tiers

Quality of Life Updates

As part of the Events 2.0 update, we are also making several quality of life updates:
  • Bounty Contracts used outside of events will award Event Tokens for the next event.
  • Event adventures, variants, and free plays no longer cost Event Tokens to start.
  • Event Tokens are now only used to purchase Event Chests directly (free plays no longer need to be grinded to obtain extra chests).
  • Event Tokens left over once an event ends will automatically be converted to Champion chests.
  • Retired Champions may come out of retirement.
  • Event Boons are granted to players who purchase specially marked event-related DLC during an event. There are four tiers of Event Boons that offer buffs to Champion Damage, Gold Find, Champion Health, Click Damage, and Speed. These buffs increase with each tier of Event Boon. Additionally, the first purchase that grants an Event Boon will also unlock the Supporter Slot.

What's Next?

Barring any last-minute issues, Events 2.0 will go live on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. We're eager and excited to receive your feedback and make further improvements to this system based on how you're using it!

March 1st
BW2: March 2024 Bubble Buddies Mini-Event! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

A Visitor From the Far Far Ranch

The Far Far Ranch is far far away, but there's a visitor that's brought a piece of it to the Commons!

Bea's visiting from the Far Far Ranch and has brought three Bubble Buddies to see if they'll thrive in Bushwhackia.

Bubble Buddies

Bubble Buddies are cute bouncy critters that come in an array of looks and abilities! Let's see the three Bea's brought with her:

Buddies eat Bushy Carrots and output Blorts, which Bea will trade you for in her Ye Bouncy Buddy Boutique store. Watch the buddies get bigger and bigger as you feed them!

Buddies will also eat the more rare Spicy Tofu to output Blorts AND a resource unique to that buddy. Here are the buddies and their unique yields:

Dragon Buddy - Gold
Hedgehog Buddy - Gems
Raccoon Buddy - Mana/Power

During Bea's visit, Bushy Carrots and Spicy Tofu can be found in bushes all over Bushwhackia.

Help feed their bouncy bodies, earn Blorts, and redeem prizes! The saying goes, 'Big Buddies have bottomless bellies!'

Instant Egg Incubation!

Bea's brought a machine that can instantly hatch a basic pet egg! You'll need to whack up a lot of fuel to get it working, via a challenging collection quest. Should you manage it quickly, you can even attempt it a couple more times at the cost of some Bush Bucks to repair the egg machine.

A Feeding Frenzy!

Bea and her buddies leave on Wednesday March 6th, so make the most of the opportunity while you can!

Discuss this mini-event on the forums!
February 23rd
BW2: Creature Collector - Utahraptor mounts! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Coppers of the Creature Collector

The eccentric Creature Collector has returned to the Commons, this time with a trio of vicious utahraptor mounts!

Head to the event area and choose one to train. You have until noon on Wednesday February 28th to complete the collector's four daily quests, level up your chosen creature, earn Creature Coppers to spend in their store, and get another page to your Creature Collector's Compendium!

The Compendium Page will be given after the event ends. If you don't have the Creature Collector's Compendium ranch item, you'll get it when you get your first page.

After the event, the collector will be taking their creature back unless you adopt it by purchasing its corresponding mount pack, available starting Monday February 26th.

Train hard, Bush Whackers!

The training quests unlock at noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Those busy on the weekends can still catch up!

- The VIP "Quest Reset" power does not reset these mini event quests, and they are not affected by the Time Turner and Timey Whimey Watch.
- Swapping your event mount with a higher level mount doesn't count towards event progress.
- These three mounts earn double the experience compared to other mounts for the duration of this mini-event!
- Expiring mounts cannot have their bonuses swapped.

Ye Olde Creature Collector's Galleria - Mounts

When you speak to Tanela Tiva in the event area, you can select the "What past mounts are for sale?" chat option.

This will open a new store, which will contain 3 non-event premium mounts you have never owned! They cost Bush Bucks, like in event stores. The selection will change next time Tanela Tiva visits to event area.

We've done this in response to players asking to see old premium mounts they've missed out on, to help you fill out your pet collection. Snag those old-school mounts you're missing out on!

Read the Release Notes!

Discuss on the forums!

