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April 14th
Idle Champions: Twiggy the Twig Blessing Familiar 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We're thrilled to collaborate with Johnny Staton for the release of Twiggy the Twig Blessing Familiar, coming to Idle Champions on April 19th, 2023! The net proceeds of all Twiggy sales from the first week of launch will be donated to One Tree Planted!

Twiggy the Twig Blessing

Dungeons & Dragons Johnny Twiggy Social

We had an absolute blast working with Johnny Staton for this charity familiar. For those not familiar with him, Johnny Stanton is an NFL player who has played for several teams, as well as the Dungeon Master of the four-part series Of Dawn and Dusk. He is a MASSIVE fan of Dungeons & Dragons, and even started a D&D Club in the locker room of the Cleveland Browns called The Heathens. He's also published his own Paladin Subclass on DMs Guild called the Oath of the Executioner!

The Twiggy the Twig Blessing Familiar will raise money for One Tree Planted, a group that wants to plant as many trees as they possibly can. Since 2014, they have doubled their planting counts year after year - and in 2022 they planted a total of 52.7 MILLION trees! Help them continue their efforts this year by purchasing Twiggy the Twig Blessing and by visiting their site right now.

A Familiar Quest Series 3 cast photo including Johnny Staton

Johnny will also join the cast of A Familiar Quest: Series 3 for two episodes! Be sure to tune in live on April 17th and 24th to see Twiggy the Twig Blessing join Squiddle, Disco, Scotty, and Misty. New episodes premier every Monday at 5pm Pacific on Also, be sure to catch Johnny on Paint & Slay on April 21st! Johnny loves painting D&D minis so he's joining Vee and Lauren to paint a Myconid Sovereign miniature to look like Twiggy! Watch them live on April 21st at 12pm Pacific on Dungeons & Dragons Misty the Will-O'-Wisp Familiar GIF

Twiggy the Twig Blessing Familiar will be available in-game starting on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 at 12pm Pacific! All net proceeds from the first week of Twiggy sales will be donated to One Tree Planted. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is available on PC and Mac on Steam, Epic, the web, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and on all Android devices!

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