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March 23rd, 2022
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 4 
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Our Champions start to unravel the mysteries of Prismeer, and a new Evergreen Champion is released!

This week's update to the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign brings new adventures and adventure variants. Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, The Prince of a Thousand Enemies and Downfall, in order to access these new Adventures.

Slack-jawed Lorna

Face off against the first hag of the Hourglass Coven with a new Bullywug friend in tow.
Complete Reach area 450.
  • Variant: I'm Sure I Saw It Move! — Face off against the first hag of the Hourglass Coven with Champions that don't like stuffed animals.
    • Only Champions with a WIS of 12 or lower may be used.
    • In Non-Boss areas, each wave spawns an extra 3-5 random Taxidermy Animals. They do not drop gold, or count towards quest progress.
    • In Boss areas, The second wave spawns a Taxidermy Monstrosity boss monster. It must also be defeated to progress.
    • Complete area 500.

The Fairy Rings of Thither

Enter the forests of Thither and continue to unravel the mysteries of Prismeer.
Complete area 400.
  • Adventure Variant: Zarak's Revenge — Enter the forests of Thither for the return of Zarak!
    • An Awakened Toadstool joins the formation. Champions next to the Toadstool have their base attack cooldown increased by 5s.
    • In Boss areas, the second wave spawns Zarak, a boss monster with 10 armored HP. He must also be defeated to progress. When defeated, he runs off the screen.
    • Complete area 550.
  • Adventure Variant: Bully for You! — Enter the forests of Thither to prove you are ready for a new froggy friend.
    • A Bullywug joins the formation. Every 25 areas the Bullywug leaps to a new formation slot.
    • Any Champion the Bullywug leaps on is knocked out for the rest of the adventure. (You may recruit a new Champion from that bench seat)
    • Champions can't be removed from the formation once they have been added.
    • Fire breath potions can't be used during the adventure, and click damage has no effect after area 100.
    • Complete area 600.
    • Unlocks Blooshi I - Check out the Blooshi Champion Spotlight!

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