February 21st
Idle Champions: Fleetswake 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

You've been recruited by a merchant guild in Waterdeep to look into a number of mysterious missing ships over the past year. The Fair Seas Festival is a good time to look into this as people are quite open about the dangers of the sea, the fury of Umberlee, and so forth.

Many people blame Umberlee for the missing ships, but the merchant guild isn't so sure...

Fleetswake 7 introduces Dynaheir, the Wychlaran wizard from Baldur's Gate 2! Also returning is Solaak, the kalashtar ranger, and Desmond, the werewolf ranger! Players have until Monday, March 4th at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Fleetswake 7 unlocks and objectives.


    Dynaheir is a Wychlaran Invoker hailing from the distant land of Rashemen, who travels with her stalwart bodyguard, Minsc. She carries a deep-seated animosity toward the Red Wizards of Thay, and the mere mention of these hated adversaries sparks a fiery determination in her eyes and a steely edge to her voice.
Dynaheir the Invoker is a Support and Speed Champion who buffs hardy Champions while helping increase quest progress. This human wizard can be found in Seat 3 opposite of Nayeli once she is unlocked.

For more information on Dynaheir and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

Year Seven Variants

The Wychlaran of Rashemen - Search for some missing ships during Fleetswake in Waterdeep with Dynaheir!
  • Dynaheir joins the formation. She can be moved, but not removed.
  • You may only use Champions with a CON of 15 or higher.
  • Getting to know Dynaheir: Dynaheir increases the damage of resilient heroes. Use as many as you can to get the most from her abilities!
  • Reach Area 75.

Thayan Threat - Search for some missing ships during Fleetswake in Waterdeep while fighting Red Wizards!
  • Dynaheir joins the formation. She can be moved, but not removed.
  • Quest requirements are increased by 25% in non-boss areas.
  • A Red Wizard spawns with every wave in non-boss areas.
  • Getting to know Dynaheir: Humanoids (and therefore Red Wizards) are Dynaheir's favored foe, and her favored foes have a chance to drop double quest progress when defeated!
  • Reach Area 125.

Minsc's Dajemma - Search for some missing ships while helping Minsc with his journeys.
  • Dynaheir and Minsc join the formation. They can be moved, but not removed.
  • You may not use Tanking Champions.
  • Getting to know Dynaheir: Minsc is Dynaheir's bodyguard. Use Dynaheir's specialization choice to turn him into a durable defender!
  • Reach Area 175.

We would love to hear about your experiences in Idle Champions on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

February 9th
BW2: Be our 2024 Valentine? 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Valentine's Day Bushwhackers!

The residents of the Commons are putting on a Valentine's Day dance, so you know what that means! Helping with the set-up through one-time and daily quests, plus turn-ins!

It's not Valentine's without presents! Help stock the stands with Chocolates, Teddy Bears and Roses by turning in Candy Hearts as the stations unlock.

Getting Organized

The event organizer seems a bit frazzled. Why don't you help her out by doing her set-up quests each day? And don't forget to keep those party supplies topped off!

Once the Valentine's dance has started, you get to look for the partner of your choice to share a moment on the dance floor.

Jim & Sasha <3

Jim and Sasha's relationship quests are around. If you haven't married them yet, you'll see either their Dating or Proposal quest line. If they are married, you get to help the pair pack for their honeymoon, or celebrate their anniversary.

Your Secret Admirer

And who is that mysterious note from this year?

Like Rabbits

Aaron's bunnies, Cinnamon and Snowball, have run off and are making like, well rabbits! This is a challenging quest that might take you the better part of the event to complete, as you've got to catch not only Cinnamon and Snowball, but their 100 little bunny babies as well! Good luck!

Nate's Complicated Relationship

Nate's needs your help setting up a date with his one true love: Adventure! When he returns from his "date", he'll bring you back a Trophy for his sister Natalie. Later on, one of the girls will need some support after her Kindler Date dumps her. Ice Cream daily quests ought to help, until it's time to help them through the 5 stages of grief. All five quests will unlock right after each other and then she will have a new daily quest for you.

Battle of the Bands!

If you're all caught up on Jimmie's quest series, he'll challenge Marvin to a battle of the bands! You're the judge, assuming you can stay conscious during their face-melting guitar solos!

