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October 19th
Idle Champions: Liar's Night 6 
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    "Did you hear what happened at the Wayside Inn?"
    "No -- what happened?"
    "While everyone was partying to Liars' Night they got robbed."
    "Seriously!? Who robs a party?"
    "It was 'A Masked Man', apparently."
    "What a jerk. I hope they catch him."
The local Liars' Night festivities at the Wayside Inn were interrupted by a masked thief! They stole magical items and escaped, and now it's up to the Champions to stop them!

Liars' Night 6 introduces Kent, the Tiefling Rogue from Rivals of Waterdeep! This event also brings back Brig Hellclaw, the Rogue/Bard played by Jason Charles Miller, and Ezmerelda d'Avenir, a prolific vampire hunter from the land of Barovia! Players have until Monday, October 31st at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Liars' Night 6 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Kent

Dungeons & Dragons Kent Eugenio

    Kent is a former archaeologist turned adventurer whose Rogue skills and powers over death were honed by spending months making his way through the temple of Talona, where the rest of his archaeological research team was killed by traps and monsters. When he finally returned home to the lakeside town of Caradoon, he was the same outgoing, flamboyant Tiefling he had always been, but now it seemed to mask a darkness that Kent has since done his best to keep hidden. Fortunately for him, he doesn't have to bear the darkness alone, because not long after his return to Caradoon, he met smart, capable, and patient Aasimar named Virgil. Together they met up with Selise from the Rivals, and joined her and the rest of the crew in Waterdeep.

Kent is a support and DPS Champion who collects soul trinkets representing the highest level boss defeated in each campaign, which he uses to buff himself and Champions in his column. In addition, he increases the effectiveness of your achievement bonuses for the adventure he is on. Once unlocked, you can find this tiefling rogue with Jarlaxle in Slot 4.

For more detailed information on Kent, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

  • Bossing Around - Chase down a masked man while fighting tougher bosses. Kent begins in the formation and can be moved but not removed. There's an additional wave of enemies in each boss area, and the bosses have 3 times the health and deal 3 times the damage!
    Complete Area 75.

  • Quick and Quick-Witted - Chase down a masked man with your quickest champions. Kent begins in the formation and can be moved but not removed. You can only use Champions with a Dexterity and Charisma of 13 or higher, or members of the Rivals of Waterdeep!
    Reach Area 125.

  • The Poisoned Rat Incident - Chase down a masked man while fighting a bunch of giant rats. Kent begins in the formation and can be moved but not removed. Each wave spawns Giant Rats that don't drop gold or count toward quest progress. The first time an enemy is hit by a normal attack, they only take 1 point of damage.
    Reach Area 175.

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