Changing Sanctuary Partners!

Now's the only change to break up with your current partner in Sanctuary Village. Sounds harsh, I know. But we've gotten requests to be able to switch who you're dating, so this is how you do it: Talk to your partner, Burl or Faun, and choose the "I think we should break up" chat option. After which you'll be able to date the other person, or even them again. Note you can only do this during the Valentine's event, and cannot do it during the Gift of Love quest.

New for 2024

This year's update includes:

- new quests featuring the dragon from Nate's birthday (see details for requirements)
- new costume items in the store!
- new ranch items in the store!
- new pet packs!
- new mount packs!
- new ribbons and 100% reward!
- Updated 2 of the VIP event rewards
- new music selections to Marvin the band leader: jungle, cloudland, tropical, and north pole
- Rebalanced turn-in progress. You can get 100% by completing all the quests and turning in station items found while whacking a minimum of 3 energy bars worth of bushes

Holiday Trees!

If you can complete the event, you'll earn this awesome 100% reward: the Valentine's Tree!

The Dragon Flight

Remember that dragon that was invited to Nate's birthday but continued to burn the Commons because it was sick? It's back!

This quest replaces Nate's Teddy Bear quest after you've completed his "Crawling Back" quest the previous year.


There are a total of 21 possible achievements to earn this event.

Returning Achievements

Party Planning Committee - You helped at least once at each Valentines Station.
Party Planning Leader - You helped 50 times at each Valentines station.
Pet Detective - You found each of the lost pets at least once.
Nate's Date - You helped Nate pick a Date.
The Five Stages of Grief - You helped Nate's rejection get through her pain.
Two Left Feet - You danced at the Valentines Dance.
Setup Wizard - You helped the party organizers with all their tasks.
Guitar Training - Follow through with Virtuoso Guitarist Jimmie's lessons.
A Secret Admirer - Find a note from a true secret admirer.

New Achievements

Love Store(y) - Purchase all of the 2024 Valentine's Event Item!*

We also have 11 achievements from previous years which may be earnable by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Customization Lover - You bought all the Valentines things from 2013!
Customize Your Love - You bought all the Valentines things from 2014!
Heart-wearer - You bought all the Valentines things from 2015!
Hearts Hearts Hearts! - You bought all the Valentines things from 2016!
Passionate Purchases - You bought all the Valentines things from 2017!
Romantic Acquisitions - Purchase all of the 2018 Valentine's Event Item!
Winsome Wardrobe - Purchase all of the 2019 Valentine's Event Item!
Smitten Shopper - Purchase all of the 2020 Valentine's Event Item!
Beguiling Garments - Purchase all of the 2021 Valentine's Event Item!
Looking Lovely - Purchase all of the 2022 Valentine's Event Item!
Romance Novelties - Purchase all of the 2023 Valentine's Event Item!

*The Valentine's mini-golf piece is not included in the Love Store(y) achievement.

New Mounts!

Follow your passions and tame a Phoenix mount during the first weekend of the event!

New Pets!

Starting next Friday, the 3 new Valentine's themed pets for this year will be available to purchase over the weekend! Can they woo your heart?

This event runs until Friday February 23rd @ Noon PST (8pm GMT).

Post your love for the event here!
February 8th
Idle Champions: 2024 State of the Game 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Table of Contents


Hello! I'm Chris Dupuis, the Executive Producer for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. In my role, I plan the release schedule and coordinate with our incredibly talented team throughout the various stages of production, from initial concept to final release. It's a genuine pleasure to finally be able to share the exciting updates our team has been tirelessly working on over the past few months.

2023 was a fantastic year for Idle Champions, and I want to thank our dedicated community for joining us on this adventure! We have a small team here at Codename, but we all work together towards the same goal of releasing fun and exciting content for you, our players. Last year:
  • We launched 18 new Adventure & Variant updates, 17 Events & Champions, four Seasons, and four Celebration Events.
  • We introduced and released four Emergence Events, starting with the Red Wizard Emergence around the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.
  • We featured two Idle Champions Presents in-game events and Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play campaigns with our community of incredibly talented content creators, introducing everyone to new original Champions: Miria, Solaak, Thellora, and Jang Sao.
  • The Idle Champions community came together to raise over $30,000 for some amazing charities, including One Tree Planted, Lambert House, Take This, and Extra Life.
  • Last but certainly not least, we worked with many fantastic partners last year including Deerstalker Pictures, Penny Arcade, and Cryptic Studios/Gearbox Software. We'd also like to give an extra special shout out to Larian Studios, who helped us to bring characters from the award-winning Baldur's Gate 3 to Idle Champions!
2024 is shaping up to be another big year for the game. We'll celebrate the 7th anniversary of Idle Champions this September, but before we get there we've got some big updates planned. We've got a lot to discuss, so let's get started!

Pausing Seasons for Core System Updates

We introduced Seasons to Idle Champions in September of 2022. Since then, we've rolled out seven Seasons featuring 35 Champions. However, Seasons are very resource-intensive to design and develop, and even though we have been able to keep up a steady stream of Season content, the time we've had available to work on other major system updates has been minimal. With that in mind, we put Seasons development on pause following the release of Season 7: The Rivals so that we could shift resources towards two major core system updates that we are very excited to finally be able to share with you now.

Without further ado, I'll let designers Peter Lee and Justin Stocks introduce you to Collections & Guide Quests, and Events 2.0.

Collections & Guide Quests

I’m Peter Lee, System Designer for Idle Champions. You may best know my work from my career at Wizards of the Coast, where I worked on the development of the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons and on board games like Lords of Waterdeep. I’ve been at Codename Entertainment since October 2021, where you’ve seen my hand in Champion designs and Adventure Variants. I've endeavored to make each new Champion feature an ability that makes them stand apart from the others, like Dungeon Master's Special Guest Star and Karlach's ties to the Zariel Patron. Today, I’m here to talk about Collections and Guide Quests.

Our revisions to Collections and the introduction of Guide Quests have two goals:
  1. Help players to more effectively track their progress within Idle Champions.
  2. Guide players (especially new or returning players) through the vast and ever-growing content of Idle Champions.
To start things off, we’re greatly increasing the usefulness of the Collections dialog. The current implementation shows the Champions and Equipment you have collected, but there is a lot more to the game than that! The updated dialog will feature Familiars, Skins, Campaign progress, Patrons, and so much more. There will be progress bars to show your overall completion, filtering to make it easy to search your Collections, and requirements to unlock major features like Trials, Campaigns, and Patrons.

It can be daunting to know what to do next in Idle Champions, especially for newer players. Guide Quests help players to determine what they should do next. These will work similarly to how Quests worked with Seasons, however, Guide Quests do not expire, and you can complete them at your leisure! As you complete these Quests, you’ll unlock additional, more difficult quests which will continue showing your potential paths through the game.

Each time you complete a Guide Quest you will earn rewards. In many cases it will be Corrupted Gems, but you’ll also find various Gold Chests and even some Scales of Tiamat. For our experienced players, there will be a button that lets you claim all the rewards at once, so you won’t have to click through hundreds of completed quests when they go live.

We’ll periodically add additional Quests as new content goes live, and I’m excited to see how this helps players progress through the game!

Events 2.0

Hello, my name is Justin Stocks and I am the Lead Designer for Idle Champions. You can interact with me and my co-founder David Whittaker on our Dev Insights stream every Thursday at 2PM PT at I am here to talk about the next major system update for Idle Champions: Events 2.0.

The event system was the first system we added to Idle Champions after we released the game in September 2017, and aside from some small tweaks, events have remained mostly unchanged. Events 2.0 is an evolution of this system, using everything we have learned over the past six and a half years.

Our goals with Events 2.0 are three-fold:
  1. Give players more choice over which Champions appear in events.
  2. Increase the depth of events with additional goals and rewards.
  3. Give more opportunities to update Champions outside of seasons.
So how did we approach each of these goals? Well, let me tell you.

Our first objective is to give players more choice over what Champions they recruit and gear up in events. This has become an increasingly important design task over the past couple of years, and even more so now that the number of unique Champions in the game has surpassed 100. Gearing up all of those old Champions is a daunting, time-consuming task! In Events 2.0, players will have the opportunity to customize their event by picking from a list of Champions associated with the event. There will be two Featured Champions in each event that everyone has access to, along with three other "flex slots" that allow players to customize the event to their liking. Flex slot Champions will include previously-retired Champions, going all the way back to year one superstars like Gromma, Strix, and Zorbu. This, combined with the ability to get more Gold Chests by completing the higher event tiers, should make it much easier to fully equip your entire roster of Champions.

Let's talk about goals and rewards next. In Events 2.0, after you finish all three variants, that Champion's event will upgrade to the next tier up. This allows you to replay the variants, each with a higher area requirement and another gold chest reward. Additionally, each completed tier will award a powerful buff for that Champion that will last during the event and continue for a period of time after the event ends. Finally, the highest tiers will award unique Feats and special consumable items. These tiers will reward players who have built powerful formations and geared up their Champions to meet the game's hardest challenges. If you don't quite have the power to beat them yet, don't worry! The next time you pick that same Champion in a future event, you'll be able to start from where you left off the last time and push for those high-tier rewards!

We mentioned that there will be two Featured Champions in each event, and this is related to our third objective. Not all Featured Champions will be new Champions -- some will be reworks of existing Champions! Most events will have one new Champion and one reworked Champion, but some could have two new Champions or even two reworked Champions, depending on what cool designs we've been cooking up.

Now, you might be thinking that having five event Champions to recruit and gear up in just 12 days is a bit much. You'd be right, but we are adjusting the cadence and length of events to account for this! Events in this new system will typically start on the first Wednesday of each month and last for three weeks. Time gate weekends and content releases will occur during the weeks between events. This will reduce the number of events per year from 17 to 12, but it will increase the number of Champions you can recruit and gear up during events from 51 to 60.

To cap this section, here's a quick summary of the changes from Legacy Events to Events 2.0:

Legacy Events
Events 2.0
Recruit and gear up to three Champions per event (51 Champions per year)
Recruit and gear up to FIVE Champions per event (60 Champions per year)
Three set Champions per event (no player choice)
TWO set Champions, then up to THREE additional player-picked Champions per event
One new Champion per event
TWO new or reworked Champions per event
Up to three Gold Chests from variants (per Champion)
Up to 12 Gold Chests from variants (per Champion)
Max variant area requirement of 175 (not scaling based on progression)
Max variant area starts at 175 and increases alongside event tier (scaling based on progression)
Generally no unique rewards (ie. feats/skins/buffs)
Cool unique rewards for the new/reworked Champions, and buffs for all Champions
One event every three weeks (on average, but with confusing exceptions)
One event per month (predictably starting on the first Wednesday)
Events last 12 days
Events last 21 days

What's Next?

Hey, it's Chris Dupuis again! Right now we're working to polish up both systems for their releases on February 28th (Collections & Guide Quests) and March 6th (Events 2.0). However, I'm sure you have a bunch of questions! Tune into Dev Insights over the coming weeks with your questions about Collections & Guide Quests and Events 2.0. We also plan to roll out dedicated preview blogs for each system before their release – here’s what to expect over the coming weeks:
  • Collections & Guide Quests Rollout:
    • Collections & Guide Quests Preview Blog on Friday, February 23rd
    • Collections & Guide Quests LIVE on Wednesday, February 28th

  • Events 2.0 Rollout:
    • Events 2.0 Preview Blog on Friday, March 1st
    • Champion Spotlights for [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on Monday, March 4th & Tuesday, March 5th
    • Events 2.0 LIVE on Wednesday, March 6
Before we sign off, I want to share a heartfelt thank you to all of our players from our team here at Codename Entertainment. Thank you for reading through this blog, playing, and joining us on this fantastic adventure. We look forward to hearing your questions in the coming weeks, as well as your thoughts and feedback once we release these updates in the coming months!

January 12th
BW2: Celebrate Nate's Birthday Event 2024! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy Birthday Nate!

It's that time of year again! Help celebrate Nate Dragon's birthday by decorating the Commons for him....because no one else will.

Safety First

First and foremost, whenever Nate is involved, safety becomes a priority. Find Safety Coins in the bushes and bring them to the stations in the Commons to stock up on protective gear. Turn in 10 coins at each station 50 times for an achievement. You can see the number of turn-ins you've completed at a station when you turn in a set of coins. The Kevlar Pad station is there on the first day of the event, and the Fire Extinguisher and Band Aid stations will unlock as the event goes on.

Party Preparation

Then it seems Nate needs decorations and activities to set up in the Commons. Go out daily and find things for his party. Have fun trying out the activity stations as many times as you want!

Dragon Costuming

If you're trying to get Tiny Little Arms or Just Like Nate achievements, or if you just want to have a little fun, you need to be wearing all pieces of the Dragon gear or the Nate outfit (available from the vendor's Bush Bucks store if it's your first time playing this event) while completing the 4 party Stations: Dynamite Activity, Campfire Activity, Digging Activity and the Training Whacking Activity.

Fire! Fire!

If you've built the Town Hall, you can expect an fiery visitor to the party as well!

New for 2024

This year's update includes:

- a new cursed cubes quest, with a new companion to collect!
- new costume items in the store!
- new ranch items in the store!
- new pet packs!
- new mount packs!
- new ribbons and 100% reward!
- Updated 2 of the VIP event rewards
- Rebalanced turn-in progress. You can get 100% by completing all the quests and turning in station items found while whacking a minimum of 3 energy bars worth of bushes

Holiday Trees!

As this is the first event of 2024, we're introducing a new 100% reward set - Holiday Trees! Collect them all!

Nate's Generous Uncle

New year, new gift from Nate's uncle! He seems apologetic enough, so maybe this one won't be cursed...


There are a total TWENTY TWO possible Achievements to earn in this event:

Returning Achievements

Safety First - You completed a turn-in at each of the Safety Stations.
Safety Inspector - You completed 50 turn-ins at each of the Safety Stations.
Without a Hitch - You helped Nate with all of his Birthday quests!
Neverending Supply - You completed all 4 of the Birthday event daily quests 3 times.
Firefighter - You put out a fire and saved a building in the Commons! [Requires the Town Hall built]
Dragon Slayer - You scared off a dragon and saved the Commons!
Surprise Explosions! - You helped organize a surprise party for Nate.
A Heroic Gift - Help Natalie make Nate look like a hero for his birthday.
Cursed Cubes! - You removed the cube curse!

New Achievements

Nate's Fortune - You bought all the 2024 Nate's Birthday event items!

Retired Achievements

We have 12 achievements from previous year's events, which may be earned by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present during the initial year:

Nate's Novelties - You bought all the 2023 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate-tional Treasure - You bought all the 2022 Nate's Birthday event items!
Birthday Spoils - You bought all the 2021 Nate's Birthday event items!
Birthday Blowout - You bought all the 2020 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate-Nacs - You bought all the 2019 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Treasures - You bought all the 2018 Nate's Birthday event items!
Birthday Souvenirs - You bought all the 2017 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Finer Things - You bought all the 2016 Nate's Birthday event items!
Nate's Stash - You bought all the 2015 Nate's Birthday event items!
Tiny Little Arms - You bungled each activity station while dressed like a Dragon
Nate's Inventory - You bought all the 2014 Nate's Birthday event items!
Just Like Nate! - You bungled each activity station while dressed like Nate.

*The mini-golf piece is not included in the Nate's Fortune achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

Grab a new bombastic partner!

Mount Packs

To kick off the event, we're having a sale! Get 30% more on purchase of 50 Bush Bucks or more! Plus, all new mounts are available this weekend, from Jan 12th to 15th!

The Nate Motorcycle mount comes free with your first purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more!

The Dragon Motorcycle and Cybercycle are in packs containing 100 Bush Bucks, 10 Pristine Feed Vouchers, and a VIP Voucher! These two mounts produce their own unique sparkly particles when you ride them!

Pet Packs

Three new pets can be seen in the event area later on. You can pick them up January 19th to 22nd in Pet Packs bursting with goodies! Want them all? Grab them all for less in the bundle!

Many other pets and ranch items available from previous years via "Nate's Olde Mischief Market". Talk to the event store clerk to view this store!

This event runs until Friday January 26th, 2024 @ Noon PST (8pm UTC).

Post your thoughts and feedback here!
January 10th
Idle Champions: Midwinter 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Deadwinter Day arrives once again in Longsaddle. While most citizens keep warm in their homes and exchange gifts to celebrate the midpoint of winter with friends and family, the Champions are hired by the infamous Harpells to patrol the outskirts of town...

Midwinter 7 introduces Karlach, the Tiefling Barbarian from Baldur's Gate 3! Also returning is Fen, the Drow Dhampir Warlock from the Black Dice Society, and Rust on the Harbour, the hydrophobic Tabaxi Rogue and sometimes member of the Oxventure Guild. Players have until Monday, January 22nd at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Midwinter 7 unlocks and objectives.


    Freshly escaped from Hell, Karlach is finally free of the Archdevil Zariel - but not from the infernal engine Zariel planted in her chest. With her first taste of freedom in ten years, Karlach is eager to find a fix for the engine that’s burning hotter and hotter before it burns her out completely. But even more premiere in her mind? Exploring, finding like-minded travelers, falling in love (or lust)...and taking revenge on the man who sold her to Zariel all those years ago.

Karlach is a DPS, Support, and Tanking Champion who ignites in fire when her rage kicks in. Once unlocked, you can find this Tiefling Barbarian in Seat 4 opposite Jarlaxle.

For more details on Karlach and her abilities, check out her Champion Blog, or her Spotlight Video!

Year Seven Variants

Let's March! - Patrol the outskirts of Longsaddle on Deadwinter Day with Karlach!
  • Karlach joins the formation. She can't be moved or removed.
  • Only Champions in the front two columns can deal damage.
  • Getting to know Karlach: As a tank, Karlach is best in the front of the formation. Will you use her as a support or as your main DPS?
  • Reach Area 75.

This Is The Best Day - Patrol the outskirts of Longsaddle on Deadwinter Day.
  • Karlach joins the formation. She can't be moved or removed.
  • Karlach starts with The Fury of Avernus and Rage abilities unlocked.
  • An animated Clive also joins the formation.
  • All damage against enemies is reduced to 1 until Karlach has at least 20 Rage stacks. (This includes click damage!)
  • Karlach gains an additional Rage stack whenever any other Champion in the formation attacks.
  • Getting to know Karlach: Karlach's Rage kicks in after lots of attacks happen. If she's tanking a lot of enemies, her Rage will grow more quickly.
  • Reach Area 125.

Zariel's Champion - Patrol the outskirts of Longsaddle on Deadwinter Day.
  • Karlach joins the formation. She can't be moved or removed.
  • Other than Karlach, you may only use Champions with a STR of 10+ and a CHA of 13+.
  • Getting to know Karlach: As Zariel's Champion, Karlach can always be used in Zariel Patron challenges. Which Champions will you use with her?
  • Reach Area 175.

We would love to hear about your experiences in Idle Champions on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

January 5th
BW2: Lost Woods Mini-Event Jan 2024 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

The mysterious Lost Woods has returned to the Commons event area! Delve into the Lost Woods and solve puzzles area by area in search of lost fairies and earn rewards as you delve deeper and deeper.

The Lost Woods

In the Lost Woods, you whack bushes to solve field puzzles, area by area, in search of lost fairies and earn rewards as you delve deeper and deeper! Enter it via the entrance in the Commons event area.

The Lost Woods is a Dungeon with a maximum tier of 8 and no increasing bush whacking costs. These limits are added so it can fit in the limited time period of a week long mini-event.

To accommodate the different bush whacking skills of early and veteran players, you can complete the event by Tier 2, but can continue on for unique rewards if you're able.


This year's update includes:
- Added new 100% completion ranch item
- Added new tier reward costume items
- Added year 3 sequel quest for Hyah!
- A new fairy waits at the final area
- Added last year's rewards are to "Ye Items Lost in the Woods" prior items store
- Added a spring forest subzone
- Increased Rupee reward for Hyah!'s quests and removed Gold reward
- Rebalanced Saria's satchel Rupee costs
- Can now turn in the main quest at the Skull Boy in the event area after completing all 8 tiers

What is a Dungeon?

'Endless Dungeon' is the technical term for a new system, where you enter the dungeon, complete puzzles in a series of small areas, and collect a special reward at the end, where you return to the entrance and can enter again.

When you click the entrance of a dungeon, you'll see the following popup with some details about your progress in the dungeon. Click the big arrow/doorway button to enter the dungeon!

Runs and Tiers

Each of these can be called a "run". Each run requires you complete an increasing number of areas to complete. The first might be 3 areas, the next 6, then 9, etc. These goals are called "Tiers" of the dungeon. You start at Tier 1, complete its 3 areas, and claim its reward to complete it. You can then enter it again at Tier 2.

Each area has a small reward in a silver chest, and each tier has a more unique or greater reward.

Some dungeons will have a maximum tier (like the Lost Woods), and some will not. And some dungeons will have increasing bush whacking costs (bush energy and mana whack), and some will not (like the Lost Woods).

Areas and Effects

Each area of a dungeon is randomly generated. The field, the decorations, visitors, where you enter and leave, and the 'Area Effects'.

What are Area Effects? There modifiers like what your trinkets, pets, mounts, and runes give you, but apply only when you're in the area. These could be positive or negative. Maybe increase energy odds, decreased power odds, or maybe something more weird.

If an area has effects, you can see what the area effect is by mousing over the 'E' star near your mana bar.

This mini event runs until noon on Friday January 12th. Chat about this mini-event on the forum!
December 20th, 2023
Idle Champions: Wintershield 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Wintershield sees a celebration of maps in the Realms, symbolizing our paths through the new year. As part of this year's tradition, the Champions have purchased a map from a Waterdeep street vendor. Then it started talking...

Wintershield 7 introduces Wyll, the Human Warlock from Baldur's Gate 3, and brings back two Heroes of Baldur's Gate-aligned Champions: Imoen the Human Rogue/Wizard, and the Viconia DeVir the Drow Cleric of Shar! Players have until Monday, January 1st, 2023 at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Wintershield 7 unlocks and objectives.


    From a scion of a famed Baldurian house to a life of adventure on the road, Wyll’s life as the monster hunter called the Blade of Frontiers has made him one of the beating hearts of the Sword Coast. While he has done great deeds for the Coast’s people, the source of his power remains secret. The cambion Mizora drew Wyll into a warlock’s pact in a moment with many lives at stake, and cursed him with the duty of hunting her enemies. Mizora only asks Wyll to sacrifice devilish creatures to her, but a cambion’s ambitions are ever fickle, and Wyll wishes to escape the pact before its price grows cruel.

Wyll is a Support Champion ready to help whoever he can, so he supports all heroes from the most represented race, class, or affiliation in the formation. He is also cursed with a mind flayer's tadpole, providing further boosts with all of the Absolute Adversaries. This Human Warlock can be found in Seat 12 opposite Arkhan. You can find out more in the Wyll Champion Spotlight.

Year Seven Variants

Defender of the Innocent - Help a poor map find its way home for the holidays with Wyll!
  • Wyll joins the formation (Slot 5). He can be moved, but not removed.
  • Only Champions from the most represented races, classes, and affiliations in the formation may deal damage.
  • Getting to know Wyll: Wyll's support abilities target the most represented race, class, or affiliation in the formation. Which trait are you going to build around?
  • Reach Area 75.

The Infernal and the Demonic - Help a poor map find its way home for the holidays as Wyll teaches Tiefling children how to fight!
  • Wyll joins the formation (Slot 5). He can be moved, but not removed.
  • Squiddy also joins the formation to be taught how to fight by the Blade of Frontiers!
  • Each wave spawns an additional fiend. These foes don't drop gold nor count towards quest progress.
  • Getting to know Wyll: Wyll's favored foes are Fiends, so the formation deals more damage against them when Wyll is in the formation.
  • Reach Area 125.

Reading the Fine Print - Help a poor map find its way home with advice for Wyll's Pact boon!
  • Wyll joins the formation (Slot 5) He can be moved, but not removed.
  • You may only use Champions with a melee or magic attack. And Astarion, 'cause he's special.
  • Only Wyll and Champions with a familiar assigned to level them up can deal damage.
  • Getting to know Wyll: Wyll's favored foes are Fiends, so the formation deals more damage against them when Wyll is in the formation.
  • Reach Area 175.

We would love to hear about your experiences in Idle Champions on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!